The Top 10 Best Telltale Games of All Time

The Best Telltale Games
Ten of Telltale Games’ greatest titles, ranked from good to best.

What Are The 10 Best Telltale Games?

In 2012, Telltale Games released a game that would completely change the future of their company. That game was The Walking Dead: Season One. When it hit game stores and became available online, no one knew quite what to think. Basically, the game was an interactive graphic novel. In a world where gaming has evolved to become more and more about high definition graphics and insane stunts, assumptions were made: this game might not be up to par with gamers’ expectations.

But, the world quickly found out that there was more to The Walking Dead than just the basic premise of a point-and-click game. It had something all video games strive to achieve: heart. The game drove millions of people to become fans of the popular video game publisher. Now, all of their games are being met with the tremendous amount of success they each deserve. Of course, before The Walking Dead came along, Telltale was creating ingenious games that raised the bar for storytellers.

But, out of many, which are the best? I’ve decided to wade through the waters of the Telltale games to bring you what I think are 10 of their very best, ranked from good to best.

And here they are: The Top 10 Telltale Games!


10. Back to the Future

Back to the Future Gameplay


Great Scott!

Time-traveling duo Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back in Telltale’s thrilling installment to the Back to the Future series! And it’s about time!

The last time viewers saw Doctor Emmett Brown was in the conclusion of the third Back to the Future film. He was taking off on his brand-spanking-new time machine (built out of a train) with his lady-love. This game takes us six months after the events of the film and brings us into a new adventure. When the DeLorean Time Machine arrives back in Marty’s time, Marty begins his most thrilling and dangerous quest yet. ‘Cause this time, Doc’s fallen into some deep, deep trouble. This is heavy.

Like most of Telltale’s recent games, Back to the Future: The Game, plays like an interactive movie. Since the game is based on one of the most classic movie trilogies in existence, the gameplay couldn’t be any more fitting or brilliant. You’re no longer watching from the other side of the screen in this BTTF world—you get to control Marty McFly, everyone’s favorite smack-talking teen from the 80s. Guide him through different time periods to rescue Doc from a particularly sticky situation. Getting to see young Doc back in 1931 is a wonderful treat for fans of the movie. Speaking of treats, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox (actors from the original fims) also lend their voices to the game. With that being said, Back to the Future: The Game rightfully earns itself a place on this list. Only slackers will think otherwise!


Marty and Doc Brown are reunited, and it feels so good. You’re in control of the hilarious conversations these two share.


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Just … Just don’t look down!


9. Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game Gameplay


Cue the epic Jurassic Park theme song.

The name alone could be enough to put Telltale’s prehistoric adventure game on the list, but we all know not every game inspired by a movie is  an awesome one. However, Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game meets the golden standard of the original Jurassic Park movies that sparked a fascination with dinosaurs for people everywhere.

This game had me hooked right from the very beginning. We start off in a dense, foggy jungle where you can barely see a few feet in front of you. It’s night so that makes it even harder to see. Oh yeah, and there’s some kind of glowing-eyed being chasing after you. As you lurch through the jungle, struggling to stay ahead of the hungry monster that’s right on your heels, you get an adrenaline rush. That excited feeling stays with you throughout the game because it’s literally non-stop action. I loved every moment of it.

What makes this Telltale creation special is how much it feels like the Jurassic Park films. It was like I had stepped right into the big screen and joined a legacy. And those decisions you have to make! They’re so tough! You bite your fingernails the entire time while you try to decide your next move. This game is so thrilling; I think it should be on any positive Telltale list.


Oh, hi there! Did you want my autograph or something? No, you just want to spit acid in my face? That doesn’t sound quite as exciting…


Get up close and personal with the beautiful dinosaurs in the park. However, not all of them are this friendly, so it might be best to keep some distance!


8. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The Game Gameplay


Number 8 is coming … and it deservedly falls to Telltale’s Game of Thrones series.

Game of Thrones is the wildly popular TV show over the HBO channel. It has sparked an interest in medieval fantasy that some might say rivals the release of the Lord of the Rings movies. The TV show was originally based on books by novelist George R.R. Martin. Now, Telltale continues the Game of Thrones legacy with their own series.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones gives us an adventure like no game they’ve released. We play as a young pig farmer. After a devious lord named Bolton tries to take over his land, our young hero becomes immersed in where the third season of the television series leaves off. From there, we branch off into playing as other characters who must navigate the dangers of life in the court. Game of Thrones: The Telltale Series is filled with deceit, kidnappings, epic sword fights, and more of what we’ve come to love from the TV Show.

