Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Get New Villagers

There are 350+ villagers in the Animal Crossing series; unfortunately, we can have a max of 10 living on our island at the same time, but that only adds to the excitement of who could be your new neighbor. The main thing we need to know when trying to get a new villager is to have at least a free slot or another villager in boxes ready to move out. Once we meet that requirement, we can either summon a villager using their Amiibo card and get them to move three days after, or we can make a villager hunting going to Mystery Islands through Dodo Airlines.


If you want to get a new villager by using their Amiibo card, you must be a little bit patient since you have to invite the villager to your campsite three days in a row and accomplish their DIY requests. If you’re looking for a particular villager on Mystery Island huntings, you must be prepared with lots of Nook Miles Tickets.


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