[Top 15] Pokemon GO Best Pokemon (2020 Edition)

Pokemon GO Best Pokemon
Violent and shiny, Gyarados is one of the best Pokemon you can find!

Here are the 15 best Pokemon to find in 2020!

As an expert trainer, I started stalking and catching elusive Pokemon exactly a week after Niantic released them to the North American masses on July 6, 2016. At Level 33, I will share my top 15 favorite Pokemon that have been challenging to catch and evolve. Newbies and established trainers will find the following pocket monsters engaging and fun to use in battles! 

15. Arbok (Poison) 

Look out for this serpentine pocket monster!

Arbok, an evolved First Evolution pocket monster in the Ekans clan, originates from the Kanto region. This serpentine pocket monster, called the Cobra Pokemon, is known for spewing acid and “gunk shots” to opponents. Read on to find out more about what makes Arbok unique! 

What Arbok Excels In

  • Cloudy weather is best for boosts for attacks and earning stardust.
  • Most effective when battling bug, fairy, fighting, and grass Pokemon. 
  • Arbok is only vulnerable to two kinds of attacks: ground and psychic. 

Pokemon Details 

  • Arbok is listed as #24 in the Pokedex; Ekans is #23. 
  • The Maximum CP (Combat Power) for Arbok is 1,921.
  • Arbok pocket monsters can be male or female; Ekans is the unevolved version. 
  • Uses acid for offense, gunk shots for both offensive and defensive attacks, and dragon tail for defense. Arbok, known for strength and intimidating features on the purple torso, is a beast in trainer battles! 

How to get Arbok 

  • Arbok cannot be hatched but Ekans can with 2 KM eggs.  
  • Best places to find Ekans and Arbok are in grassy areas such as fields or parks. 
  • Cloudy weather is ideal for catching Arbok. 
  • It is easier to Evolve Ekans with 50 Candy than to catch in the wild; there is a 20% capture rate for Arbok. 

14.  Eevee (Normal)

Eevees are eeverywhere! 

Eevee, otherwise known as the Evolution Pokemon, originates from the Kanto region. The uniqueness of Eevees is that they randomly evolve into several Pokemon! Final evolution Eevees include Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Umbreon, and Vaporean. 

What Eevee Excels In 

  • Because there are variations of evolved Eevee, the evolution is random. However, before evolving, you can name your evolved Eevee to determine which one you like.
  • CP for Eevees in the unevolved form is 1,071.  
  • Eevees are among my favorite Pokemon because of the diversity in evolutions. It is always a surprise to see which version I will have! 
  • Vaporean, the water Pokemon, is my favorite evolved Eevee because they are considered to be formidable fighters. I personally have a Buddy named Blue who is a Vaporean.  

Pokemon Details 

  • Eevees prefer overcast days, so they are boosted in partially cloudy weather conditions.  
  • Eevees can either be male or female.  
  • In my experiences, unevolved Eevees are not the best fighters, but the evolved Eevees make incredible opponents. 

How to get Eevee   

  • Capture rate is 40% for unevolved Eevees and they can be hatched with 5 km eggs.   (Evolved Eevees cannot be hatched.) 
  • Eevee can be caught easily in the wild and evolving them is called eeveelutions!
  • The best spawn locations for Eevees are universities, but I have also captured them by rivers and grassy places. 

13. Exeggutor (Grass/Psychic) 

Fun in the sun!

Exeggutor, also known as the Coconut Pokemon, is a Final Evolution pocket monster that stemmed from the tropical portion of the Kanto region. A fierce yet mellow opponent in trainer battles, Exeggutor prefers the sun and wind for attacks, boosts, and stardust. Read on to learn more about why Exeggutor should be on every trainer’s shortlist! 

What Exeggutor Excels In 

  • The maximum CP for Exeggutor is 3,014! (I find any CP stats over 2,000 to be exceptional) 
  • The offense is Exeggutor’s strong suit with a score of 233, followed by stamina with 216. 
  • When I compete against other trainers, Exeggutor is almost always one of the suggested Pokemon for battle. 

