[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Class for Solo - What To Pick?

Destiny 2 Best Class for Solo, Destiny 2 Best Solo Class
The Three Classes, Resplendent

Solo builds, geared toward PvE, need specific attributes. First, some way to rapidly recoup grenades. Second, chaining or AoE Super. Third, relevant and powerful abilities. While the Nightstalker Hunter may be the most popular subclass, it’s a poor solo choice as it is a support subclass (the same sentiment applies to the Dawnblade). 

#5. Stormcaller Warlock

We’ll start the list with the Stormtrance Warlock. With chaining grenades, melee attacks, and Supers that either chain to rapidly clear a room or have the potential to deal with massive boss damage, Stormcaller Warlocks can easily turn the most strenuous PvE content into a solo cakewalk. 

Great for: 

  • Chained Attacks
  • Amazing Exotic Synergy (Crown of Tempests, Geomag Stabilizers)
  • Boss Damage
  • Horde Clearing 
  • Movement Speed
  • Self Healing or Weapon Empowerment

Pick Class if: 

It is a Fallen or Taken Strike

You anticipate a lot of add clearing (pulse grenades)

4. Arcstrider Hunter

To be frank, the Arcstrider Hunter and Stormcaller Warlock would top the list. However, only 2 enemies (Taken Centurions and Fallen Captains) utilize Arc shields, rendering both Arc classes rather situational. The Arcstrider Hunter is a masterful dual-role player. It can deal massive, chaining Arc damage while still effectively blocking major direct Boss attacks. 

Great for: 

  • Horde Clearing 
  • Boss Attack Defense 
  • Great Exotic Synergy (Raiden Flux)

Pick the Arcstrider Class if: 

  • You’re having a hard time with Horde Clearing 
  • You need a Super with high mobility 

You are running with Whisper/Xenophage/Witherhoard for boss damage

3. Sunbreaker Titan

This is by and far the most destructive PvE Solar Subclass. First, there are tons of Exotics that have great synergy with the Sunbreaker. Perks like Sun Warrior allow for almost instantaneous grenade/melee recharge and a greatly boosted Super recharge. Since there’s both a ranged and a melee option based on the tree you pick, this can suit many playstyles but the ranged attack coupled with Sun Warrior that lets you throw hammers faster can melt the Lake of Shadows boss in one Super. It’s incredibly strong. 

This Class is great for: 

  • A lot of Strikes, because the most annoying enemies like Wizards and Taken Knights have Solar shields
  • Magnetic Fusion Grenades do an incredible amount of damage
  • Titan Barriers allow for recovery even in intense firefights 

Pick the Sunbreaker Titan if: 

  • You need a powerful Boss burner
  • You depend on grenades and melee a lot 
  • You favor rapid-fire weapons not necessarily suited for powerful enemy engagements 

2. Striker Titan

The name of the game here is synergy. Striker Titans can run a skill tree that allows for almost full grenade energy on powered melee charge kills, and combined with the Insurmountable Skullfort, which refunds melee energy on kills, you can get grenades incredibly fast. Further, that same tree grants 2 grenades from the beginning. The main tree supers are great for add clearing, but the Missile titan tree allows for incredible boss damage, provide you have suitable resilience. 

Striker Titans excel in: 

  • The synergy between melee and grenades 
  • Rapid horde clearing (grenades and melee) 

Pick a Striker Titan if you: 

  • Need to play with grenades 
  • Run a high mobility subclass (which is a must for solos)

1. Voidwalker Warlock

This is probably the strongest subclass, solo or not. The synergy in Void Warlock Exotics is incredible, but the bottom Code of the Devourer skill tree is amazing by itself. As long as you keep getting kills, you’ll never run out of health. Combined with a gun like Bad Juju or Crimson, you can pretty much never die. With Nezarec Sin’s void damage Devourer effect or the Skull of Dire Ahamkara, you can proc your Super faster than any other class in the game. 

Voidwalker Warlocks excel in: 

  • Staying alive 
  • Massive boss damage with Nova Bomb 
  • Horde clearing with Axion Bolt grenades 

Pick a Voidwalker Warlock if you: 

  • Need a great Boss damage source 
  • Have low recovery/resilience stats. 

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