Until Dawn: Best and Worst Endings

The Story Begins

Until Dawn is an interactive drama horror game developed by Supermassive Games and released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2015 for the PlayStation 4. We follow the story of 8 friends trapped and hunted by a mysterious man or creature on Blackwood Mountain. You, as the gamer, are responsible for making sure they survive until dawn. 

As a gamer myself that have played this game so many times trying to get all the endings, I assure you that for you to get the best ending has to be the most complicated thing ever. The choices you make from the beginning of the game can impact the ending of your game. Not even including that the game implies quick time events and if you fail one time on a crucial moment your character will for sure die. 

Today, I will show you the worst endings you could get in the game to the best ending and how to achieve each of the five endings. 


The Worst Ending: Everyone Dies

This, for sure, is the most gruesome ending that you could get. Leading each of the characters to their demise leaves the player with a feeling of despair and demise. 

Achieving this ending is fairly easy. You have to make the worst possible choice: fail at the quick time events, fail at the Don't Move events, and don't attempt to save anybody who needs help. 

Here are the choices that you have to make: 

Chris, Ashley, Emily, Matt, Jessica, and Josh should all be dead before Sam gets to the lodge. 

Sam and Mike should be the only survivors that get to the lodge in the final chapter.

Sam should fail both DON’T MOVE events. Sam will get killed by the Wendigo.

Mike will be the only one left and sacrifice himself to blow up the lodge and kill the Wendigo. 

 Death of the Characters: 

- Chris 

R.I.P. King

- Chapter 8: Chris will be chased by the Wendigo, if he fails to shoot it, then he will get killed. 

- Chapter 8: If Chris survives the chase and gets to the door of the lodge, Ashley will be responsible for opening the door. During Chapter 6, if Chris chooses to shoot Ashley instead of sparing her life, then Ashley will let Chris outside to die. 

- Chapter 9: If Chris is down in the mines with the girls, he will get the option to go investigate a sound, if he does there is no turning back, he is 100% dead, and there are no more chances to save him. 

- Sam: 

Death by the Wendigo

Chapter 10: Sam only gets one chance to either die or survive the night. The only way is to fail the DON’T MOVE events at the lodge.

- Jessica: 


Chapter 4: When Jessica gets taken by the Wendigo, and Mike goes after her, if he chooses too many safe paths instead of the shortcuts or the player fails the QTE (Quick time events). Then Jessica is for sure dead. 

Chapter 10: If Jessica survives Chapter 4, she will meet again with the Wendigo; if she tries to run away, the Wendigo will kill her. 

- Emily:

Oh to not see

Chapter 8: If Emily fails to repair the elevator the Wendigo will catch up to her and kill her. 

Chapter 8: If the player fails too many QTE before she gets to the conveyor belt the Wendigo will kill her. If she gets to the conveyor belt at the top, there is a grinder, again, if the player fails the QTE, Emily will fall into the grinder and get crushed to death.

Chapter 8: If Emily gets bitten by the Wendigo, Mike will have the choice to shoot her. 

Chapter 10: If Emily survives all of these, her future will be decided if Sam decides to blow up the lodge early or not. 

- Matt: 


Chapter 6: If the player chooses to hurt the elk through Matt, then he will end up dangling from the cliff and fall to his death if the quick time events fail. 

Chapter 6: When Matt and Emily are hanging from the fire tower, if Matt tries to help Emily, Matt will fall into the mines and get caught by the Wendigo. 

Chapter 10: If Matt jumped to safety instead of helping Emily or survived the Wendigo attack back in Chapter 6, then He will come back in Chapter 10, and his fate will again be in question depending on whether he gets caught by the Wendigo or not. 

- Mike: 

For Sparta!

Chapter 10: If Sam decides to turn the switch early while Mike is still in the house, then he will burned to death.

Chapter 10: If Sam dies before she runs to the switch, then Mike will have to sacrifice Himself to blow up the lodge with himself in it. 

- Ashley:

"Understand the palm of my hand B*tch!"

Chapter 9: During the mine playthrough, Ashley will hear voices, if she follows those voices, it will lead her to a trapdoor, and if she opens it, she will die. 

