All Persona 5 Endings and How To Get Them

All Persona 5 Endings and How To Get Them, Persona 5 endings
Joker is here to share the secrets to the endings.

Wondering what endings there are for Persona 5? Well you've come to the right place.

As long as you don’t live under a rock, (and maybe even then) you have heard of Persona 5. After eight years of anticipation, Altus once again strikes gold with a Persona RPG that has players painting the town red. This captivating tale follows you, a falsely accused juvenile delinquent turned leader of the Phantom Thieves, and your mission to save the world from sinful adults. To complete the task at hand you seek out the aid of your classmates, get strategic advice from neighborhood friends, and awaken new personas.  

Persona 5 is a choice based game, both in the plot and the gameplay. Throughout the game you will make choices, and give responses that determine how the game will end. There are two types of endings you can get, some of which can come sooner than others if you fail your task as a Phantom Thief; the good endings, and the bad endings.

Starting with the bad endings, there are a few you can end up with, which you are probably not aiming to achieve. They are, however, simple to avoid.

The choices you make in Persona 5 have an impact on your ending, so choose wisely if you wish to get a good ending.

1.Bad Ending - Miss A Deadline

You must complete stealing the treasure from each palace by the deadline or it’s game over for you and your teammates. Poor Sae is left unfulfilled and disappointed in her case, and the Mysterious Man puts a bullet right between the eyes. This will happen with the failure to finish any palace. So whether you’re serving it up to Kamoshida, or trying to crack the vault to Kaneshiro’s treasure, you’ll be kissing your personas goodbye.

2. Bad Ending - Okumura’s Escape

If you have completed infiltration up until Okumura’s palace, then congratulations! You are sliding around as a Phantom Thief with style! Be careful though, you have not only the deadline to consider in this palace. Don’t let the evil space overlord that is the metaverse Okumura get away in his spaceship, or you will get another bad ending. Cue the Velvet Room music!

Steal the treasure in each Palace before the deadline to avoid a bad ending.

3. Bad Ending - Miss Shido’s Palace Deadline

Wow! You have gotten to Shido’s palace, you must think it’s smooth sailing from here on out. This one is similar to the first bad ending on the list, if you miss Shido’s deadline expect a unit of police arresting you, and Akechi letting you know “this is game over.”

4. Bad Ending - The Plea Bargain For Selling Out Your Friends

If you have no love for Yusuke’s lobster obsession, or Ann’s butt in her red latex suit, you can sell out your teammates to Sae for a lighter jail sentence. But, don’t think you’re getting off easy, Akechi still pops a cap in you. On the bright side you get a beautiful cut scene for this bleak death sequence.

Who says the ending has to end with the good side? Join the Igor imposter for the next bad ending to the game.

5. Bad Ending - Teaming Up With The Igor Imposter

By the time you finish what you may think is the end of the game, you’ll find yourself back in your blue cell at the Velvet Room with the game changer of all choices. You can choose to side with the false god who has taken possession of Igor, letting him reform the world to his own vision, a world sieged in his chaos. This ending proceeds with some similar scenes that take place in the good ending, so you really only miss out on saving the world and being a hero bit. But hey, they say being bad has never felt so good!

The good ending is a little trickier to get, but maybe not for a trickster! As stated earlier, Persona 5 is a game of choices, and getting to the good ending is based off a one time game changing decision. It goes hand in hand with the last bad ending, pick one response, you’re making a deal with a devil. Pick the other, well, you might just save the world. Being a trickster, it’s in your nature to stand against those in power who are soiled with desire, those swept up in delusions of grandeur. It’s what the Phantom Thieves are all about.

What ending will you choose? Now, go to sleep, Joker.

The ending is yours, what choices will you make?

All the endings can be found in the link below. This video on YouTube by BossFightDatabase lists each ending and it’s time in the video in the description. If you’re curious about endings you missed out on, or want to see Akechi’s creepy psycho face, then check it out!

Persona 5 All Endings in English

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