World of Tanks Best Tank Lines

World of Tanks Best Tank Lines
Tier 1 juniors moving on

Hello Tankers!

We know there are lots of tree lines for tier X tanks. Generally, people think about tier X vehicles, not thinking about tanks before tier X. But there are lots of hidden gems in tree lines. With their specific feature, they are strong, fast, or just funny to play. 

Do not forget the game is not just about tier X. Lower tiers could be fun too. Think about the game’s derpish tank in-game, KV-2, or Luchs, they are one of the funniest tanks in-game. Or think about Obj. 263, its ancestor of Obj. 268 v4. That means they have common features and that means they are both very much strong. 

Other things about tree lines, you have to play them. Especially if you are not using a premium account or not using free experience with gold. Some of the tanks in tree lines can be painful. Until you reach tier X you can suffer because of these tanks. So, when you set a goal for tier X, check its tree line too. Make your game more enjoyable for any tier. 

So that’s my role again, here I am with the best 5 tree lines in World of Tanks.

*Analyze will start from tier V to tier X.


5- Centurion Act. X Line


Tanks on the line; Cavalier, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion Mk. I, Centurion Mk. IX, Centurion Action X

This line includes non-armored tanks until tier VIII. The most common thing about this line is DPM. 

Cavalier has 2086 HP DPM in tier V, that’s really good. With average mobility and no armor, it’s not the best but playable.

Cromwell adds great mobility to great DPM. Very fun to play in close and long-range. A tank everyone should give a chance. It’s hard to get used to playing it. But when you do it’s a great tank.

Comet is the pain of this tech line. 148 mm penetration is very bad for tier VII. And this tank’s mobility is not great like Cromwell. Has no armor either. A tank everyone can suffer, especially against tier VIII and IX. Try to avoid it.

Then Centurion Mk. I come. Pure beauty after Comet. But the line’s character changes with this tank. They are not mobile like before; they are not non-armored too. Centurion Mk. I is a long-range tank. With a bit low DPM (1919 HP) you should keep your distance from the enemy. Its aim time and dispersion are a bit helpful for long distances. Hull armor is poor but this time turret has great armor (254 mm thick). That increases survivability. With a great depression angle, you can be king of the hills easily.

Centurion Mk. 7/1 is really close to Mk. I but has better features. Hull armor increases but still not useful I should say. The turret has the same design and same armor; you will not have got used to problems after playing Mk. I

The best changes are about the gun. DPM increases a bit (2179 Hp). Most importantly, aim time and dispersion got better. Penetration increases and the main shell is APCR. Which has better velocity, great for long ranges. Should say it’s using HE as a gold shell which has 210 mm penetration. Other than that Mk. 7/1 has the same character as Mk. I but with better features.

Centurion Action X (Act. X) has changed but generally visually. This time turret design changes but using the same thickness. For tier X it’s not great. This turret design has not effective armor like before at lower sides. Using the same hull as 7/1 which is not good either.

But not everything is bad. The gun is a different variant of 7/1 uses (L7A1-L7A2). Which has a much better DPM (2837 HP). With better aim time you can use it in long-range with no doubt.

In the end, I should say, the best tanks in this line are Cromwell, Centurion Mk. I and Centurion MK. 7/1.


4- Swedish Tank Destroyer Line


Tanks on the line; Ikv 103, Ikv 65 II, Ikv 90 B, Udes 03, Strv 103-0, Strv 103B


This line includes high penetration values, great depressions, new mechanics with no armor.

Starting with Ikv 103. For its tier, it has great alpha damage (300 HP). With great mobility, you can take snipe position very fast. Adding great gun depression and aim time to these features, we can say it is a great tank destroyer.

It is very small which means great camouflage values. So, we can say it’s a great sniper. Or can we?

It’s gun is its worst feature too. Very bad dispersion and low shell velocity make everything difficult in the long range. You can’t even use its great camouflage values because of the gun. 

It can just use HEAT shells which is not useful for every target and long-range.

It’s not the pain of this line, it is playable. When you penetrate the enemy, you will feel strong cause of high alpha damage. Not highly recommended but give it a try.

Ikv 65 II now is our guest. It’s better than its predecessor no doubt. 

This tank's gun mechanics are much different than Ikv 103. It’s now really a sniper. Great penetration (180 mm) and good alpha damage (240 mm) with very good aim time and good dispersion. Very useful in long-range, that means you can use your camouflage values effectively.