Chapter 10: If she survives Chapter 9, she will have another chance of survival, and it depends on whether Sam turns the switch early and burns the lodge with everybody left in it. 

- Josh:


Chapter 10: If Sam doesn't find Hannah's journal, Josh will be killed by the Wendigo. 


A Grim Ending: A Sole Survivor

This ending consists of saving only one character, slightly better than having all the characters die, it is better than nothing. This ending is a mixture of good and bad decisions. In the end, only one will survive through the night, while the other will perish in various horrid ways. 

To achieve this ending, you, the player, would have to choose a character that you would like to save. In my experience, Sam or Mike are the easiest to save. How? I will explain it later in the article. 

Choices that you have to make: 

Choose one character to save

Make several mistakes to get the other characters killed, like failing the quick time events. 

Make the right choices (Explained later in the article) to save your character. 


The Bittersweet Ending: Few survivors 

The bittersweetness that this ending has is ASTRONOMICAL. You, as the player, have saved some of the characters, but you should have done better. 

An example is how, in Chapter 4, Jessica gets snatched by the Wendigo, and Mike runs after her.  You, as the player, try to be more careful with Mike, choosing the safer options so that he doesn't fall to his death, yet because of these choices, Mike doesn't arrive fast enough, and Jessica is dead. Mistakes like this make you realize how easy it is to lose a character.  

How to get this ending: 

Save only a few characters. Keep in mind that Sam and Chris survive through Chapter 10. 

Make excellent and bad choices when it's critical. 


The Good Ending: Most Survivors

I set fire to the rain!

The good ending results from good choices with a few minor missed steps. Most of the characters would have survived with traumatic experiences but with the hope of recovery and happiness. 

How to get this ending: 

Try to save as many characters as possible 

Pay attention to clues and totems 

Consider the butterfly effect

Keep relationships in mind and make choices based on your character's characteristics. 


The Best Ending: Everyone Survives

The Best Ending that you could get in Until Dawn consists of the survival of all eight friends. The characters will not only survive, but they will have restored their friendship and hope for a better future with a touch of PTSD. 

This ending is satisfactory; your hours of hard work, frustration, and probably reinitiating the game multiple times so you could save Matt and Jessica have finally paid off. 

How to get this ending: 

Matt, Jessica, and Josh must be alive until  Chapter 10.

Sam, Mike, Chris, Ashley, and Emily must be at the lodge during the final chapter. 

Sam will have to choose the “Save Mike” option and then use the “Hide” option each time. And complete the DON’T MOVE events perfectly.

Hide each time to give time for the other characters to run out of the lodge, Once Sam is the last one, run to the switch to blow up the lodge. 

Save the Characters: 

- Chris: 

Don't point your gun at Ashley in Chapter 6; instead, choose to shoot yourself (It will not happen).

Shoot the Wendigo during the chase in Chapter 8

During Chapter 9, don’t investigate the sounds with Chris or any other character. 

- Sam: 

In Chapter 10, hide from the Wendigos and don't fail the DONT MOVE events. 

- Jessica

In Chapter 4, Mike will have to take the riskier and fastest paths and not fail the QTEs. 

In Chapter 10, choose the Hide option and complete the QTEs correctly. 

- Emily

In Chapter 8, don't mess up the QTEs

Don't shoot her when you get the option with Mike during Chapter 8. 

- Matt

Be respectful with the animals during Chapter 6 

While on the radio, the tower chose ‘Jump to Safety’ and did not help Emily, or make sure that Emily gave the flare gun to Matt. 

During Chapter 10, hide from the Wendigo and don't fail the DONT MOVE events. 

- Mike 

In Chapter 10, choose ‘Save Mike’ with Sam and wait for all the characters to leave the lodge. 

- Ashley

Chris sacrificed Josh and not Ashley. 

In Chapter 9, don’t choose to investigate the voices, and if you do, DO NOT open the trap door. 

- Josh

You must find the twin clues and Hannah's Diary. 


Hopefully, you have liked this article and followed my instructions to get all the endings of this game. I wish you luck, and be ready to get frustrated by all of their ‘spicy’ jokes at the beginning of the Game.

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