[Top 4] RDO Best Repeaters in the Game

Best Repeaters in Red Dead Online
The perfect all-around weapon

Repeating rifles are a benchmark weapon in any Western film or video game. The Winchester Model 1873 (a repeater rifle) is famously known as “The gun that won the west.”

A repeater is a single-barreled rifle capable of firing multiple rounds before reloading, its cartridges stored in a magazine and fed into the chamber manually– lever-action being the most famous manual chambering action. 

Every gunfighter in Red Dead Online needs a good repeater in their saddlebags. They’re ideal for mid-range shootouts but can be used for close and long range too. A repeater’s fire rate and ammo capacity makes them great for long shootouts where you’re heavily outnumbered. 

Some RDO repeaters are better than others, so let’s look at the Top 4 repeaters in RDO, from good to best.


4. Carbine Repeater

The Carbine is the perfect repeater for just starting out

Watch the repeater in action

The Carbine Repeater is gifted to you at the start of the game and much like the Cattleman Revolver, the Carbine doesn’t have any real strengths but it doesn’t have any real weaknesses either. It is a well-balanced weapon. .

The Carbine has the smallest ammo capacity amongst repeaters with only 7 rounds but the weapon’s fast reload rate helps to balance this. This rifle is fully upgradable and customizable. The Carbine is an excellent starting weapon with its balanced stats but the other 3 rifles on our list each have a strength. 

  • It’s free! 
  • Well-balanced weapon
  • Useful in both PvP and PvE gameplay
  • Great starting weapon

Carbine Repeater Stats—based on the chart in the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue

  • Damage- 2.3/4
  • Range- 2.5/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.1/4
  • Reload- 3/4
  • Accuracy- 3/4

-Unlocks at Rank 1—given to player during the prologue

-Costs $90 at the Gunsmith/Catalogue


3. Litchfield Repeater

The Litchfield will cause some damage... if you can hit your target

Watch the Litchfield's stopping power

The Litchfield packs the hardest punch amongst the repeater rifles and has the second largest ammo capacity with 16 rounds. There are some drawbacks though. The Litchfield has the worst accuracy and fire rate which is why it comes in as the #3 repeater on our list. You can use the Paint it Black ability card to help fix the accuracy issue but it may not be enough to justify the investment. The Litchfield is also the most expensive repeater in the game, costing a whopping $348.li

  • Most damage
  • 16 round ammo capacity
  • Overcome its issues with Paint it Black ability card

Litchfield Repeater Stats—based on the chart in the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue

  • Damage- 2.6/4
  • Range- 2.6/4
  • Fire Rate- 2/4
  • Reload- 2.6/4
  • Accuracy- 2.7/4

-Unlocks at Rank 18

-Available for $348 or 14 Gold Bars at the Gunsmith/Catalogue


2. Evans Repeater

Get some Red Dead 1 vibes with the Evans Repeater

Check out how the Evans fires

The Evans Repeater wasn’t initially a part of Red Dead Redemption II, but rather a resurrected fan favorite from the first game. Since the Evans Repeater was added to RDO later as a content update, the rifle is unlocked right at Rank 1. Which is sweet! But it costs $300 or 12 Gold Bars, which isn’t very sweet.

The Evans repeater’s statistics are well-balanced without any major strengths or weaknesses. Where the Evan repeater really shines is with its outrageous ammo capacity. You can fire a whopping 26 rounds before needing to reload!. Plus, this rifle has the highest Fire Rate amongst the repeater rifles, so you can rain hot lead down upon your foes,makingthe Evans an excellent weapon for PvE gameplay.

Also… if you go to the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue there is an interesting story featuring the Evans repeater. It is a comical tale of patriotism and cannibalism.  

  • Red Dead Redemption 1 nostalgia gun
  • HUGE ammo capacity
  • Fastest fire rate
  • Unlocks at Rank 1

Evans Repeater Stats—based on the chart in the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue

  • Damage- 2/4
  • Range- 2.6/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.4/4
  • Reload- 2.4/4
  • Accuracy- 3/4

Unlocks at Rank 1

Available for $300 or 12 Gold Bars at the Gunsmith/Catalogue


1. Lancaster Repeater

One of the best guns in the game

Check out the Lancaster's magnificence

Surprise, surprise. The Lancaster Repeater reigns supreme! There is just something about this weapon that makes it so enjoyable to use. Statistically, it is a very well-balanced weapon which makes it perfect for practically any gunfight. It has a round capacity of 14, which isn’t crazy like the Evans but is more than enough to win any gunfight.

The Lancaster  unlocks early in the game (Rank 12), and is more than a worthwhile investment. You can buy it for $243, which isn’t terrible even in the early phases of RDO and will give you a big boost compared to other players who are still rolling with the Carbine.

  • Statistically well-balanced
  • Available early (Rank 12)
  • Affordable
  • Great for PvP and PvE
  • Useful at short, medium, and long range

Lancaster Repeater Stats—based on the chart in the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Catalogue

  • Damage- 2.1/4
  • Range- 2.6/4
  • Fire Rate- 2.2/4
  • Reload- 2.8/4
  • Accuracy- 3/4

Unlocks at Rank 12

Available for $243 or 10 Gold Bars at the Gunsmith/Catalogue

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