Pokemon Details 

  • Exeggutor may be male or female and/or shiny! Also, the Alola version of Exeggutor is difficult to beat in trainer battles. 
  • Exeggutor and Exeggute are listed as #103 and #102 in the Pokedex. 
  • Vulnerable to bug, dark, flying, ghost, ice, and poison attacks. (Defense happens to be Exeggutor’s Kryptonite.) 

How to Get Exeggutor 

  • The easiest way to get Exeggutor is to catch and evolve Exeggcute. There is a 50% catch rate with Exeggcute, and they are readily available in the spring, especially around Easter. 
  • Sunny and windy weather are ideal for Exeggutor and Exeggute to catch. 
  • Exeggutor cannot be hatched, but Exeggute can with a 2km egg.

12. Gengar (Ghost/Poison) 

Gengar the unfriendly ghost!

Gengar, also referred to as the Shadow Pokemon, lurks from the dark corners of the Kanto region. Although considered extremely rare in the wild, I caught Gengar on October 30. Read more to find out about this Dual Type Pokemon! 

What Gengar Excels In

  • Gengar is strong on defense; resistant to bug, fairy, fighting, normal, and poison attacks. 
  • Strongest movesets (offense and defense) are Hex, Licking, and Shadowball. 
  • The maximum CP for Gengar is 2,878; Offense is high at 261. 

Pokemon Details 

  • Cloudy and foggy weather are ideal conditions for capturing and boosting Gengar. 
  • Gengar can be either male or female. 
  • If you like to collect pocket monsters, Gengar (Final Evolution) is listed as #94, Gastly (Unevolved) is #92, and Haunter (First Evolution) is #93 in the Pokedex. 

How to Get Gengar 

  • Gengar nor Haunter does not hatch, but Ghastly does with 2 KM eggs. 
  • I captured Gengar in the wild, so you can as well!  You can evolve Gastly to Haunter with 25 Candy, and Haunter to Gengar with 100 Candy. 
  • I remember catching an abundance of Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar in the fall. 
  • Spawn locations for Gengar include cemeteries, churches, and residential areas. 
  • Watch out that Gengar does not hide in your shadow! 

11. Gyarados (Flying/Water) 

It takes a while to evolve Gyarados, but it's worth it!

Gyarados is a serpentine Final Evolution Pokemon. Known as the Atrocious Pokemon, it evolves from Magikarp and derives from the Kanto Region. Capturing Gyarados is a lesson in patience, as it takes 400(!) Magikarp Candy to evolve, but the payoff is good! Read on to find out more about this violent pocket monster.  

What Gyarados Excels In 

  • At 3,391, the maximum CP for Gyarados is high!    
  • Gyarados works well in trainer combat, especially since the offense is 237. 
  • Stellar moves for Gyarados consists of Hydro Pump, Outrage, and Waterfall. 

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be either male or female; 
  • It can either be blue or red in color; it can also be shiny. 
  • For collectors, Gyarados is listed as #130 in the Pokedex. 
  • Gyarados only has two types of weaknesses: electric and rock. This is unusual because usually Dual Type Pokemon have several weaknesses to attacks. 

How to Get Gyarados

  • Did you know that female Magikarp has white whiskers and male Magikarp has yellow whiskers? When you are ready to evolve Magikarp, if you wish to have a female or male Gyarados, be sure the last Magikarp you evolve is the same gender. 
  • Male Gyarados has blue or red whiskers; female Gyarados has white whiskers. 
  • Gyarados does not hatch, but Magikarp can with 2km eggs. 
  • Spawn locations for Magikarp and Gyarados include bodies of water: lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams. 

10. Hitmonchan (Fighting) 

A prizefighter to have in your corner!

Known as the Fighting Pokemon with the signature red boxing gloves, Hitmonchan is one of three First Evolution pocket monsters that evolves from Tyrogue. Also, Hitmonchan is a Gen 1 Pokemon that hails from the Kanto region. Read more below to find out more about Hitmonchan! 

