7 Days To Die Best Ways To Level Up (Top 4 Methods)

7 Days To Die Best Ways To Level Up
Starter quest

How To Level Up in 7 Days To Die

There are several ways to level up in 7 Days to Die. Now, with alpha 17 there are a few different things you can use to level up faster.  

They have experience multipliers that are available for total experience gains include looting, trader quest, killing zombies/animals, and digging:

  • 100% experience (base gains)
  • 125% experience ( little better)
  • 150% experience ( level up a bit faster)
  • 175% experience gains
  • 200% experience ( I currently use this one)
  • 300% experience ( this one is buggy and will make you lose your experience bar)

The highest level that I have seen was 168 and that was before day 14 using 300% before the experience bar disappeared and it showed that I needed to have 236 mil exp to level up again.

Method 1 - Killing zombies

This is the fastest way and what gives the most experience. You can do this by:

  • Going out to find hordes
  • Use forges and campfires to attract screamers
  • Blood moon hordes every 7 days

Method 2 - Digging

You can get some experience by digging, cutting down trees, and hitting stones. There are some block damage increases you can use in alpha 17.2:

  • 100% block damage
  • 125% increase
  • 150% increase
  • 175%
  • 200%
  • 300% ( this one will get you through a big stone in 1-3 hits depending on which tool you use)

Method 3- looting/scavenging

  • Looting zombies ( rare they drop loot bags on alpha 17+)
  • Looting buildings, stores, anything available
  • Find abandon bags throughout the world
  • Treasure maps
  • Airdrop cache

Method 4- Trader quest

The trader quest is good for when you first start out to get some good rewards, experience, and items that are useful. The experience gains and rewards vary on :

  • Type of quest
  • Distance
  • What tier the quest is
  • Experience gain level

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