ACNH: How To Attract Flies

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Flies aren't as annoying in ACNH as they are in real-life!

You may not want to make a habit out of it, but leaving trash out on your island does enable you to catch flies!

How to catch a Fly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are 80 different species of bugs that you can collect and donate to Blather’s in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some of them are seasonal catches while others spawn year-round. And some, like the fly, only spawn on specific items. If only a fly was as elusive  and hard to find in real life as it is in-game. 

How To Attract Flies In ACNH: 

  • You need to have trash items lying around. Rubber boots, cans, and tires should all work. If somehow you don’t have any trash items in your storage, come to my island. Just kidding. Go fishing instead! Trash items are located in the sea, the river, and the lakes.
  • Wait for about 10-15 minutes for a fly to appear on top of the item. 
  • Equip your net, and sneak up on the bug in order to catch it.

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