For fans of the TV show, this game is a special treat. If you’re not a fan, after a few minutes of playing this game, you might reconsider that fact.


Get immersed in this new adventure, which was made with help from members of the Game of Thrones team.


Will you be able to outsmart those who seek to destroy you?


7. Minecraft: Story Mode


Minecraft: Story Mode Gameplay


Get ready to build!

You’ve had to have been living under a rock since 2009 if you haven't heard of Minecraft! Markus Perrson and Jens Bergensten created the game known as Minecraft back in 2009. Players worlwide went wild, using their skills to create pixelated worlds. It’s enjoyed so much popularity since then, spawning toys, action figures, and even books. Now, we have Minecraft: Story Mode.

Like many of the other games on this list, Minecraft: Story Mode is a point-and-click game that progresses as you make in-game choices. But, unlike the other games on this list, you have the choice to pick your character at the beginning! True to Minecraft style,you get to select your gender and appearance. I just love that! Telltale has also included the building element which made Minecraft so popular.

That building factor is what makes this game really stand out. Minecraft: Story Mode is truly customizable, and as such, makes for a wonderful gaming experience.


Meet Jesse, the hero of the game. Players have the option of customizing Jesse at the start of the game.


This is a family-friendly title! Great for laughs with the kids!


6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series Gameplay


A space game with aliens and superheroes? Yes, please.

Telltale gives us a brand new take on Marvel’s classic space superhero universe. So, don’t expect Star-Lord to look like Chris Pratt or Rocket to sound like a squeaky Bradley Cooper. Been there, done that. This new narrative is all Telltale.

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series begins with a bang! A high-speed chase in the purple-hued expanse of deep space is made hilarious when the five Guardians are all in one ship. The excitement doesn’t wane; we guide our team of intergalactic heroes through the game as they struggle to retrieve an item called “The Eternity Forge” from a dangerous woman called Hala the Accuser.  As Hala attempts to resurrect the ancient civilization of Kree, the Guardians must place their differences aside to stop her before she can destroy everything they hold dear.

The cool thing about Guardians is that Telltale worked so closely with Marvel to create it. This feels so true to the Guardians. I can tell how much love went into this project.


Go deep into the far reaches of the galaxy as Star-Lord, the best interplanetary policeman this galaxy has ever seen.


Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot are here for an all-new adventure.


5. Sam and Max series


Sam and Max: Save the World Gameplay


That’s right, little buddies— the Sam and Max series is number five on our list!

Sam and Max aren’t your typical policemen. They’re an anthropomorphic dog and rabbity-thing who like to call themselves “freelance police”. That means that this clumsy yet heroic duo is up to solve any case, no matter how dangerous (or ridiculous) it may be. This makes for some of the funniest gameplay I’ve yet to experience from Telltale.

In the Sam and Max games, you take control of the two title characters and help them solve tough cases. According to other characters in the S & M universe, these cases are much more than what scatter-brained Sam and maniacal Max would be able to handle on their own. But, with your help, these two are ready to take on anything and anyone to crack a case (and get paid!). You’ll switch between Sam and Max to interrogate wacky suspects, battle against tough bosses, and solve puzzles. I especially love Max’s insane humor. I laughed until I cried while playing this.

This game series ensured the success of Telltale’s standard episodic video game endeavor and has received widespread acclaim. The humor provided by the relationship between Sam and Max will always have true fans coming back for more.



Sam and Max were created by Steve Purcell and were originally part of a comic series.


Ask the tough questions and solve the case!





4. The Wolf Among Us Gameplay


The Wolf Among Us Gameplay


Coming in at number 4, we have The Wolf Among Us.

 Most gamers did not expect the magnitude of how hard this game was going to rock. Sure, we had The Walking Dead to judge by, but that's a game with zombies—we expected it to have at least some playability. The Wolf Among Us was something many weren’t familiar with. Yet, Telltale Games blew us all away with this title.

The Wolf Among Us has players controlling Bigby Wolf. He’s the sheriff of a fictional small community called Fabletown, located in New York City. The people of Fabletown are called Fables, because —get this— they’re actually magical beings straight outta fairy tales of old and urban myths. This means you have princesses like Beauty (from “The Beauty and the Beast”) hanging out with Bloody Mary. And Bigby’s tasked with keeping the peace between them all. When a brutal murder takes place in Fabletown, it’s up to Bigby to keep his residents safe and find the killer.