What Hitmonchan Excels In 

  • Defense (197) is Hitmonchan’s best stat.
  • Hitmonchan has a stellar maximum CP of 2,332. 
  • Movesets include Close Combat and Low Kick. 
  • Resists bug, dark, and rock attacks. 

Pokemon Details 

  • A Gen 1 Pokemon, Hitmonchan is #107 in the Pokedex. 
  • Hitmonchan is only male. 
  • Only vulnerable to fairy, flying, and psychic attacks. 

How to Get Hitmonchan 

  • Hitmonchan cannot be hatched. 
  • This Pokemon is considered rare with a 20% capture rate. 
  • When evolving, Tyrogue’s best combat stat determines the type of Pokemon. If the best stat is Defense, Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonchan. If the best stat is Offense, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonlee. If the best stat is Stamina, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmontop. 

9. Ivysaur (Grass/Poison) 

This rose has thorns!

Ivysaur is a First Evolution Pokemon in the Kanto region sprouted between Bulbasaur and Venusaur. Also known as a Seed Pokemon, Ivysaur, along with the others, with a bulb, bud, and flower blooming on the backs of these Pokemon, all thrive in cloudy and sunny weather! 

What Ivysaur Excels In 

  • Best offenses are power whip and vine whip; the best defenses are razor leaf and solar beam. 
  • Ivysaur’s CP is 1,699. 
  • Resistant to several types of attacks: electric, fairy, fighting, grass, and water.

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be male or female. 
  • Ivysaur is listed as #02, Bulbasaur is #01, and Venusaur is #03 in the Pokedex. 
  • Vulnerable to fire, flying, ice, and psychic attacks. 

How to Get Ivysaur  

  • An elusive Pokemon, Ivysaur only has a 10% catch rate in the wild. 
  • The best way to catch Ivysaur is to catch and evolve 25 Bulbasaur Candy.
  • Ivysaur does not hatch, but Bulbasaur does with a 2km egg. 
  • Spawn locations include places like golf courses, nature preserves, and woods.  

8. Muk (Dark/Poison) 

Watch out for toxic Muk!

Muk is fittingly known as a Sludge Pokemon. Evolved from Grimer, who is just as revolting, Muk is one of the fouler pocket monsters that emanated from the Kanto (Gen 1) region in the Pokemon universe. Read on to find out more about how the Sludge Pokemon holds its own in battle! 

What Muk Excels In 

  • CP for Muk is 2,757! 
  • I use Muk in training battles, and once I was able to attack using Thunder Punch three times before the opponent (Flareon) could retaliate! 
  • Muk uses stench or sticky hold as offense, with offensive being the operative word. 
  • Stamina is Muk’s strongest in combat with 233.

Pokemon Details  

  • It can be male or female. 
  • Cloudy weather is best for attacks and stardust. 
  • Muk is listed as #89 and Grimer as #88 in the Pokedex. 
  • Resistant to dark, ghost, grass, poison, and psychic moves. 
  • Vulnerable to ground moves. 

How to Get Muk 

  • Muk cannot hatch but Grimer can be hatched (5 KM) or captured in the wild (50%). It takes 50 Grimer Candy to evolve to Muk. 
  • The best way to catch Muk is to evolve from Grimer. (I have not seen Muk in the wild.) 
  • Spawn locations include industrial areas, marshes, and ponds.

7. Raichu (Electric/Psychic)  

A shocking opponent! 

Raichu is the Evolved Final Evolution of Pichu and Pikachu, which is the popular yellow Mouse Pokemon with the red cheeks and the lightning-shaped tail. Pikachu and Raichu are from the Kanto region, and Pichu is from the Johto region. Read on to learn more about one of the most popular Pokemon! 

What Raichu Excels in 

  • Best when fighting electric, flying, or steel Pokemons. 
  • Only vulnerable to ground attacks. 
  • Rainy weather is ideal for attacks and earning stardust. 
  • Uses spark for offense, wild charge for offense and defense, and volt switch for defense. 

