[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Character Builds

7 Days To Die Best Character Builds
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With so many ways to play the game, why not build your character up the same way. Using the perks and skill tree to your advantage, you can give your character advantages in certain areas. Intellect, Strength, Perception, Agility, and Fortitude are all builds at your disposal. Check out the detail to see which one works for you or make all 5. The choice is yours!

5. Intellect Build

Intellect Build Video

If you want your character to be smarter than everyone else, consider using the Intellect Build for your character. It will grant you perks for crafting, barter, health, and vehicle creation. This build is excellent for those who aren’t always looking for up close and personal combat.

Why the Intellect Build is for you:

  • Get more money from selling and better rated buying from traders
  • Gain more XP and health from first aid items
  • Improved crafting speed as well as ability to craft a lot more items 
  • Crafting recipes for vehicles
  • Increase overall power of robotic turrets

4. Strength Build

Strength Build Video

A personal favorite of mine is the Strength Build. This build will give you efficacy using heavier weapons like sledgehammers and shotguns. Your stamina will also go through the roof, allowing you to carry more items, cook better food and get more bang for your buck mining. 

Why you should choose the Strength Build:

  • Increase of power when using bat and clubs as well as increasing quality when crafting. 
  • Unlock the Iron Sledgehammer and the AoE Knockdown Chance ( When sticking an enemy with a power attack, you have an increased chance to knock down all enemies within an expanding range.)
  • The stamina of a Sexual Tyrannosaurus
  • Unlock tons of new food recipes and the speed of cooking them.
  • More resources when mining
  • More durability and stamina using heavy armors

3. Agility Build

Agility Build Video

If you prefer a more subtle approach to killing zombies, the Agility Build is what you are looking for. This build will allow you to move better with light armor and avoid enemies until you choose to take them out, most likely from long range with a crossbow or sniper rifle. Stealth is always lots of fun.

Why Agility is the way to go:

  • Better overall stats using bows and crossbows
  • Better damage with knives and machetes
  • Increases jump height and safe falling distance
  • Do more damage with stealth attacks
  • Move faster with light armor and craft better quality armor.

2. Fortitude Build

Fortitude Build Video

The Fortitude Build is perfect if you love playing survival of the fittest. This build will prioritize unarmed combat, hunting, farming, and health. It will be just like if the world ended tomorrow and you needed to fend for yourself. 

Why the Fortitude Build is awesome:

  • Increased damage punching with or without knuckles.
  • Reduction in the amount of HP lost when attacked
  • Increase resources from animals
  • Health regeneration
  • Harvest more crops and unlock new seeds
  • Heightens resistance to weather.

1. Perception Build

Perception Build Video

Turn into the slick secret agent you have always wanted to be with the perception build. The Perception Build will help you take out single enemies or even hordes without breaking a sweat. You will also master lockpicking, looting, animal hunting, and traps. 

Why you want the Perception Build:

  • Increase the efficacy and damage of rifles
  • Increases the effectiveness of explosives, including unlocking more recipes. 
  • Unlocks lockpick crafting and helps with lockpicking overall
  • Unlock the ability to track animals 
  • Better loot and treasure 
  • Gain armor piercing on all guns and spears

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