Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Best Class - What Should You Play?

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Best Class - What Should You Play?


Selecting a class in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen can be one of the most difficult decisions you face in the early game. How do you know if your chosen class is right for you and your personal play style? Let's delve into the 9 different classes and decide what works best for you.


1. Fighter

The Adventurer, the Classic, and the Sword, all are suitable terms for this basic starting class. Unlike the other classes, the game lets you test this one within the beginning tutorial. It is also one of the 3 starting classes that you must begin your adventure with. Don't fret too much, selecting this class does not limit you to selecting other classes down the road.  

What Fighter Excels In: 

Melee DPS



Small enemy grapple

Pick Fighter if:

You enjoy melee combat.

You like to use Sword and Shield.

You like to deal damage but can also take a hit.

Fighter Details 


2. Strider

One of the 3 starting classes, the Strider is quick on their feet and controls the battlefield. Whilst lacking some of the advanced bow benefits of its upgraded counterpart Ranger, it more than makes up for it with its melee abilities and stat benefits that work behind the scenes.   

What Strider Excels In: 

Melee DPS

Ranged DPS

AOE attacks

Large enemy grapple

Pick Strider if:

You enjoy a mix of ranged and melee combat.

You prefer dexterity-based characters with quick moves.

You intend to dodge attacks rather than tank or block hits.   

Strider Details 


3. Mage

The last of the 3 beginning classes, the Mage is not to be overlooked. In all honesty, this class should've been termed “White Mage” due to its primary use being healing and buffing. In fact, this class is nearly essential for parties embarking on long excursions or lacking healing items, due to the Mage being the only class able to heal! 

What Mage Excels In: 



Ranged Attacks


Pick Mage if:

You wish to enjoy the games as a tactician.

You want to be the lifeline of the party.

You prefer to stay out of the fray.    

Mage Details 


4. Warrior

Advanced form of the Fighter, this class plays hard and hits harder. Allowing you to wield weapons the size of yourself is not only great for those wishing to play as the game’s Berserk-inspired characters, but also has the stopping power to stagger the gargantuan foes you will encounter.  While still sturdy, this class does lose the ability to utilize the shield. 

What Warrior Excels In: 


Burst Damage

Large Enemy Staggering

Small enemy grappling

Pick Warrior if:

You want to feel like an anime character.

You find yourself at the front of the front lines. 

You want to be a tank, but not hindered by having to block.    

Warrior Details 


5. Ranger

Advanced form of the Strider, this class lets you rely more heavily upon attacking from a distance. Primarily improving on already established bow skills, the Ranger can literally rain arrows down upon anything in sight. Unfortunately, at the detriment of losing some melee buffs and skills, this class is geared toward those wanting continuous and devastating ranged skills.  

What Ranger Excels In: 

AOE Damage

Continuous Damage

Ranged Attacks

Crowd Control

Pick Ranger if:

You prefer ranged combat.

You want to play an RPG shooter.

You want to focus more on archery rather than daggers.     

Ranger Details 


6. Sorcerer

Advanced form of the Mage, this class focuses far more on damage and has some awe-inspiring attacks. Creating tornados, walls of fire, and glaciers that pierce from the ground, are just some of the extremely heavy-hitting moves that this class can utilize. While this class does lose the ability to heal as well as some buffing moves, it's indisputably one of the strongest classes to play.   

What Sorcerer Excels In: 

AOE Damage

Continuous/Burst Damage

Ranged Combat


Pick Sorcerer if:

You wish to obliterate your enemies.

You have patience for charged attacks.

You want to fight from the sidelines.     

Sorcerer Details


7. Mystic Knight

Starting our dive into the hybrid classes, the Mystic Knight is the most unique. Playing as the bulwark for the party, this class focuses on parry-based moves, serving to function almost like a spiked wall. While this class may not be as flashy as others, the great part about it is you don't lose out on anything from the warrior or the mage build.       

What Mystic Knight Excels In: 


De-Buff/ Buffing


Magical Negation

Pick Mystic Knight if:

You wish for the enemies to take themselves out. 

You like to play as Tank who also supports the party.

You want to play tactically while also jumping into the fray.      

Mystic Knight Details 


8. Assassin

My personal favorite, and a must for players who wish to venture into the world alone. Truly the Jack-of-all-trades class, allowing you to use a sword, shield, daggers, and a bow, this class can fight anywhere on the battlefield. The Assassin also has unique nighttime and lone wolf perks that you can gain, possibly making you much stronger than a full party would.            

What Assassin Excels In: 




Small/ Large enemy grapple

Pick Assassin if:

You want to play a rogue class but still use a sword. 

You don't need any help, you're a one-man army. 

You want to be proficient against small or large foes.       

Assassin Details 


9. Magick Archer

The Magic Archer has earned the honorary title of “best class” within the Dragon’s Dogma community. The reason for this is that this class can deal massive amounts of damage without the aid of expensive talismans or specialized arrows. Allowing the player to play like a hero, without breaking the bank. The magical bow’s lock-on skills are also a must for those having difficulties using the standard bow.           

What Magick Archer Excels In: 



Physical + Magical Damage


Pick Magick Archer if:

You like the V.A.T.S. system in fallout.

You want to play a mage who can still use melee. 

You want to use magic, but without the wait time.        
Magick Archer Details

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