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D&D Best Monk Weapons and Items
If there’s one thing lacking from playing a Monk, it’s that they can’... Read More
D&D Fun Builds
D&D is a combat-heavy, table-top RPG. Although role-playing... Read More
D&D Damage Builds
In RPG, do you always play Carry? Then you're in the right page!... Read More
D&D Evil Builds
How often do you play Evil characters? There’s a certain charm in... Read More
Healer Builds
Nobody wants to play the Healer, but, we know, everyone needs a... Read More
D&D: Best Cleric Multiclass
With domain features immediately available at level one and an... Read More
D&D Best Race for Cleric
There really is no single best race for clerics. Each domain is... Read More
D&D Best Race for Wizard
A character of any race could potentially make a great wizard,... Read More
Unfortunately, multiclassing doesn't really benefit wizards – in fact... Read More
D&D: Best Wizard Spells
Wizards are the most iconic spellcasters of Dungeons and Dragons... Read More
Do you know how to use a simple zombie and give a horrific experience... Read More
D&D Best Simple Weapons
I'm not sure why D&D put simple weapons in the game when nobody... Read More
D&D Best YouTube Channels
Are you new to D&D? Well, you've come to the right article!... Read More
D&D Best Classes
Can you guess which class is the strongest? Not everything in this... Read More
D&D Best Tank Builds
Do You Know How To Build A Tank? There are 4 major roles in every... Read More
D&D: Most Versatile Class
One way to interpret class versatility is the ability to create... Read More
D&D Most Powerful Beings
Because of the contradictory lore between different editions and... Read More
D&D Most Dangerous Monsters
While there’s a huge variety of unique monsters in the official... Read More
D&D Most Popular Alignments
The Alignment system is a way to morally categorize characters, NPC’s... Read More
Is your spellcasting getting a little bland? Being a spellcaster... Read More
D&D Most Powerful Monsters
Win or lose, there’s nothing like the tension of a tough encounter... Read More
D&D Most Annoying Monsters
The most frustrating monsters can sometimes be the most rewarding to... Read More
D&D Most Evil Gods
The various pantheons of the D&D multiverse have complex... Read More
D&D: Most Fun Class
At the end of the day, Dungeons and Dragons isn't about creating... Read More
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