Destiny 2 Best Auto Rifles (Ranked)

Destiny 2 Best Auto Rifles (Ranked)
Auto-matically up your game in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Best Auto Rifles (Ranked)

Destiny 2 has great options for Auto Rifles, and after Warmind dropped they only got stronger. Whether you’re fighting in PvP or PvE, it’s always a good idea to bring an Auto Rifle along for the journey. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 10 Auto Rifles in Destiny 2, ranked from worst to best. Not only that, but we’ll tell you how to get the weapons, too. How swell. (Many of the following can be obtained from random legendary engrams or from participating in The Crucible, so make sure you follow along with the links provided to get your hands on these Assault Rifles.)

10. The Number 

Count your lucky stars.

Weapon Lore:  Ah, but which number? Why it and no others?” –Lakschmi-2

Why it’s good: The Number is an excellent auto rifle because of its stability and range. Throw in the fact that it’s great against shields, and you have the makings of a fantastic energy weapon.

Why it’s bad: If it weren’t for the lower end stability on The Number it would absolutely be in play for a top 5 position on this list. Its handling is also lacking, meaning it isn’t as quick as other weapons on this list that not only shine in both areas, but have more range.

How it's badass: With high impact reserves, this gun starts mowing down enemies more quickly the longer you use it.

How it's bad: Unfortunately, high impact reserves means that you have to be hitting your enemies pretty consistently in order to get to those reserves. Considering The Number’s low-end precision, this isn’t easy, as you have to be great with a mouse/controller to pull shots off consistently.

How to get The Number:

Click above to get The Number!

9. Duty Bound

You're bound to Rampage through your enemies.

Weapon Lore: The Praxic Fire ensures that you’ll be the last one standing. Even if you’re a little too serious about your work.

Why it’s good: Do you like being able to accurately pummel your enemies with 600 rounds per minute? If so, then the Duty Bound Auto Rifle should be your choice, because it does that and handles amazingly.

Why it’s bad: Duty Bound has great handling, but middles in every other area, making it perfectly viable in close range and some mid-range situations, but not in long-range tilts. This should not be your go to unless you’re fighting in close quarters.

How it's badass: Combine Zen Moment, which makes Duty Bound more accurate the more shots you land, with Rampage, which increases your damage up to three times with enemy kills, and you have the makings of a fantastic weapon.

How it's bad: This should be a mob clearing weapon, rather than a boss killing one: the Rampage perk is great for many enemies, but terrible for few.

How to get Duty Bound:

Click above to get Duty Bound!

8. Scathelocke

Locke on and burn down your targets.

Weapon Lore: Our eyes squinted, our teeth clenched, our prayers answered.

Why it’s good: This weapon is great in PvP because of its superb handling and reload speed. You should have no problem at all with knocking out enemy Guardians using Scathelocke’s lightning quick precision.

Why it’s bad: Scathelocke’s not the best in PvE because of its lack of fun perks. Seriously, Under Pressure is great and all, but I’m not looking for Freddy Mercury’s help when I’m fighting against a horde of Fallen. I’m looking for some explosive rounds or something like that.

How it's badass: Scathelocke is great in PvP because of its handling, which is great when combined with the Under Pressure perk, which increases stability and accuracy in the back half of your magazine.

How it's bad: The lack of impact and the lack of area clearing perks makes Scathelocke a so/so PvE weapon.  You can use it… but why would you want to?

How to get Scathelocke: 

7. The Forward Path

Follow this Auto Rifle to victory.

Weapon Lore: Forged in Honor of Weyloran, and roads yet traveled. Create your own path.

Why it’s good: The Forward Path is all about long range attacks. Not only that, but its handling ensures that you’ll lock onto your enemies quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Why it’s bad: Unfortunately, the 600 rounds per minute The Forward Path squeezes out are low impact, and its stability makes it slightly unwieldy. There are better options to forge your path.

How it's badass: The room clearing 600 Rounds per Minute combined with The Forward Path’s awesome range and handling are fantastic. These combine to make The Forward Path an insanely good Crucible and add-clearing option.

How it's bad: The Forward Path’s low impact makes it a tough use against big bads like Calus. Not only that, but it also won’t do very well against full fireteams in the Crucible. Use at your own risk.

How to get Forward Path:

Click above to get The Forward Path!

6. Positive Outlook

Look on the bright side.

Weapon Lore: Lead by example. Lead with a smile.

Why it’s good: Positive Outlook has fantastic range, and its impact goes up with each hit landed because of the Kill Clip perk. You’ll get over the stability and handling deficiencies of this weapon once you start destroying enemies from long-range with Positive Outlook.

Why it’s bad: While it’s true that Kill Clip makes up for a lot, Positive Outlook’s middling handling and stability leave a little to be desired. What’s the use of shooting enemies across the map if Positive Outlook’s kickback is constantly throwing your aim off?

How it's badass: While this isn’t the most responsive of weapons, you really do need to look on the bright side. Kill Clip, combined with Positive Outlook’s range, make this a fantastic Auto Rifle for PvE and for PvP, as you’ll be taking out even shielded enemies from mid and long range.

