[Top 10] RE3 Remake Best Ammo

RE3 Remake Best Ammo
Everyone likes guns, especially the Nemesis!

10. Handgun Ammo

Handgun ammo is the standard 9mm parabellum handgun bullets that you can buy in your local gun shop today. Standard for the primary weapon like the G19, this ammo is the most dropped item in the game for you to use. It can also be used for several of the other guns bought in-store, brought over after finishing games like Resident Evil 2, or just finding different pistols in the game.

What the Handgun Ammo is great for:

  • Single head-shots, precise shooting, and picking off smaller targets.
  • Killing Charlies, when not able to be stabbed, is a great use especially if they are at a long-range distance!

Handgun Ammo details:

  • It can be used for the G18 Burst Model, Samurai Edge, and several others.
  • The same icon has had little changes to it since the first Resident Evil game release.
  • It can be created easily and is often stored for multiple playthroughs.

How To Get the Handgun Ammo:

  • (x1) Gunpowder + (x1) Gunpowder = 15 Handgun Rounds
  • Find it in-game.

9. Shotgun Shells

These shells are definitely not bean-bag rounds. These 12-gauge shotgun shells are packed with 18.5mm pellets. That makes your spray no longer pray, but hit home instead! Home can be anything from that door that won’t open or that zombie that keeps disobeying the six feet minimum rule.

What the Shotgun Shells are great for:

  • Usually used for slightly tougher enemies like the Pale Heads or Sewer Crocs, you definitely want to keep a stack of these on your person.
  • Great for medium crowds and that zombie that got two free hits because you were caught in a glitch.
  • Many players use this weapon or the grenade rounds to help defeat Nemesis in his multiple evolutions.

Shotgun Shell Details:

  • Usually intended to be used with the M3 Shotgun when you find it, these bullets pack an extra punch for those enemies that just don’t like to go down.
  • The Crafting Companion, bought in the store, is recommended for when you make shotgun bullets. Since you only get 4 from combing your much sought after gunpowder.

How To Get Shotgun Shells:

  • (x1) Gunpowder + (x1) High-Grade Gunpowder = 4 Shotgun Shells
  • Find it in-game.

8. MAG Ammo

Surprisingly the most powerful rounds on the market for semi-automatic pistols, this game didn’t pack as much power into this ammo as it should have. Usually used for the .44 AE Lightning Hawk, this is the only gun that uses that ammo in-game. In several playthroughs, MAG ammo dropped all of twice in the game for two of three playthroughs.

What is the MAG Ammo great for:

  • Similar purposes are said for handgun, this type is for particular shots are used for larger and more difficult enemies. Like the final evolution of Nemesis.
  • For precision shots on ‘hitbox’ areas on large and medium enemies. 

MAG Ammo Details:

  • There is an extremely low drop rate.
  • Many players don’t use the Lightning Hawk because it’s not actually that much more powerful than the handgun (upgraded or not) and the ammo drops are so low/so costly, most put this immediately into the inventory box and never pull it out again.

How To Get MAG Ammo:

  • (x1) High-Grade Gunpowder + (x1) High-Grade Gunpowder = 30 Rounds of MAGS.
  • Find it in-game.

7. Rifle Ammo

While sadly Carlos is the only one that can find the rifle in-game, and thus the only one to find ammo for it. 5.56mm Assault Rifle bullets are low-caliber, high-speed rounds that are used by various armed forces like NATO or the Umbrella’s Private Security Force. Unlike a lot of other ammo, this is not able to be crafted.

What the Rifle Ammo is Great for:

  • Many situations where Carlos uses the assault rifle for harder enemies like Brad (former STARS agent that you need to search!) who takes several headshots to the head without going down.
  • Some players prefer the ‘spray-and-pray’ method that doesn’t always seem effective, while some players have replaced the ‘MAG’ with the rifle on playthroughs since it is just as powerful, if not more so.

Rifle Ammo Details:

  • Thankfully when you play as Carlos, you start with several hundred rounds in his inventory.
  • There are at least 300 rounds in the police station alone if you search well for it- you’ll want at least half of that if you face off with any of the harder enemies.
  •  Only used for the CQBR Assault Rifle. Jill can also have an unlimited ammo rifle if bought from the store.

How To Get The Rifle Ammo:

  • Cannot be crafted, you will need to find it in-game.
  • Commonly found: Downtown, Substations, Sewers, Police Station, and the Hospital!

6. Mine Rounds

With this ammo for the grenade launcher, these rounds fly at their targets using their own propulsion system. Then detonate after a short period of time or if approached- perfect for long-range and setting traps for prey to fall into. Lining alleys in the downtown area of Racoon City or the narrow hallways of the Hospital are great examples.

What the Mine Rounds are great for:

  • Setting up an ambush for lots of enemies to wander into.
  • Great for the second encounter with Evolved Nemesis where he can be targeted and hit at long distances (see video!).
  • Excellent for second playthroughs where you know a strong enemy is about to pop up.

Mine Round Details:

  • Mine rounds, rifle ammo, and some others cannot be crafted. Only found.
  • Stand at the highest damage and hardest to find throughout the game. Some players have reported only two drops during the game like the MAG ammo. Use wisely.
  • Blue in color, they are strikingly different from the other ammo and can’t be missed.