It has great mobility, better than IVK 103. You can take a position very fast. Very useful especially for hill maps. With the great reverse speed, you can retreat in any situation. Including great turning speed, it’s a great tank destroyer.

But its paper-thin armor with an easily damaging engine makes gameplay harder sometimes. So be careful when get spotted

But this it’s DPM is one of the worst in its tier. Very long reload time. It makes gameplay difficult sometimes. Continuous damage is not good.

Ikv 90 is a bit the same story as before. It has no armor, great camouflage values, great penetration, high mobility, depression.

This time aim time and accuracy decrease, which is quite a problem for a tank destroyer. 

Other than that, it has the same type of gameplay as Ikv 65.

Udes 03 has very unique features unlike before.

We can start with pneumatic suspension. It allows you to lower and higher to the hull. As a result gun depression is very great. You can use this feature in “Siege Mode”.

This tank is a real sniper. It has the best camouflage value for higher than tier V tanks. With good mobility and DPM, it’s a tank that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Its gun has 288 mm penetration with very high velocity. Which is insane for tier VIII. A bit of poor aim time and dispersion balanced this feature.

Normally it has great mobility with a top speed of 70 km/h. But in siege mode things are a bit different. The top speed is 5 km/h in this mode, and it rotates much more slowly too. Hope enemies are not close to you in this mod.

Other than that, classically as a Swedish TD, it has very bad armor with low pool Hp. 

With Strv 103-0 things get a bit scarier.

2837 HP DPM is very good. With 308 mm penetration, it has one of the best stock shell penetration in-game. But these features are balanced with bad aim time and dispersion.

The different thing with this tank is its armor. It’s just 40 mm in the paper. Very sloped design makes it very very strong. Especially against 120 mm guns or below. They generally ricochet. Above than 120 mm can penetrate, be careful (game mechanics-three caliber rule). HEAT shells have very much more normalization than other shells so Strv is vulnerable against them too.

Its mobility is great both ways. Its top speed is 50 km/h. The odd thing is its reverse top speed is 45 km/h which is very great for a turretless tank destroyer.

Other than that, it is likely other Swedish tank destroyers.

Tier X Swedish tank destroyer Strv 103B is very likely Strv 103-0. But with better features.

Has the same penetration with good penetration and better aim time than before. It has the best radio signal range in the game (850 m).

Other than that, same as Strv 103-0


3- American Heavy Tank Destroyer Line


Tanks on the line; M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T25 AT, T28, T95, T110E3


This line includes poor mobility, slow turning speeds, very very very much thick frontal armors, and big guns.

Starting with Wolverine. Unlike higher tiers, Wolverine has a turreted design with no armor.

Its guns DPM is excellent (2248 HP) with great aim time, depression, and good dispersion. But the penetration is not that good for a tank destroyer (110 mm). It has decent mobility for taking good positions, especially on hills.

But it’s not belong to this heavy tank destroyer line too much. Because it has no armor, quick-firing capability. Like the Hellcat-T110E4 line.

Other than that, it is useful. Its quick firing gun disturbs targets repeatedly. Good gun stats allow you to use it in long-range. Close range survivability is poor so always save your distance with this tank.

Jackson… This tank is the continuation of Wolverine. Especially with gun characteristics.

Great aim time, good dispersion, decent reload time, and alpha damage. With good mobility features, this tank destroyer is really useful. But its standard AP shell penetration is low for its tier. Be wise when taking the position.

But like Wolverine, Jackson has no armor either. Just the lower glacis of the hull is a bit thick but other than that it is really penetrable. Save your distance as you should do with Wolverine.

And it has the best Standard shell penetration/Gold shell penetration value in the game. 

The thing gets a bit different with T25 AT. Its first eye-catching feature is turretless design. 

After that its long gun has excellent aim time, good dispersion, depression, penetration, and DPM. With good camouflage values, T25 AT is a great sniper, indeed. 

Other than that, T25 AT is a good runner. With excellent top speed, acceleration and traverse it can take a position very much faster than its predecessors. 

But like before its armor is not useful either. It can bounce sometimes if you are lucky.

With T28 this line gets its characteristic. Heavy, slow, strong.

Its gun is a great piece of work. 2750 HP DPM with good aim time and dispersion. 248 mm penetration will be enough for every tier. This time gun depression is not great like before, so hills are not your friend anymore.

