Until Dawn: Best and Worst Characters

The Gang Back Together

10. Ashley 

"This guy's a little OCD"

Ashley is described as being academic, curious, and forthright. Ashley may seem polite and more severe than the rest at the beginning of the game; she is also shown as observant and with a wild imagination, which comes with no surprise with what she puts Emily through. 

She is the first one to raise fear that Emily is going to turn into a Wendigo due to her bite, even if the stranger told them that you can only turn into a Wendigo if you resort to cannibalism, not through a bite. She keeps insisting that Emily leave or that Mike shoot her, and it is also possible for her to lie about the truth about the bites. 

She is also responsible for the death of Chris. She didn't want to open the door for him while a Wendigo was chasing him because Chris tried to shoot her even though she was INSISTING for him to shoot her instead of himself. 

Her honesty also goes down if she shows remorse for the prank, and she can act dismissively and blame Hannah for overreacting. 

This spot for Ashley, as having the lowest morality of the whole group, is very deserving. She is responsible for TWO deaths, making her the most immoral character of the game. 

See Ashley in action: 


9. Mike

"This is a Safe Room Em!"

Mike is described in the game as intelligent, persuasive, and driven, so his role in the group is to be the ‘big guy’ kind of like their leader. However, he is also known as a womanizer who fears commitment. He can be perceived at first as having a bit of a martyr complex as he is always trying to save everybody and putting himself at risk. 

This is precisely why I question his morality. At first, it can thought that he had a significant character development throughout the game; however, he also gets a lot of chances to show himself truly. Let's remember that he played a significant role in the prank on Hannah. 

In the game, we can also see that his honesty goes down whenever he says something nice to Jessica, implying that he is uninterested and only wants to seduce her. 

He labels Josh as a murderer but has the option to kill his ex-girlfriend without hesitation and based on nothing possible. 

When Hannah takes Josh in her Wendigo form, Mike hides instead of trying to help Josh and leaves him to his demise. 

Even in the credits, he still tries to defend his actions towards Emily and Josh. Mike having the choice to commit plane murder with his bare hands makes him deserving of this spot. 

See Mike in action: 


8. Matt   

"I was right there, and I could have done something, I tried to do something I wasn't good enough."

Matt is a complicated character. He is described as ambitious, motivated, and active. He can be seen as a character with a big heart, which is true, but he also is a big coward, which leads him to a big mistake. 

During the mines, Matt finds Jessica, and while trying to find a way out, they find themselves being chased by the Wendigo. He chooses to LEAVE Jessica and causes her death. 

I don’t think that he made it on purpose, but I do believe that due to his cowardice, he is now responsible for one of his friend's death. 

See Matt in action: 


7. Emily 

"Understand the palm of my hand B*tch!"

Emily is described as intelligent, resourceful, and persuasive. She has a quick tongue and sharp wit but also has a selfish streak. I always think she is the only one who is right and everybody else is wrong. 

Emily's character is straightforward to dislike; she likes to put others down so that she can put herself up, and her choices don't make it easier for everyone to like her character. There is a scene where she pushes Ashley to the wall while they run from the Wendigo. She may have done it out of spite or to save herself; we don't know, but I’m pretty sure the following few characters wouldn't have done that in any circumstance. 

Not being enough, there is a possibility that she shows no remorse for Matt’s death, HER BOYFRIEND,  even if he tried to save her. 

See Emily in action: 


6. Josh

"Well, they can't tie you up if you just wiggle around"

Josh is a complex case but is perfect for the middle spot. He is thoughtful, loving, and complex, and complex he is. His mental illness makes it difficult to decipher his morality, mainly after all the trauma that he caused to his friends because he wanted to avenge his sisters. 

His pain is very understandable, but it does not excuse his actions; however, what does excuse his actions is that he is mentally ill and has never gotten the proper help. The medication that he was on was to treat depression instead of Schizophrenia. Josh believed he was doing good and didn't understand his actions entirely. 

Also, Josh is one of the few characters who can never attempt to kill anyone. And he also showed remorse once he saw the dead bodies in the mines.  

See Josh in action: 


5. Jessica 


Jessica is known to be confident, trusting, and irreverent. Like Josh, she is another character who cannot intentionally or accidentally kill someone. During the game sequence, she does nothing immoral apart from accidentally killing a bird, for which she immediately shows remorse. 

However, coming up with the prank that would cause Hannah's and Beth's disappearance and later death unintentionally, as well as hooking up with your best friend's ex, is very questionable but nothing evil or criminal. 

See Jessica in action: 

4. Beth


Beth is a caring and protective person. We can see this after the prank. Hannah runs away in a snowstorm, and Belle follows her. Hannah doesn't have a jacket, and Beth gives up her own. Beth is a good person.

However, she does have the possibility to do one immoral thing, and that is LETTING GO OF HER SISTER. Her remorse while doing so and because it was only for self-preservation makes her slightly better than the rest above. 

See Beth in action: 


3. Hannah 

"I'm such an idiot! I'm so dumb..."

Hannah seems very trusting and, as her sister describes her, naive. She had this massive crush on Mike, and it is shown that she was following a magazine's steps on how to get your crush's attention. For that same reason, she got a tattoo that she thought would bring Mike's attention. 

She seemed to be a good person, just naive. That and that she tried to hook up with Mike, knowing that Emily was his girlfriend, BUT others have done worse than her. 

See Hannah in action: 


2. Chris 

"Ashley, I'll get you out of this, I won't let you die!"

Chris is organized, protective, and humorous. During the events of Until Dawn, it is shown that he is very protective and caring towards his friends and that he also has a massive crush on Ashley. 

Chris only has three possibilities where he can do something immoral, that is when he shoots the squirrel in front of Sam, hits Josh with an axe, and tries to shoot Ashley.

It may seem that these possibilities should put him in a higher spot, but he only tries to shoot Ashley after she persuades him to shoot her instead of himself. And while hitting John may not have been the greatest action, I understand his frustration after everything Josh put him and the others through. 

See Chris in action: 


1. Sam

"We don't know if it's dangerous, maybe it's just a bite!"

Sam is diligent, considerate, and adventurous. She is the nicest one out of her friend group and also the most level-headed. She is shown to care deeply for her friends and nature. 

But Sam can kill everyone at the end of the game while blowing up the lodge. She deserves to be in this spot ONLY because I believe she did not do it intentionally. She panicked and thought everyone would run with her towards the door, but no one did. 

She also stands up for Emily, shows remorse for Mike's death, and comforts Ashley after Chris’ death. As this possibility is vague and she has no other evil moments, it is safe to consider that she is the best of them all. 

See Sam in action: 

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