Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Unlock Terraforming

As a regular Animal Crossing: New Horizons player for a year and a half, I could easily tell anyone, if asked, that the main goal to reach in the game is to unluck the terraforming permit. Why? Well, this is basically the first time you feel like you’ve unlocked all the features available to unluck, being terraforming the that lets you do the most changes in the game.


To achieve this goal and unluck terraforming, you must have a 3-star rating on your island and have K. K. Slider perform his first show on your island. This is possible by having a lot of villagers settled on your island, having a lot of trees and flowers planted all over the place, having opened Nook’s Cranny along with the museum, and having your island with lots of placed items and the less possible amount of trash and dropped items. Of course, it sounds like a lot to achieve, but it is very rewarding to get such an important feature by knowing your neighbors feel satisfied with the place they’re living in and having your first K. K. concert.



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