Its major feature is its heavy armor (254 mm). Not effective but very thick, especially for tier VIII, it’s nearly impenetrable. (There are cupolas as weak points.) With a high HP pool, you can carry front lines with ease. 

But its great features creates its weaknesses too. Mobility… The top speed is just 22 km/h and the traverse speed is very poor too. Because of that this tank can get flanked easily. Side armor is penetrable so be careful about that.

Other than that, it gives this line its characteristic, it’s a keystone.

Now we are facing a real monster, T95.

A creature that is a fear factor. No one wants to face its armor or its gun either.

Talking about the gun, it’s a big old 155 mm. That means very much alpha damage. Including great penetration and good DPM, this tank is a real monster. Thanks to its high caliber, its HE shell can deal decent damages with no effort, use against well-armored targets. Other than that average aim time and dispersion values gun is a balanced bit. But still an excellent work.

Now its time for T95’s armor. Which is one of the thickest armors in the game (the other is its tier X, T110E3). It is a really impenetrable beast. Even most of the gold shells have problems with penetrating this armor. (It has cupolas as weak spots at the front.). It has very thick and spaced armor, very useful against HEAT shells. 

Like T28 it has the same weaknesses. Very poor mobility makes it hard to take the position and makes it easier to get flanked. And do not forget you are the first target of SPGs.

Here is the last piece of the line, T110E3. It's not catching the eye too much in tier X, but it is really strong.

Like the T95 it has a huge 155 mm gun. This time dispersion and aim time are a little bit worse. DPM is not bad but reloads time is slow. No problem this gun is a big deal all time.

Unlikely before its silhouette is a bit higher. But its armor is like T95 very thick. This time weak point is the lower glacis of the hull before the cupola. It’s easier to penetrate so you should use a hull-down position. 

In a hull-down situation, its cupola feels like a huge weak spot. But actually, not like that. Its effective armor is about 300-400 mm, standard shells can penetrate it, even gold shells have problems with it.

Like before it has very poor mobility but unlike T95, T110E3 has worse side armor which means getting flanked is worse with this tank, be careful. 


4-Soviet Heavy Medium Tank Line


Tanks on the line; T-34, T-34-85, T-43, T-44, Obj. 430, Obj. 430U 


This line’s most important feature is slightly better armor than other mediums but worse mobility. With experienced hands, this line is gorgeous.

Starting with T-34. A multifunctional tank like its purpose in WW2.

Its gun is excellent (57 mm chosen.). 2312 HP DPM is unbelievable in tier V. With decent aim time and dispersion values it is very useful in every way. Unlike other Soviet tanks, its gun depression is not bad either.

It doesn't have thick armor I should say, but its all-around slopes are working. Especially in good angles. Can be useful close quarters and long ranges both.

Mobility is decent but acceleration is poor for reaching top speed. 

This tank is leading 3 different lanes, which makes it one of the keystones in the Soviet tech tree.

T-34-85’s gameplay is a bit different than normal T-34.

This time the depression angle is as poor as a normal Soviet tank. And the turret armor is more durable. It would be useful especially for hull-down positions.

Hull is the same as before 45 mm but higher tier, which means not enough.

Its gun is decent. Penetration, alpha damage, aim time, dispersion are all average. DPM is a bit poor this time.

Time for T-43 which is a bit of a headache.

Its gun is the same as T-34-85, for the higher tier the gun is not enough. Its penetration is so poor. DPM is increased greatly but without penetration, it won’t be useful.

Turret armor likely before, not the best but useful. Depression angles increase which means hull-down will be much easier with this tank. 

Mobility is average but acceleration is very poor. It's hard to reach top speed. 

Hull armor is weak and can be penetrated easily. But the sides are useful for angling, especially in city maps.

T-44 is real progress for this line. It’s an all-rounder tank.

Its gun’s penetration is a bit poor but will do its job. (at least better than T-43). Depression is better than the average Soviet tank, not good enough but aim time and dispersion are not bad. DPM is great. Usable in long-range.

Its hull and turret armor is decent. It can do its job when needed. It’s not the best but sometimes saves your life. The low silhouette makes T-44 hard to aim in long ranges and increases its camouflage values.

Its mobility is great, allowing you to flank the enemy with ease. With that, you can get rid of bad penetration value too.

The ammo rack can get damaged easily, be careful when facing enemy shells.

