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So many options to choose from! Let's narrow it down a bit...

Did you know that there are 393 recruitable villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Such a vast amount of cuddly friends each with distinct visual designs is surely enough to make your head spin when hand picking your favorites. In this list, will we discuss and go over some of the animal types that surely stick out from the rest that will aid you in guiding where to pin your soon to be besties. 

10. Frogs

Starting off our list are the frog type villagers. Frog villagers have a unique trait of sharing the species type with the frog “fish” that you can fish out of ponds and lakes. Pictured above (left to right) are some frog villagers: Raddle, Huck, Diva, Gigi, Puddles, Jambette, Tad, jeremiah, Lily and Croque.

Here’s What’s Great About The Frogs:

  • Almost all of the frog villagers have been in every single Animal Crossing thus far, ensuring that your favorites have a high chance of returning in games to come!
  • The frogs are one of the only two aquatic breathing creatures in the whole series. Because of this they don’t carry umbrellas and have unique dialogue in the rain.
  • Most of the frogs have notoriously goofy pun names like Camofrog, Tad, Ribbot and Croque (face it, they’re all just great).

9. Koalas

Two words: Cuteness. Overload. Our friends from down under are quite rare, and are far and few between - this means there is usually only one for every villager personality type which only adds to their rarity and originality. Pictured above are some koala villagers: Cranberra, Lyman, Gonzo, Melba, Ozzie Syndey, Alice, Yuka and Eugene.

Here’s What’s Great About The Koalas:

  • Koala’s are one of two marsupials in the animal crossing games. 
  • The koalas are one of the smallest groups of villagers in the entire series.
  • Many of the koala’s personal phrases are Australian slang, which gives the illusion of accents. This helps them stick out among the rest.

8. Anteaters

Next up on our list are the Anteater villagers - very few people have even seen these villagers in game! Pictured above are some villagers: Snooty, Pango, Cyrano, Annalisa, Antonio, Olaf and Anabelle.

Here’s What’s Great About The Anteater:

  • The anteaters lack mouths, so they talk by wiggling their snoots around (similar to how Tom Nook does).
  • These folks are another incredibly small villager group, and are surely distinct from the rest of the cast with their noses and tails!
  • Almost all of the Anteaters have an asian themed homes, while this falls more in line with the Chinese Pangolin (their distant cousin) it is definitely homage to their heritage.

7. Tigers

The fearsome and powerful tigers prowl their way into the number seven spot on our list. Tigers are one of the only villager species to have their full community to be recruitable in every game they appear in (the other being the octopus). Pictured above are some tiger villagers: Tybalt, Claudia, Bangle, Leonardo, Rowan, Rolf and Bianca.

Here’s What’s Great About The Tigers:

  • Almost all of the tigers have unique facial markings and patterns corresponding to their implied species. 
  • Most of the tigers are actually subspecies of tigers such as the snow leopards and bangles.
  • While tigers may share the spotlight with other feline villagers like cats and lions, they take home the gold by being the most visually unique of the three. 

6. Dogs

Could we really talk about the majestic cats of AC:NH without talking about the dogs? I think not. Man’s best friend is next up on our list. Pictured above is Isabelle, a permanent resident once you unlock the Resident Services building.

Here’s What’s Great About The Dogs:

  • The dog species is one of the only species in animal crossing to have both special and recruitable villager types. Special characters include K. K. Slider, Harvey, Isabelle and Harriet.
  • The majority of dog villagers are of the lazy personality. Love ‘em or leave ‘em these villagers are living out their dog days. 
  • Dog villagers have some of the most species interactions in the game: they will get along with wolf villagers while having a disinterest in gorilla and monkey villagers.

5. Birds

Swooping in for the number five spot are the bird villagers. One of the larger groups, sure, but they are all bursting with personality! Pictured above are some bird villagers: Piper, Twiggy, Admiral, Jay, Jacob, Sparro, Midge, Peck, Jitters and Robin.

Here’s What’s Great About The Birds:

  • The term “bird” is used loosely with these villagers, as they are all based on different types of passerines throughout the entirety of the genus.
  • Every bird villager has a unique tail feather and facial pattern!
  • Like mentioned, the bird villagers are one of the largest types but each has a special look that just makes them look like a Looney Toons character, and who doesn’t like Looney Toons (...nobody, that’s who).

4. Kangaroos

For our next villager type we have the kangaroos. These villagers are some of the few animal types to have radically different designs from their male counterparts (i.e. clothing rigging and the joeys). Pictured above is the kangroo villager Carrie.

Here’s What’s Great About The Kangaroos:

  • I think I speak for all of us when I say that kangaroo’s biggest selling point are the little joeys poking their adorable little heads out of their mothers pouches. The joeys even mimic their mother’s emotions and actions!
  • Just like the koala, the Kangaroo is only other marsupial villager in the game's franchise history.
  • The kangaroos give off a very elegant and paternal vibe that would surely add a powerful figure to your island's roster.

3. Ostriches

The ostriches are next for our number three spot. These avian friends are different from the bird villagers in terms of their long necks, large tail feathers and the types of birds they represent. Pictured above are some ostrich villagers: Sandy, Flora, Queenie, Cranston, Sprocket, Gladys, Phoebe, Phil, Blanche, Julia.

Here’s What’s Great About The Ostriches:

  • Despite the name ostrich, almost all of the ostrich villagers are representative of another larger bird like cranes, emus and even a phoenix!
  • These villagers offer a wide array of beauty and class that cannot be matched by any other villager type.
  • The ostrich villager type is a much smaller group than the normal bird villager, which makes them stand out against their distant cousins.

2. Rabbits

Hopping on into the number two spot are the rabbit villagers (also called bunny villagers). These little cotton-tail comrades have been in every single game in the series. Pictured above are some rabbit villagers: 

Here’s What’s Great About The Rabbits:

  • The rabbits are one of the largest villager types in the game, meaning they should be relatively easy to find and collect!
  • The rabbits hold a special aesthetic with their straight ears and spherical tails - they are all just so cute!
  • Almost all of the rabbits have been recurring since the first game. Like we mentioned with the frogs this means a very high chance of your favorites returning.

1. Wolves

Our number one spot goes to the wolves (not that we’ve been ranking from best to worse or vice versa). These villagers are the only other canine villagers you can recruit other than dogs. Pictured above is the wolf villager Vivian

Here’s What’s Great About The Wolves:

  • Back in Animal Crossing: New Leaf a special amiibo villager could be transported into the game: Wolf Link! The community speculation is that specialty amiibo villagers will return - so keep an eye out!
  • Wolves have special species interactions, like we mentioned before with dogs. They will get along with dogs while having a disinterest in sheep villagers (as we would hope!)
  • The wolves emulate some of the most mysterious auras out of any other villager type.

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