How To Get the Mine Rounds:

  • Mine rounds cannot be crafted and are only able to be found. Since they are the most powerful grenade round, make sure you use them sparingly for tough enemies.

5. Flame Rounds

These rounds are the least powerful during endgame climaxes unless dealing with particular enemies. The napalm inside ignites on impact, setting the surrounding area on fire- great for splash damage, but not so great for single enemies.

What the Flame Rounds are good for:

  • Large groups of ‘minor’ enemies like walkers. It can also set cars and electrical/explosive boxes can go off after impact.
  • Especially used for the Version 1 Nemesis, during a particular rooftop scene that does major damage to him with flames. Later Evolved Nemesis doesn’t seem to have the same weakness and it’s not recommended to use these rounds for that.
  • You can also set yourself on fire with the splash damage, so be aware to be far away from the chaos.

Flame Round Details:

  • Red in color and can definitely be seen from a distance. 
  • It can often be seen as less powerful because of the wide spray effect. Also, it takes time for enemies to burn to death while other rounds take them out much faster.

How To Get the Flame Rounds:

  • (1) Explosive A + (1) Explosive B = Flame Rounds

4. Acid Rounds

Acid rounds are definitely the ammo to have throughout the game on your person. Though it’s the hardest to craft. The capsule when fired breaks on impact, soaking the surrounding area in acid. Watch your step!

What the Acid Rounds are good for:

  • Especially tough enemies like the mutated walkers while in the labs. These are hard to kill to begin with- and seemingly only acid rounds will get them actually fall and stay down. Remember to aim for the knees!
  • Large groups of enemies like flame rounds, but they also have splash damage to make sure you are far away before you fire.
  • Unlike flame rounds, these seem to have no effect on electrical or explosive boxes that are littered over Racoon City.

Acid Round Details:

  • Acid Rounds are bright yellow and definitely can’t be confused with other ammo rounds.
  • The second most powerful ammo for the grenade launcher, but also the hardest to find. Many people only have them during a playthrough because they crafted it.
  • Using the Crafting Companion is a great way to up the amount of ammo you’re making during your session. But it’s expensive just like the ammo you wish to make.

How To Get the Acid Rounds:

  • (1) Explosive B + (1) Explosive B = Acid Rounds

3. Explosive Rounds

As the main ammo of the grenade launcher, this is most likely what you will find during your first round of Resident Evil 3. The rounds do exactly what they say they will, and once fired will explode on impact dealing major damage.
What the Explosive Rounds are good for:

  • Though it’s not recommended to fire at anything and everything, these rounds are good for a wide variety of enemies and still do a great amount of damage! 
  • Explosive rounds are such a common drop that multiple players have at least two stacks in their boxes and inventory. Expensive to make if you are on a harder difficulty, but Explosive A is one of the easier ones to find.
  • While still being implemented in the new multiplayer mode, keep in mind that this can still cause a lot of damage to yourself and your friends if playing. 

Explosive Round Details:

  • Gray and black in color and can be easily missed in dark places like the sewer or labs. 
  • Remember the Crafting Companion is in the store to help increase the amount of ammo you craft. 

How To Get the Explosive Rounds:

  • (1) Explosive A + (1) Explosive A = Explosive Rounds

2. Hand Grenade

Hand grenades disperse lethal metal fragments and destroy its surrounding area on detonation. While it’s not technically an ammo, you still can still aim it at someone and have an unsurprising result! Most hand grenades that are able to be found are scattered throughout the game. They are usually locked in storages or rooms that the player can find their way into via exploration.

What The Grenade is Great For:

  • Stiff hordes of zombies can be totally taken out by one well-placed explosive.
  • Nemesis is weak to grenades regardless of form.
  • Common found but still takes up inventory- use wisely!

Hand Grenade details:

  • Grenades can do a lot of damage to Nemesis regardless of his form; though when he’s vulnerable or down would be the best time to use them. 
  • Grenades and handgun ammo are some of the most frequently placed items during most playthroughs. So you don’t have to horde them, but you never know if you want to keep a few spares too.
  • Most players have taken to the idea of saving all the grenades on a less difficult playthrough and have a good few stacks for Nightmare mode or worse.

How To Get Hand Grenades:

  • Grenades are only found through exploration of the game.

1. Flash Grenade

One wouldn’t think that a flash grenade would do any good against zombies, but surprisingly, it works pretty well! In the video above, we see a player use Carlos with a mixture of hand and flash grenades to defend the hospital section. Flash grenades create a large flash of light and loud bang on detonation- sending zombies in every direction and snapping at each other in confusion. While it doesn’t always kill a zombie, it’ll distract them long enough to take them out.

What Flash Bangs are Great for: 

  • Large groups of zombies that you need to sneak past or incapacitate for a few seconds to get by.
  • If a group has spotted you, you can distract half while you focus on the other’s that are coming up your flank. Keep in mind the flash grenades have significantly less drop rate than handgun ammo or standard grenades.

Flash Bang Details:

  • Strangely Carlos is the only one who will get to use Flash Grenades throughout the game.
  • One of the more useful consumables in-game, especially on a more stealthy playthrough.

How To Get Flash Grenades:

  • Similar to Hand Grenades, they can be found in certain storages or random locations through your playthrough. There is no way to construct them.

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