Here is the Obj. 430 which makes this line more characteristic.

Starting with its 122 mm gun. Good alpha damage and DPM makes it strong. Poor dispersion and bit poor aim time balancing these features. Like Soviet tank depression angles are bad.

On the other side, its armor is great. It has very strong turret armor, cupolas, and top of the turret are weak points by the way. In short ranges, they can be penetrated easily.

Its hull armor is decent too. It does its jobs generally. When penetrated, tanks' fuel modules can get damaged easily. Which causes tank burning sometimes. Should be careful about that.

Its mobility is a bit poor for a medium tank. The top speed of 50 km/h is not bad but its acceleration is making it hard to reach its top speed.

In all ways, it’s a decent tank.

Now this line’s star, Obj. 430U.

Its gun is 122 mm like before but in tier X its alpha damage increases. Which causes the highest alpha damage for tier X medium tanks. With great DPM it is very good. But poor aim time and dispersion balancing this gun. Especially in long ranges. It’s a Soviet tank which means depression is poor.

Its armor is one of the key factors. Its armor is even better than some of the heavy tanks. Excellent turret armor with great hull armor it can face enemy shells with ease. Its side armor is decent and with spaced armor, you can angle against enemy shells with no doubt. The lower glacis is a weak point.

The top speed is not that high but traverse speed is great. Which protects you against getting flanked.

Obj. 430U is a must-have tank, highly recommended.



5- Soviet Heavy Tank Destroyer Line


Tanks on the line; SU-85, SU-100, SU-100M1, SU-101, Obj. 263, Obj. 268 4


This line has good mobility, camouflage values, and armor.

Starting with Su-85,

It’s a sniper tank destroyer that should save distance against the enemy.

Its gun has decent features DPM, penetration, aim time. But dispersion and alpha damage are great for its tier. With great camouflage values, it can be used in long ranges.

The truth is it should be used at long ranges because its armor won’t protect you. Should save distances. The turretless design makes getting flanked easier.

Its mobility is good though, it can take position fast with good camouflage it will be dangerous against its targets.

Su-100 is a bit of a different story. 

This time the gun is better than decent (100 mm chosen.). Good DPM and penetration with a bit of poor aim time and dispersion. 

Hull armor is weak like before so saving distance is important. 

Mobility is worse than Su-85, hard to reach top speed, very bad traverse.

This line gets its character with Su-100M1,

Its gun has great DPM and penetration values. Aim time and dispersion are poor like before, a bit poor alpha damage for its tier.

But this time you don’t have to save your distance because this tank has great armor. Sometimes it can bounce even higher tier shots.

Its mobility is excellent; you can take a position like a medium tank. With low profile camouflage values are great, it is hard to get spotted first. But traversing is slow.

The engine is on the front which causes engine damage at frontal penetrations. The turretless design makes this situation harder.

With Su-101 everything getting better

This time it has a 122 mm gun. Which causes great alpha damage and penetration. Aim time and dispersion balanced these great features. Because it’s a Soviet, do not except gun depression. 

Its armor gets even better than before. Thicker and has much more slope. It can face enemy shells if needed. 

Mobility is great all around but somehow it can get flanked easily. Be careful about that. Its camouflage is perfect, in a good position it is really hard to spot it.

Obj. 263 continues with the same characteristic

Great gun with high DPM, great penetration, and aim time. These features are balanced with poor dispersion and depression. Not good in long ranges. But no problem,

Because armor is getting better by tier. It can face even premium shells with ease. It protects its sloped design but gets thicker.

Mobility is great for forward and reverse but traverse speed is poor. Can get flanked easily. With poor side armor, this situation gets worse.

It has no roof. If any arty shells hit there occur very huge damages. 

It’s a tank destroyer everyone should play.

Obj. 268 4 is the last piece of this cake. Best and most delicious piece.

It has a 152 mm gun which can deal huge damages, with great penetration values it is a beast. Aim time is a bit poor and for balancing it I think dispersion is very poor.

But no problem this tank destroyer does not have to stay at the back. On the contrary, it should be played at the front lines. Because it's armor is excellent. It can face even premium shells with ease. There is cupola as a weak point, try to hide it.

Its mobility is good for acceleration and top speed. But the traverse is poor like before it can get flanked easily.

This tank is a priority target. Every enemy will try to blow you first because of the power of Stalinium you have. Real fear factor. Must have a tank.


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