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be male, female, seasonal, or shiny. 
  • Pichu is a Gen 2 Pokemon, which is why its Pokedex number is higher; Pikachu and Raichu are Gen 1 Pokemon. 
  • Raichu is listed as #26 in the Pokedex; Pichu is #172, and Pikachu is #25. 

How to get Raichu

  • Best to capture Raichu in rainy weather. 
  • It takes 100 Pikachu Candy to evolve Raichu; I have personally never caught Raichu in the wild. 
  • Since Pikachu is a popular character, it is featured in many holiday events. You can catch Pikachu and evolve them with the fun hats! 

6. Jynx (Ice/Psychic)

Watch out for the ice queen Jynx!

Jynx is a First-Evolution human-shaped Pokemon that sways from the Kanto (Gen 1) region. She evolves from Smoochum, who is Gen 2 baby pocket monster from the Johto region, is also known as the Kiss Pokemon. Read on to find out more about this unusual Pokemon family!

What Jynx Excels In 

  • CP for Jynx is 2,555. 
  • Jynx is great on offense with a score of 223 and difficult to defeat; I have lost a few matches to her. 
  • Resistant to ice and psychic attacks. 
  • Snowy and windy weather are best for attacks and stardust. 

Pokemon Details 

  • Jynx is only female. 
  • Jynx is listed as #124 in the Pokedex; Smoochum is #238. 
  • Vulnerable to bug, dark, fire, ghost, rock, and steel attacks. (This is the only disadvantage of being a Dual Type Pokemon) 

How to Get Jynx 

  • Although you can catch her any time, winter is the ideal time to catch Jynx. This is a bonus if you live in a cold climate! 
  • Capture rate is about 30%, and she does not hatch, but Smoochum hatches from 5k eggs. 
  • Smoochum evolves to Jynx with 50 Candy. 

5. Kingler (Water) 

Kingler is great in a pinch!

Kingler, the Final Evolution pocket monster, evolved from Krabby. Also known as the Pincer Pokemon, Kingler emerged from the waters of the Kanto region. Read on to find out more about Kingler! 

What Kingler Excels In 

  • Bubble and Crabhammer are the ideal offensive and defensive moves for Kingler. 
  • Rainy weather is ideal for better attacks and stardust.
  • Resistant to ice, fire, steel, and water Pokemon. 
  • The Maximum CP for Kingler is at 2,829.
  • Offense combat score remains the highest at 240! 

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be male or female. 
  • Its giant claw is both an asset and a hindrance in battle. 
  • Kingler is #99 and Krabby is #98 in the Pokedex. 
  • Vulnerable to only electric and grass Pokemon.  

How to Get Kingler 

  • Capturing Kingler is easier by finding and evolving Krabby with 50 Candy. 
  • Easier to find in places near water: beaches, lakes, and rivers. 
  • Kingler cannot be hatched. 
  • Krabby is easy to find in the wild at 40%; Kingler is very rare at 20%.

4. Rapidash (Fire)  

No horsing around!

Rapidash, a Final Evolution Pokemon, evolved from Ponyta. Both pocket monsters originate from the Kanto region. Rapidash, also known as the Fire Horse Pokemon, is known for its fiery mane and unicorn-like horn. 

What Rapidash Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Rapidash is 2,461. 
  • Offensive and defensive moves are the same: Fire Blast and Fire Spin. 
  • Resistant to bug, fairy, fire, grass, ice, and steel attacks. 
  • Sunny weather works best when battling and collecting stardust. 

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be male or female; there are no visual differences. 
  • Rapidash is listed as #78 and Pontya as #77 in the Pokedex. 
  • Vulnerable to ground, rock, and water attacks. 