I think the reason this game was such a success is because of that extremely dark twist it gives us on legends that many grew up with. The realistic feel to all of the characters and the shock value of seeing something as brutal as domestic violence case (which is right in the beginning) left me wanting to see where they were going to take the story next.



The Big Bad Wolf and Snow White, but not like any of us have seen them . The Wolf Among Us introduces darker, more modern versions of these classic fairy tale characters.


Some of the beautiful artwork done for The Wolf Among Us.



3. Batman - The Telltale Series


Batman: The Enemy Within Gameplay


You’ve seen many visions of the Batman before, but never one quite like this.

The story of Batman is a tragic one. Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered in front of him when he was just a child. He inherited their wealth. From there, he decided to use his fortune and power to wipe crime off the streets of Gotham City. He built the Batman suit, a super-powered outfit which can block blows and bullets. It also comes equipped with a wide variety of awesome gadgets. But where does the story go from there?

Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within are two stories that follow the basic plot of the original Batman comics, but then depart and make things even moe interesting. Telltale gives us not only a new version of Bruce Wayne, but of his alter ego, Batman. We also see versions of villains that are lively and realistic, instead of silly and possessing cartoonish personalities. Battles as Batman are insane! You really have to stay glued to the screen if you want to outsmart and overpower your enemies, because they’re tough. The quick-time action events are some of the most challenging ones I’ve faced in a Telltale game.

The thing I like most about this new version of Batman is the change in the dynamics between characters. I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t played the games, but there’s a few changes that I think you’ll enjoy.


This Batman brings us new versions of some of our favorite Batman villains. Can you change Gotham’s fate by digging deeper into these villain’s psyches?


Batman is one of the most action-packed Telltale Games series yet. Evade, bash, and outmaneuver your enemies in Wayne’s super-powered suit.



2. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands: Gameplay


What do you get when you put a highly sought after object, a bounty hunter with emoticon facial expressions, and a bunch of rambunctious outlaws together in one game? Pure magic.

When Telltale announced the release of Tales from the Borderlands, Borderlands fans around the world were shouting, “Take our money!” A deeper look into the world of one of the most popular FPS game series is what we all wanted.

Telltale didn’t disappoint. Tales from the Borderlands is packed with the great humor and quick action that the Borderlands games are known for. We control Rhys and Fiona, two very different people who somehow get stuck together after Rhys crash-lands in the Borderlands. Despite one character’s initial distaste for the desert called the Borderlands (“This is a garbage land of sand and sadness”), we find out quickly just how much personality this world has.

You’ll meet all of the colorful natives, including an unhinged “museum” curator, a slew of ultra-cool bounty hunters, cute (and deadly) robots, and even a friendly bike gang! As you try to help Rhys reach his goal of perhaps becoming the next Handsome Jack (an unhinged madman featured in some of the previous Borderlands titles), you’ll have to make some tough decisions, so you and your band of odd companions can keep your heads above the sand in the Borderlands.

Rhys wants to be the next Handsome Jack. He’ll have to navigate carefully around this big dude if he wants to get there.


One of the coolest features of Tales from the Borderlands is Loader Bot, the sassy, gun-toting Hyperion bot that Rhys manufactured. Rhys’s friend, Yvette, sends Loader Bot to help him out of a tight situation. Customize your bot and then blast them all away!


1.The Walking Dead series


Walking Dead: Season One Gameplay


Dun, dun, dun! Didja see it coming? Did you?

Of course, The Walking Dead is number one on our list. Not only is it an amazing game series, through and through, but it brought a spotlight to Telltale Games like no other. The Walking Dead series has earned its number one spot.

The first season dropped us right into the beginning of the end, when Walkers were just beginning to pop up in the United States. Lee, my favorite Telltale protagonist EVER, is who we control for the majority of the game. He meets other survivors as he tries to run away from his past into an uncertain future. Along the way, he meets a little girl named Clementine. Their meeting forever changes them both. As the series continues on, the group of survivors grows and changes, and we begin to figure out more about the outbreak itself. The game is packed full of heartbreak, true love, tragedy, and hard choices. I think we all bawled like babies at the end of Season One.

With a twisting plot, fast-paced action, and realistic characters, The Walking Dead has created new popularity for the storytelling genre of video games. In my heart, the series will forever remain here, in the number one spot, for the top 10 Telltale games.



Lee and Clementine have one of the greatest friendships in the history of video games. We love you, Lee!


Little Clem is all grown up in the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The conclusion to this exciting series is sure to be the best season yet.

 Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite Telltale titles? Share with me by commenting below!

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