No More Friendly Crusher Fire - Back 4 Blood Major Update

No More Friendly Crusher Fire - Back 4 Blood Major Update
Let the zombie slaying begin!

Back 4 Blood released their November update on 9 November 2021, with, as stated in their official patch notes “quality of life updates, along with balance updates for Campaign and Swarm PvP!”.

Back 4 Blood specifically highlighted that they have fixed a bug that causes Special zombie spawn card duplication, resulting in too many Specials, and the subsequent obliteration of player teams.

The Cleaners of Back 4 Blood. Image by Back 4 Blood.

For players who can’t stand the annoying chatter of their fellow players in PVP or campaign mode, in-game voice chat can be disabled using the game audio options. 

Additionally, there is a mute-all button in the Swarm PvP scoreboard to shut the rest of the peeps up and give you a little peace and quiet.

Back 4 Blood is paying a little closer attention to detail and the quality of the game by adding improved character animations for reloads, picking up equipment and weapons, etc. 

The Crusher. Image by Back 4 Blood.

They have also graciously decided to make solo campaigns a little easier by making sure that bots actually know how to use the defibrillators.

One slightly less-than-useful alteration that has been made is that Karlee can no longer see Ogre’s underground while they tunnel, so watch your step…

Last but definitely not least, players are immune to friendly fire while grabbed by a Crusher and for 1.5s afterward. So no more getting riddled by friendly bullets!

A detailed breakdown of all the alterations and bug fixes can be found on Back 4 Blood’s official news blog. The specific details for the nerfs and buffs of different characters and weapons are also available.

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