New World Releases Dev Blog November 13 - Server Transfers, Quest Design

New World Releases Dev Blog November 13 - Server Transfers, Quest Design
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New World has released its latest dev blog update with details regarding server transfer updates, character customization, and quest designs.

On 13 November 2021 at 4:02 AM CEST New World released their latest dev blog update with a variety of news updates on server transfers and a variety of other in-game features and game attributes.

Time to go shopping. Image by New World.

New World made thanking players for their interest in the communication from the devs and the direction and progress of New World.

New World acknowledged in their dev blog update that “While the vast majority of players were able to transfer servers without issue, there is a population of players who have been unable to use their transfer token due to ‘ghost contracts’ at the trading post.”

They have stated that these “edge cases” require manual investigation and intervention and will not be fixed by a blanket patch.

Battle Axe combat. Image by New World.

New World announced that they are currently trying to gauge interest in server transfers across regions, and have requested player feedback.

For companies that have been unable to declare war despite having over a 10% influence threshold, New World has announced that a bug fix related to a PvP bug has fixed most cases of this. Furthermore, they have requested that players report any more war-making issues.

In their latest dev blog update, they have also detailed how the New World ‘Luck’ system works, and have discussed issues such as game exploits, faction balancing, and quest design. Full details regarding the latest patch can be found on the official dev blog.

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