How it's bad: It’s just too unresponsive. You want quick, responsive weapons when you’re fighting up close and personal in the Crucible. Even still, this is a great one to snipe with and surprise the heck out of your enemies.

How to get Positive Outlook: 

5. Sweet Business

Business has never been better.

Weapon Lore: “… I love my job.” Quit aiming and start shooting.

Why it’s good: This is exactly the weapon you want if you want to clear a room full of ads or whittle away at a big bad’s health. It’s especially helpful in the early stages of strikes, or after you’ve already taken down the shield of a big bad.

Why it’s bad: Sweet Business is not the weapon you want if you want to sneak around and shoot from corners in The Crucible. If you’re trying to snipe with Sweet Business, I’m reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

How it's badass: With surprisingly great stability and the ability to become more accurate when firing from the hip, Sweet Business mows down enemies like wheat. Watch as enemy fireteams shake their fists in impotent rage as you blast their shields and lives away.

How it's bad: Unfortunately, like any good lawn mower, Sweet Business only mows effectively in short-range situations. This means you probably shouldn’t be packing Sweet Business on your sniping expedition. This is not a weapon to use if you like playing hide and seek.

How to get Sweet Business: 

4. Uriel’s Gift

Weapon Lore: Take weapon in hand and fly to victory.

Why it’s good: The awesome range and handling on Uriel’s gift, combined with a middling stability and reload speed, mean Uriel’s gift is one that will keep on giving as you use it in PvP or in PvE. It’s great in short or mid-range encounters, and it’s viable as a long-range buffer to get enemies to dodge out of the way.

Why it’s bad: If Uriel’s Gift had a higher stability it would be an absolute beast in any situation. We’re just nitpicking here, but that’s all that separates Uriel’s Gift from the number 1 spot.

How it's badass: Uriel’s gift hates your enemies, and it let’s you know this by giving you the fantastic High Caliber Rounds perk, which can knock enemies backward. Combined with the Tap the Trigger perk, which increases your accuracy, and you have a fine method for decreasing your enemies’ pleasure.

How it's bad: Uriel’s Gift doesn’t have an awesome perk to combine with High Caliber rounds to make it completely necessary to your arsenal.

How to get Uriel’s gift: 

3. Braytech Winter Wolf 

Stay frosty, Guardian.

Weapon Lore: The leader of the pack endures through the harshest conditions. Make sure your enemies don’t.

Why it’s good: Braytech Winter Wolf’s biggest strength is that it has no true weaknesses, despite its middling stability and handling. Those are more than made up for by the Winter Wolf’s unmatched range and quick reload speed.

Why it’s bad: That middling stability and handling we just mentioned gets in the way of close encounters. But over long ranges, Braytech Winter Wolf outstrips Uriel’s Gift enough to push it out of the number 3 spot.

How it's badass: If the High-Impact Reserves perk could be combined with the Zen Moment perk, this Auto Rifle would be unstoppable in any situation. It’s unfortunate that you have to choose between the two with Braytech Winter Wolf. Even so, those are great options for this awesome mid-range auto rifle, as you can pound away at enemy Guardians with abandon using either of those perks.

How it's bad: That choice between perks is a killer. The combination of the two would be a killer, too, so we can forgive Bungie this time.

How to get Braytech Winter Wolf: 

2. Origin Story

This is where it all begins.

Weapon Lore: Your inciting incident is their tragic ending. Start your new chapter here.

Why it’s good: This is another Auto Rifle that isn’t bad at anything. Origin Story’s range and reload speed, combined with the Rampage perk upping your impact, make one of the standbys of Destiny 2 PvE and PvP.

Why it’s bad: If only Origin Story had the stability and handling to combine with everything else, this would be the absolute perfect assault rifle for any situation.

How it's badass: Rampage makes this weapon a must have, especially when combined with Origin Story’s excellent range. You can pound at enemies in short, mid or long-range situations, and you can walk away the victor.

How it's bad: Simple. It’s not.

How to get Origin Story: 

 Click above to get Origin Story!

1. Kibou AR3 

Fight with this weapon and make your foes go Kibou-oom.

Weapon Lore: It springs eternal. Just like your victories.

Why it’s good: Kibou AR3 is to PvE as knives are to butter: it cuts through enemies as if they were barely there. It has no weaknesses and has the fantastic Dragonfly Perk on top of that.

Why it’s bad: You have to look hard to find a weakness here, but if there is one, it’s the low amount of ammo in the magazine. Even still, this is the perfect weapon for all your PvE and PvP needs.

How it's badass: The Dragonfly perk means every precision kill landed by Kibou AR3 explodes with elemental damage, which causes serious area of effect damage. String together a few well-placed shots against enemy adds or a tightly knit group of foes in The Crucible, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a kill streak a mile wide.

How it's bad: None of Kibou AR3’s stats are particularly eye-popping, which is a shame, but Dragonfly. DRAGONFLY.

How to get Kibou AR3: 

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