How to Get Rapidash 

  • It can be captured in the city or residential areas. 
  • Catching and evolving with Rapidash with 50 Pontya Candy is easier and more fun than finding Rapidash in the wild. A bonus with catching and evolving is that you can add two Pokemon to your Pokedex! 
  • Rapidash is considered rare to catch at only 15% and cannot be hatched. Ponyta can be hatched (5 km). 

3. Seadra (Water) 

Not just a cute little seahorse!

Seadra, considered as the Dragon Pokemon, is a First Evolution Pokemon sandwiched between Horsea and Kingdra; Horsea and Seadra originate from the Kanto (Gen 1) region. Kingdra reigns from the Johto (Gen 2) Region. Read on to find out more about Seadra! 

What Seadra Excels In 

  • Maximum CP for Seadra is 2,093. 
  • Rainy weather works best for attacks and collecting stardust. 
  • Resistant to fire, ice, steel, and water attacks. 
  • Seadra’s attacks are Hydro Pump and Water Gun; defenses are Dragon Pulse and Water Gun. 

Pokemon Details 

  • It can be male or female: about a 50/50 chance and there are no visible differences.  
  • Seadra is listed as #117, Horsea as #116, and Kingdra is #230 in the Pokedex. 
  • This Pokemon is considered as very rare with only a 20% capture rate. (Kingdra only has 10%!) 
  • Vulnerable only to electric and grass attacks. 

How to Get Seadra

  • The best places to catch Seadra are near a body of water such as a beach, lake, or river. 
  • Horsea, Seadra, or Kingdra cannot be hatched by eggs. 
  • Seadra is easier to capture by evolving Horsea with 25 Candy. Also, Horsea has a 50% catch rate and did not take long to evolve.  

2. Starmie (Water/Psychic) 

The star of any trainer's collection!

Starmie, also known as a Mysterious Pokemon, evolved from Staryu. Both pocket monsters are Gen 1 that derive from the Kanto region.  Read on to find out more about the mysterious Staryu family! 

What Starmie Excels In

  • CP for Starmie is 2,584; that is great! 
  • Rainy and windy weather are best for attacks and earning stardust.
  • Strong against fighting, fire, ice, psychic, steel, and water attacks. 
  • Starmie is stronger on the offensive with a score of 210 and uses both Psychic and Water Gun attacks. 

Pokemon Details 

  • It does not have a gender. 
  • Starmie is listed as #121 in the Pokedex; Staryu is #120. 
  • Vulnerable to bug, dark, electric, ghost, and grass attacks. (That is the only downfall of being a Dual Type Pokemon: having several weaknesses to attacks!) 

How to get Starmie

  • It is easier to evolve Starmie with 50 Staryu Candy than to catch in the wild.
  • Rain and windy weather are ideal conditions for catching Starmie.  
  • The best places to find Starmie are around bodies of water. 

1. Tentatcruel (Water/Poison) 

Don't step on this jellyfish while at the beach!

A Final Evolution Pokemon from the Unevolved Tentacool, Tentacruel derives from the Kanto region. Also known as the Jellyfish pocket monster, Tentacruel also knows how to sting in combat! Read on to find out more about this usual Pokemon! 

What Tentacruel Excels In

  • Cloudy and rainy weather is best for attacks and earning stardust.
  • An excellent choice for Defense, as Tentacruel is resistant to bug, fairy, fighting, fire, ice, poison, steel, and water attacks.
  • Uses Hydro Pump and Poison Jab for both offensive and defensive attacks. 

Pokemon Details 

  • Considered as a very rare Pokemon with less than a 20% chance of capture. 
  • It can be female or male. 
  • Only vulnerable to electric, ground, and psychic kinds of attacks. 
  • Tentacruel is listed as #73 in the Pokedex; Tentacool is #72.

How to get Tentacruel

  • Although Tentacool can, Tentacruel cannot be hatched from eggs. 
  • Cloudy and rainy weather is ideal for catching Tentacruel. 
  • It is easier to evolve Tentacruel with 50 Tentacool Candy than to catch in the wild.
  • Spawn locations for Tentacruel exist around bodies of water. 

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