Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Plant Flowers

Planting flowers on your island is actually pretty easy. The only thing that you need is some flower seeds and your always-useful shovel. If you’re planning a lengthy flower plating session, I would highly recommend you get a trusty shovel as it won’t break as soon as a flimsy one. Opposite to planting trees or bamboo, you don’t necessarily need to dig up a hole in the ground to plant flowers, you just need to open your pockets and select the PLANT option once you’ve selected either the flower seed or the flower.


While it might be quite easy to plant flowers themselves, getting the seed is what could feel a little bit complicated. There are some seeds that you can get from the tanooki brothers at Nook’s Cranny, while there are others that are only obtainable through Leif and the most difficult ones are the hybrids, in which you need to follow a very specific process to achieve.



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