All Destiny 2 DLC And Expansions Ranked From Good To Best

Destiny 2 DLC And Expansions Ranked
Destiny 2 DLC And Expansions Ranked

Over the years, Bungie has significantly expanded its game with annual DLC releases, resulting in four seasons of content. Each DLC has delivered a substantial amount of content; some have been warmly received by the guardians and remain popular even four years post-release, while others, despite the initial excitement, ended up disappointing players upon launch.

Now in its seventh year, Destiny 2 has introduced five major DLCs. The first significant DLC, Forsaken, was released in 2018, and the latest is Lightfall. The upcoming DLC, The Final Shape, is set to conclude the Light and Dark saga in 2024, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Destiny. Each DLC has brought a new story campaign, weapons, and exotic armor, enriching the game's universe and content offerings.


Destiny 2 Best DLCs

This article explores the top DLCs released in Destiny 2, including their released content, the introduction of new weapons, and reception among players. We'll look at each DLC to understand their contributions to the game.


5. Beyond Light

Beyond Light was released in 2020, and it was the first DLC to add a new darkness subclass (stasis) into the game. The stasis instantly began the meta of the game and was nerfed afterward. The expansion's story revolved around Eramis the Shipstealer, a Fallen Baroness who declared herself the Kell of Darkness after harnessing Darkness' powers. The plot delves into the mysteries of Europa, including the infamous Clovis Bray and his activities on the moon, as well as the reappearance of the Exo Stranger, also known as Elsie Bray.

The Deep Stone Crypt raid was one of the game's best raids. Though some players found it relatively easy compared to other raids in the game, it was still a fantastic experience for seasoned gamers. One of the biggest highlights of Beyond Light was the addition of vaulting in the game, which removed some aspects of the game, including destination and power capping of the weapons. This step caused a huge controversy, and Bungie was forced to halt the sunsetting process.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Rating: 8/10


4. Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep, launched in 2019 after what many consider one of the game's best DLCs, carried high expectations that it struggled to fully meet, although it still introduced plenty of valuable content. This DLC marked the guardians' return to the moon, a familiar locale from Destiny 1 that was revamped for the newer installment. Additionally, the guardians ventured into the Black Garden, the setting of Destiny 1's final mission, providing a nostalgic experience for long-time players.

The Garden of Salvation offered players a memorable journey, featuring puzzle encounters that tested their skills and a final boss battle that was equally challenging. The Black Garden remains one of the game's most visually impressive raid environments. This DLC also brought significant updates, including the introduction of Armor 2.0 and the seasonal artifact system, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Rating: 8.5/10


3. Lightfall

Lightfall is the latest addition to the game. The DLC was supposed to be a bomb, and players expected the campaign to reveal many of the game's secrets, but instead, it raised more questions for the guardians. The DLC introduces Neumona, a visually stunning new location filled with hidden details and additional quests. Additionally, Lightfall introduced a new subclass called Strand, which has been very well-received by the players. Strand introduces a fantastic new aspect and subclass. At the same time, the expansion's enhancements in quality-of-life, such as build crafting and load-outs, have provided a refreshing update to the series.

The Root of Nightmare raid received mixed feedback. Some players found it too simple, criticizing the mechanics' simplicity. However, most players enjoyed the new setting and the overall raid experience. The raid's exotic weapon has stood out, becoming the best exotic shotgun available in the game. Furthermore, adding LFG (Looking for Group) features to the game was a significant improvement brought about by the DLC.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Rating: 9/10


2. The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen, the game's most anticipated DLC, surpassed expectations with over 3 million pre-orders. It had a top-tier campaign, an outstanding raid, and a consistent stream of seasonal content throughout the year. This DLC also added a legendary difficulty mode to the campaign, catering to hardcore players by rewarding them for completing it at higher difficulties. The missions were extensive and engaging, and the Throne World destination was visually stunning. In addition, the DLC included several quality-of-life enhancements that improved the gaming experience.

The Vow of the Disciple raid was a significant addition to Destiny 2, presenting players with a new and complex challenge. This raid is known for its intricate mechanics, engaging boss fights, and the depth of lore it adds to the game's universe. Set in a mysterious location, players must work closely with their fire team to navigate through puzzles, defeat formidable enemies, and uncover secrets. The contest mode for the Vow of the Disciple raid had issues, including frequent error codes for players. Bungie quickly extended the contest mode's duration in response, but this move received mixed and mostly critical feedback from the community.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Rating: 9.5/10


1. Forsaken

The Forsaken DLC for Destiny 2, released in 2018, marked a significant turning point for the game regarding narrative depth and gameplay enhancements. It introduced players to a darker, more complex storyline centered around revenge for the death of Cayde-6, a beloved character. This expansion took guardians to the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City, two new locations rich in lore and challenges.

Forsaken expanded Destiny 2's universe by introducing a new enemy type, the Scorn, and brought a host of new content, including a raid, "The Last Wish," which is celebrated for its complexity and the mysteries it added to the game's lore. Additionally, Forsaken revamped the weapon system, allowing more flexibility in player load-outs, and introduced the Gambit mode, a hybrid PvPvE multiplayer experience that became a game staple. The community well-received the expansion for its engaging storyline, substantial content additions, challenging endgame activities, and significant quality-of-life improvements. It is the best DLC the game has offered to the player base.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Rating: 9.8/10

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