The Most Violent Video Games Ever Made

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That Is Definitely Going to Hurt

Ever wonder what the most violent video games are?

The video game industry is a vast and open market. They can range from the most docile games for kids like, World of Zoo, to games that are rated Adults Only, like Hatred. Violence is easily portrayed in many different games. How much violence is too much? The video games on this list have definitely pushed the envelope.

1) GTA 5

GTA V Trailer

Pull off the perfect heists to steal money to pay back your debts. Take your time to plan it out perfectly. Go in guns blazing or as stealthy as possible. It’s all up to you. Maybe you want to take the day off. You can dabble in real estate ventures or shop online.

“Trust me, this is going to work.”

From first person to third person viewing, GTA 5 follows three different main characters in their own personal style of killing. Allowing you, the player, to change between each one at anytime. The large open world style of game that GTA 5 follows immerses you in the engaging heists as well as a tame game of tennis. To get across town you can ride your bike or fly a fighter jet. (That you killed people for and stole, of course.) You can customize each of your vehicles as well.

No Evidence, No Problem.

You will have a larger arsenal of weapons to choose from. Allowing you to get creative in how you decide to eliminate anyone in your way. From a hammer to smash a knee or two, to a minigun and everything in between, you can deal insane brutality. At one point in the game, you use a large pipe wrench to crush, uh, some genitalia.

That is one of the methods used to get information out of a potential source. You can even burn people alive, just for the fun of it. You plan out each heist in great detail, deciding how you want to approach each one. Perhaps you decide to come up from behind someone and kill them with a hatchet. Whichever way you choose there is always a possibility of violent deaths.

GTA 5 broke records for the fastest selling entertainment product in history. It sold $800 million the first day and $1 billion within the first three days. It has also won many awards, including Game of the Year from several gaming publications.

Ivanowski's Brutal Kills Compilation

2) Hatred

Hatred Gameplay Trailer

You are deemed, “The Antagonist”. Mass murder is your plan. You definitely follow through with your plan. You rampage throughout New York City, killing civilians and police officers alike. The human race is terrible and you are determined to take out as many as you can.

No Mercy

Armed with an AK-47, three grenades, and a combat knife you take to the streets. This game is about as violent as you can get. Hatred is a straight forward shoot ‘em up style of game. The game literally consists of nothing but murder. Even the way you restore your health is violent. You execute people that are in agony.

Cutting throats, shooting in an execution style, or stomping on someone’s skull are some of the ways violence is used in this game. Any type of kill will elicit satisfaction from The Antagonist. He seems to like stabbing, crushing, or shooting people in the head. There is no lack of blood in this game either.

Returning Your Health In the Most Brutal Way

Hatred was released on Steam, but not before it had some trouble. It was briefly removed by Valve due to how violent the game was. But it was restored soon after with an apology from one of the co-founders of Valve. The video game media has definitely not had positive things to say about Hatred. Most reviews compare it to the game Postal.

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3) Mortal Kombat X

Official Anouncement Trailer

Choose your fighter. Annihilate your enemy’s health bar in the most brutal ways possible. Prove you are the best fighter to defend Earth Realm.

He Looks Better Without It

In every move in Mortal Kombat X there is violence. Anyway you could imagine injuring another human, Mortal Kombat X has it. The fatalities are always the highlight of winning a match. Gore filled and brutal, each fatality is different. You can expect to see someone’s entrails and a lot of blood.

Dismembered bodies are not uncommon in the Mortal Kombat X world. Using the limbs of your opponent to beat them with is also very common. X-Ray moves can be just as rough to watch as a fatality. Spine crushing and even the use of drones to execute your enemies is the name of the game. The Mortal Kombat franchise has always been known for its violence, but Mortal  Kombat X has really stepped up the game.

I Think She is Well Done

Mortal Kombat X was the fastest selling game in the entire franchise. It has also won “Best Fighting Game” award.The bone crushing sounds that you hear during each x-ray move and fatality were actually made by crushing fruits, vegetables, and nuts with a large hammer.

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