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Jacob Frye inside the Clock Tower
Any last words?

4. Gang Wars

Let's Go

Let's rock.

Assassination mainly deals with shutting down targets one by one without getting noticed. However, due to the nature of 1868 London, head-on confrontations are to be expected. The twins are members of an underground gang that aims to unite the working class and ultimately fight the governing elitists which may be under the Templar’s control.

This means Jacob and Evie will be seen in a lot of mob fights, whether to defend their turf or establish control over a certain region, and engaging other gangs and groups who enforce the rule that ties the lower classes down.

Similar to single-target assassinations, gang wars are pretty straightforward; eliminate everyone in the way, just more chaotic.

And it’s easier said than done.

Face the Mob

This fight doesn't need a referee.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate rolls out a faster combat pace and a smarter enemy AI to make things interesting or frustrating; the mob seems to ‘think’ as you engage them, some would call reinforcements once they see you dishing out punches, others could team up on you if they feel that they can’t take you down single-handedly.

Enemies during gang wars will be scattered throughout the location, with your loyal followers picking their own targets as you seek out the mob’s leader. However, that does not mean that your enemies will ignore you; the group may focus on you instead if you go straight to your main target without defeating the underlings first.

Kukri Lunge

With these things in mind, players are bound to think how to take control of the situation so as not to leave the main characters vulnerable as they hack through the crowd.

As players get deeper into the game, the gang fights will become tougher without enough people backing Jacob up. To counter this, Jacob’s charismatic persona can be used to recruit people to join his gang’s cause, widen his circle of influence in the city, increase manpower and provide better chances of winning a gang war.

With this new mode of combat, players see how they fare once they crawl out of the shadows and dive into the fray.

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