Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Plant Money Tree

Plant a money what? Yeah! You might’ve already heard about trees-with-bells-instead-of-fruit growing on Animal Crossing islands as it has been widely known since the original 2020 release of the game and it is as easy as it sounds. The only couple of things that you’ll notice is both a shovel and some bells in a bag. The first step is to dig up a hole in the ground; once you’ve done that, you need to bury a sack of bells previously in your pockets. Ta-da! The only thing that you need to do at the end is waiting until the tree has fully grown to its max.


An important thing to know when plating money trees is that the amount of money that you get from the fully grown trees depends on how many bells you initially buried. The usual amount will be triple the bells that you originally buried!



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