Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Plant Gyroid

Getting to Kappn’s mystery islands is one thing; you just need 1,000 Nook Miles and a lot of excitement for the idea of meeting a new place, ever since these mystery islands are not the same as the ones you can get from the airport. In these mystery islands you can get already grown crops, DIY bottles on the beach, rare creatures, and furniture items, including but not limited to the most important ones: gyroid fragments.


Buried gyroid fragments look the same as fossils and bamboo shots: you have your X on the ground and with just your trusty shovel you can dig them up. Once you’ve got yourself your daily gyroid fragment, you have to go back to your island, dig up a hole anywhere you want, and bury the gyroid fragment back to the land. But doing that is not enough, if you want to grow a healthy gyroid you need to water the X as you were watering anything else in the game; just wait ‘till the next day and voilá! A gyroid is ready to go into your collection.



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