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Resident Evil 6 review, horror game review
Resident Evil 6 is the only game in the franchise that contains only 1 puzzle through out the game.

This beautifully made horror game is full of zombies, blood, gore and action. One of the best things that most horror games should consist of . Resident Evil 6, the game that has tons of action that looks like a movie while you play, lacks some of its features . Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 is uniquely constructed differently,  so it tends lack it's terrifyingly intense vibe. The review will be based on its graphics, gameplay, story etc. Nonetheless, this game will always remain as 1 of my favorites due to its gripping action and story.

About Resident Evil 6

The game that sold over 9.8 million copies and was made by Capcom. 92% of people liked this game and it has a 7.5/10 rating. Was being developed since 2009 till it was published in 2012 and 2013.

Resident Evil 6 is a 3rd person, action adventure, survival shooting game, where you protect yourself against large hordes of zombies and several other creatures. The game is generally a horror survival game with lots of action packed into it ,which  allows players to select a scenario of your choice, shoot zombies, play multiplayer locally or online, and even play solo, with newly outstanding mechanics. The new features in mechanics consists of quick shots, dodging and sliding in all angles, run while shooting, etc.

Resident Evil 6, also known as Biohazard 6 in Japan, was released in 2012 for ps3 and Xbox 360; it was also later released in 2013 for PC. This action packed horror game was created to be the 9th series.

Biohazard 6, with Capcom as it's publisher, was the 3rd best selling Capcom game with 9.8 million copies sold. The 1st year the game was released  it sold a total of 4.5 million. Due to the games campaign and departure, it was criticized by many adoring fans; on the other hand, many has lived to practically praise its outstanding storyline and theme.

After a week the marketing for the game, It plunged and resulted in failure in inadequate sells. Surprisingly, Biohazard 6 sold less than what Capcom expected;  while others in the franchise sold efficiently.

Resident Evil 6 Story

These are the selectable characters with only 2 per scenario except Ada Wong, but playing multi-player she gets Agent for her partner to aid her.

Resident Evil 6, takes place in Raccoon City, with thousands of countless zombies that try to swallow you up whole. You must survive a huge outbreak and bio terrorist attack to get through 4 different stories with your partner. Each scenario consists of multiple chapters with  tons of ammo, herbs etc. to help ease your chance of survival, while all the chaos unfolds and takes you on a wild ride with so much action that will make your head spin.

Leon S. Kennedy is the one of the main characters in the 1st scenario. He partners up with Helena Harper, a secret agent, in order to discover who is behind the bio terrorist attack. As they progress they are followed by hordes of zombies.

Another scenario is when you play as Jake Muller, who is the son of the last bio terrorist. He later meets Sherry Birkin, who needs Jake for a cure for the whole city. They get attacked by several creatures and get haunted by a bio weapon called Ustanak.

There's a different scenario that has Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans who leads their strike team into a city full of zombies and other creatures such as J’avo, which can undergo 15 different mutations depending on where you injure it. The strike team, Chris, and Piers constantly gets attacked by a corporation called Neo Umbrella.

Finally the last scenario is Ada Wong and Agent, which comes if you play it as multiplayer or enable him to join you  on single player. Her scenario is unlockable after beating the other three stories. In Ada's scenario she's after the neo umbrella and Simmons. She also is armed with a cross bow and ammo to survive the apocalypse with her  stats being weak.

The story for each character is easy to understand and is actually pretty enticing. Playing through the stories is like your watching a action movie on the other hand, the game  isn't as scary like the others in the franchise . The most interesting scenario was Jake Muller’s, then Chris Redfield and Leon S Kennedy scenarios lingering behind at 2nd most interesting. Unfortunately, Ada Wong's scenario was the least interesting.

Resident Evil 6 Gameplay

One of the best action games that sold less than both Resident Evil 5 and 5 leading to a disappointment in marketing for Capcom. 

Within the scenarios, there's  4 premade pairings, of characters, except for ada, unless you enable Agent to play.   Each can be playable as multiplayer or you can easily play as either character solo, but where's the fun in that?!

Resident Evil 6 has new features added to the game mechanics, like being able to dodge or slide in any angle, run and shoot at the same time, etc. Which is something the other games can't do.  It also has unique abilities for each character, for , instance, certain characters may be more resilient to attacks while others may be able to reload their weapon faster. The game still procures quick actions with limited time, where you have to push the given buttons during a particular event.

Biohazard 6  certain enemies that drop skill points for later use for upgrades and gaining skills. There's several enemies besides zombies, bosses and J’avo, which are smarter than an average zombie. They are able to  accumulate clever strategies , attack with weapons, and even refill their own energy. Another new feature added is when your about to die and have no energy left; this will cause the player or Ai to fall to the ground to defend themselves till the bar fills, get saved by your partner, or die.

Resident Evil 6 also features a stamina bar that depletes from running, using melee actions, and by performing a quick shot. The quick shots allow the player to do automatic headshots instantly. This functions similarly to Resident Evil 5 but with double the length of use. The newly added features makes the game definitely more on the action side, which is an improvement compared to the rest of the games in the franchise.

Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer

Resident Evil 6 has both a single and multiplayer mode for you to play with a buddy or go solo. You can play single player mode and have it to a way to be accompanied by any one online through cooperative mode at any time or play locally.

By doing so, will allow anyone to control the artificial intelligence (Ai) to help you at any distance, which means that You and the other player would both have to play on a split screen and can split up to cover more ground. In multiplayer mode, if you or your partner dies (non ai controlled characters) will cause both of you to lose and to be sent back to the checkpoint of the level.

Playing the game as 2 players makes the game highly enjoyable, while playing solo can get a tad boring. In single player mode, the artificial intelligence can sometimes be useless when you need help. When playing 2 players your able to spread out to search the area vastly rather than having to be in the same area as the 1st player.

Both players can't advance past certain areas that requires both players to be there, for example you may need the 2nd or 1st player together for a certain door to enter. The way the screen is split can make seeing difficult, especially on a small TV, is the only thing that needs improvement.

Resident Evil 6 Quest / Mission System

After selecting your character , depending on whether or not if your playing in single player mode or multiplayer mode, the remaining character will be controlled by Ai or 2nd player. During the campaign you can select different skills, and upgrades before your departure. By doing so, it will be active throughout the chapter unless you switch it off.

The game also contains (DLC) downloadable content that was released on December 2012. There are 3 different modes, Predator, Survivor, and Onslaught for multiplayer. Predator is a 6 player game with short rounds for everyone to take turns as Ustanak.

You all get to gain points with success attacks and avoid getting captured. Survivor is a 1 to 6 player deathmatch. Onslaught is a 2 player mode that you go through a wave of enemies if you succeed with a combo it will send all enemies to the other player. On PC there are sub modes such as agent hunt and no mercy with one of the modes consisting of Left 4 Dead 2 characters.

Resident Evil 6 Graphics

Most people believe the graphics is a bit better on Resident Evil 5 than on 6.

It has amazing realistic 3D graphics with outstanding effects for their cutscenes. Watching every scene feels like a movie, this tends to make people want to learn more about what is going on with each character.

Many people argue the fact that Resident evil 5 procures more realistic 3D graphics than Resident Evil 6 itself.

Resident Evil 6 Developers

After the Resident Evil 6 was a concept it was later being developed by over 600 staff in 2009. The game was stripped down to being a action horror game when the producer, Juntakenchi, wanted a new system for the game, in which can possibly take up to 4 to 8 years since it wasn't decided upon in March 2009. Later in the development, after putting a balance if everything people like about video games, but wanting the game to revolve around the ultimate horror entertainment; Masachika Kawata noticed that it differs from the rest of the series.

Resident Evil 6 Price

Resident Evil 6 cost about $18 to $38, and is available for PC, Xbox 306, ps4 and ps3.


Resident Evil 6 is one of my favorite games that came out in 2012. I love the action as well as the high quality graphics. The game is particularly interesting when it comes to its storyline, unfortunately, I do admit certain things do slightly suck on it. The fact that there's hardly any puzzles and not many jump scares kind of makes it lack that scary Resident Evil vibe that the rest of the series procures. Nonetheless, this game will still be my favorite; my overall rate for this game is 7 out of 10 due to missing some things thats actually make it like the rest of the series.


  • The storyline was very interesting. It was easy to understand and having different scenarios to select with different game styles made the game very enjoyable.
  • The game is full of action which actually makes the game very entertaining to play as multiplayer mode.
  • Adding new features to the game mechanics made Resident Evil 6 an improved version of the series.
  • The graphics are pretty realistic and are in high quality.
  • Having a chance to select more than 1 scenario was pretty enticing. Especially when you can play solo or multiplayer.


  • It contains only 1 puzzle out of the whole game. Surprising it's still a great game but with more puzzles it would make the experience better.
  • Another flaw is the fact that if you play 2 players, if your partner or you die it's a automatically game over and you have to start over to the checkpoint. I have no problem with starting over but I think it could be better if the other person still has a chance to try to survive.
  • Section limit, for skills, on the campaign and departure sucks since you can only select 3 things at a time with the skill tree, it stays that way through each chapter unless you change it. I didn't like this part because it can make the game be completely easy.
  • The settings for hard or normal is the exact same just a bit more aggressive but I wouldn't particularly say that it was hard. I felt that they should be add more new enemies so that the story is hard to get through.
  • The story for each character feels a bit short. Maybe by adding multiple ending and more ways to go can make the game longer by making people replay the scenarios are at least make it a bit more interesting.
  • It hardly has any jump scares. Unlike all Resident Evil games in the franchise, this 1 loses touch with it scary grip. Unfortunately it's a dud when it comes to scaring people half to death.
  • Playing as agent on Ada's scenario on multiplayer mode sucks. The agent can't open doors open boxes etc. He is even excluded out of every scene.

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