Metal Gear Survive: 5 Interesting Facts to Know

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Metal Gear Survive is a third-person survival game developed and published under the Konami label. Konami had published many games from the Castlevania series to Dance Dance Revolution. The most notable title that Konami was attached to is the Silent Hill series.

Released on February 21 of 2018, Metal Gear Survive met with a mixed reception by gamers who were fans of previous installments in the series. That being said, what is it about this game that makes it unique? Here is a list of some of the more interesting aspects of Metal Gear Survive.

1. First Metal Gear without Kojima

While Hideo Kojima and company were attached to previous installments in the series, this is the first not to have him at the helm. Back in 2015, Kojima and Konami had a sort of ‘falling out’ that unfortunately ended their partnership.

With Konami taking the reins on the project, zombie-like enemies will certainly be a recurring theme in later titles.

2. This is Not a Familiar Universe

While your character technically starts in the Metal Gear universe, the game itself takes place on the other side of a wormhole in another universe.

After going through the wormhole, you are met with walking corpses known as ‘Wanderers.’ Each of these enemies have a weak point known as a ‘chrysalis’ that is colored red. In order to take down enemies quickly, this is the part of the body players should focus on.

3. Enemies Aren't The Only Danger

In most survival games, the most you have to worry about is the enemies themselves. Such is not the case in Metal Gear Survive.

Your character will become thirsty, exhausted, and hungry. At times, rest will be required in order to put up a decent fight against enemies. Water also poses a threat to players. If they drink from the wrong pool or puddle, it may induce vomiting that will take a while to stop. Purifying your water will be the only way around this danger.

4. It Takes Place Before Solid Snake's Time

As players are introduced to the backstory, they are met at the very beginning with two familiar faces. Big Boss (Naked Snake) and Kazuhira Miller (younger Master Miller) are seen escaping after the destruction of Mother Base. This is an event that happens in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

It is good to see that Konami picked a specific point in the story to start from. This allows fans of the series to see how it fits into the continuity and what future events may have been affected by this incident.

5. Bipedal Robots

One of the most notable things about the Metal Gear franchise are, in fact, the Metal Gears. In Snake Eater, the final boss is a Metal Gear (the bipedal robot) equipped with very powerful weapons.

Konami may have outdone themselves with this aspect of the game. Fans of the Metal Gear Series will likely say that piloting a Gear has always been a dream, but one that they now can act out. In this game, there will be multiple Metal Gears that players can pilot and use to fight the onslaught of Wanderers.

Metal Gear Survive is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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