[Top 10] RE3 Remake Best Achievements and How To Get Them

 RE3 Remake Best Achievements
Are achievements that worth it when that's between you and your goal?

10. Kendo’s Armory

For this achievement, one has to collect all the weapons available in the game. Though there are only ten weapons that count towards this achievement despite the special items for completing the previous remake. Four of them are automatically put into your inventory throughout the game. Two are throwables, such as the hand and flash grenades. The last four are to be found; the M3 Shotgun, MGL Grenade Launcher, G18 Handgun, and the .44 AE Lighting Hawk. 

How to get Kendo’s Armory:

  • Collect all weapons in the campaign, including the specialty weapons listed below.
  • M3 Shotgun: At the Subway office, you need the Bolt Cutters to open the case where it is stored. 
  • MGL Grenade Launcher: After sliding down the Sewers to the Lower Waterway, you will come across a split path, go left until you get to a small ladder which leads into a safe room. It’s inside.
  • G18 Handgun: As soon as you regain control of Jill during the Hospital section of the game, check the table next to the door.
  • .44 AE Lighting Hawk: After you regain control of Jill during the Hospital section of the game, head to the second floor of the Hospital, there, you will find a hallway with some rubble only Jill can squeeze under. Behind it, you will find a window you can drop down from to reach the first floor of the Courtyard. In this place you will find a box with the Magnum inside.

Achievement details:

  • Even though this is a bronze trophy, it’s a must-have if you want to complete your arsenal. 

9. Power Stones

While some players have announced their distaste in finding a grenade, inventory pouches, and weapon mods inside a train station puzzle that was locked for who knows how long- this achievement is still a fun reward for those who took the time to explore around the area, even with a possible Nemesis behind them. Earn this by placing all three power stones into their correct slots.

How to get the Power Stones achievement:

  • There are 3 different jewels hidden in different parts of the Raccoon City downtown area. Each stone should be removed from its box, and placed in its slot at the train station. 

Achievement Details:

  • This challenge earns you a silver trophy, along with the in-game reward of weapons, mods, and inventory space.

8. Bookworm 

True to your character, you have to play detective to know what happened. By reading all of the files available, you can earn the Bookworm achievement. Files can be various notes, letters, documents, or any item deemed collectible. You will be able to see the areas you have completely searched on your map- though this can be disabled on some playthroughs depending on difficulty. 

How to get Bookworm:

  • Read all of the available files in-game. They come in a variety of forms. Each time an area is complete, it will turn blue on your map. Pay attention to/research the red areas.

Achievement Details:

  • Another silver trophy along with a lot of background knowledge. A lot of Resident Evil 3 is tying up loose ends for Raccoon City that Resident Evil 2 left open. Whether this knowledge is unsettling to know or quieting curiosity- we’ll let the gamer decide..

7. Goodbye, Charlie! 

There hasn’t been a single player report yet that they actually liked these dolls. While the man they were based on was probably a sweetheart, his doll haunts some people’s nightmares. By destroying twenty of these dolls hidden all over the game, you can earn an achievement.

How to get Goodbye, Charlie!

  • Hunt them down and their springy neck sounds will guide you! A good knife hit will always save you on valuable ammo.

Achievement Details:

  • Like the raccoons of the last remake, RE2, these are bobbles you can destroy for a silver trophy. Finding all twenty has proven to be extremely difficult, so pat yourself on the back!

6. Master of Unlocking 

You must love exploring Racoon City during the apocalypse to go for this trophy! For this achievement, you will have to unlock all safes, strongboxes, pickable locks, and lockers. Though if you’re already the type to leave no stone unturned, this is still only a bronze trophy.

How to Get the Master of Unlocking:

  • Safes: There are three safes in the game, in the downtown apartment buildings, the hospital, and the police station.
  • Cabinets: There are two cabinets in the police station. (Spoilers: CAP and DCM)
  • Armor Cabinets: ID Card taken from zombie Brad must be used to unlock all of these.
  • Locks: Jill has the lockpick, so you will have to not only manage her inventory but go back and find all of the one’s Carlos will discover on his travels.

Achievement Details:

  • Many players will miss the locks on Carlos’ part! This achievement is only for those who like to play a completionist style.
  • This is a bronze trophy award.

5. Minimalist 

Like many who love the Resident Evil series, you like the challenge it offers. With insane hordes of zombies and a world completely stacked against you, why not try to avoid your item boxes as well? Your pockets now really can’t hold that entire shrub of green herb!

How to get the Minimalist achievement:

  • Thankfully able to be completed on any difficulty, simply avoid using any item boxes your entire playthrough. Hopefully, you find your pouches fast. 

Achievement Details:

  • With a silver award, this is one of the more difficult trophies in the game. It forces you to skillfully manage the character’s inventory without storing anything.

4. I Might Need These Later! 

One of our least favorite achievements to obtain. You must complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items. While we would all like to pretend we’re the baddest thing to play video games- this trophy is not for the faint of heart. It currently stands as a silver trophy.

How to obtain the I Might Need These Later! Achievement:

  • Do not use any herbs or sprays.
  • The forced use of a green herb during the scene in the screenshot above does count towards your usage. Be very careful not to fall prey twice in that same section like many players have!

Achievement Details: 

  • Many players have complained that this achievement is a pain if not completed with modifications or their own force wins. Those who have made the run have stated it’s their pick for hardest achievement to obtain. 
  • This achievement still stands as a silver trophy.

3. Sprinter

While sprinting has been viewed as a very bad idea on multiple levels during horror games, in this case, you can get an achievement for finishing the game in under two hours! Be careful to not make this your first playthrough though, since you could miss a lot that makes RE3 a great horror game!

How to get the Sprinter:

  • Choosing the lowest assisted difficulty level makes this achievement simpler, but it’s difficult when it comes to harder enemies like the Evolved Nemesis. 
  • This is not for the completionist playthrough or to go back and find things. Every second, even menu screens, count in this playthrough.

Achievement Details:

  • This is a gold trophy and is for those who want a quick playthrough for the achievement. Don’t hesitate when it comes to shooting Brad in this face- time is ticking!

2. Electric Slide

Those of us who tried to get this achievement on Nightmare difficulty gasped in relief when all of those fuses light up. This trophy is for gathering all the fuses in the warehouse in under five minutes. The fuze puzzle is located in the underground storage. 

How to get the Electric Slide:

  • Make sure you save your game before doing this event.
  • Fighting every enemy can lose you valuable time, pick and choose your shots while going for the knees. Since the dead will rise again- or not, with knee shots.
  • After completing the riddle, set the three fuses back up in the box. Do this within five minutes to obtain your achievement. 

Achievement Details:

  • This silver trophy can be difficult to obtain on higher levels. It’s recommended that you attempt this on a lower difficulty to collect your prize. 

1. So Long, RC

This achievement is the last and highest obtainable trophy on any console. Earning this means that you have completed the game in its entirety; every story, every herb found- You have seen all Raccoon City had to offer and you watched the aftermath of how a corrupt city fell in on itself.

How to Obtain So Long, RC:

  • Complete multiple playthroughs on Inferno and Nightmare modes. Several other achievements on this list must be completed as well.
  • Completing this game has been proven to be extremely hard and not recommended unless on quarantine for long periods of time.

Achievement Details:

  • This is one of the few Platinum Achievements for Resident Evil 3 and it’s well earned. Completing this puts you on the list of true RE series fans...

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