[Top 10] Arena of Valor Best Marksman

The clown prince of crime is back with an increase in the rate of his killing joke.

It’s always funny when I face a team without a marksman or having three marksmen at once. I can already tell there is disagreement among them, and I use it to my advantage. Once a marksman launches an attack on you, there’s no stopping, and this is because they are attack damage carriers. If you’re curious about the Top 10 Arena of Valor Marksman, you’ve come to the right place!


10. Brunhilda (Dragon Lane)

Despite being the leader of the Night Owls Gang, Brunhilda keeps failing at love.

Brunhilda Pro Gameplay - 

Brunhilda always looks like she has no idea what she’s doing. Other than the fact that her trouser might need a little adjustment, I have no idea how she carries her weapons so easily. Her skill 1 (Redeploy) grants her an increase in movement speed and also increases her incoming attacks.

For her skill 2 (Sentry), Brunhilda places a trap on the ground, which deals physical damage to enemies that come in contact with it and also slows them down. Two traps can exist consecutively. Brunhilda’s Ultimate (Entrench) is the main deal and when activated, flee for your life!

This is because she suddenly becomes entrenched and begins to deal area damage. If you’re within the circle, the chance of making it out alive is very low. She stays at the center of the circle, gaining a super amour and magic defense. Brunhilda deals heavy damage during this period.

What makes Brunhilda a great marksman;

  • Harass. Brunhilda harasses enemy heroes with both her skill 1 and 2
  • Area damage. Her Ultimate deals heavy Area damage to enemy heroes, which is beneficial during team fights.
  • Movement speed. She can harass and retreat at the same time, thanks to her increased movement skill.


9. Hayate (Dragon Lane)

Hayate, the ninja marksman, is as swift as the wind and as gentle as the forest.

Hayate Pro Gameplay - 

Hayate, the ninja marksman, is hated by warriors in Arena of Valor. This is due to his movement skills. Minus the fact that I don’t like his hair, I also find him quite annoying. A lot of people love playing him, although he’s quite difficult to control.

Hayate’s skill 1 (Shuriken toss) grants him increased movement speed, and during this period, he deals severe physical damage to enemies in his path. For his skill 2 (Shadowstep), Hayate teleports to the location of his target and deals damage to enemies within range. Because oftentimes, he uses this skill to escape, warriors don’t like him.

His main damage dealer is his Ultimate (Kunai Blitz). It’s like Hayate losses his mind as he teleports to the center of enemy heroes, dealing damage multiple times. He keeps throwing bullets non-stop till the skill is on cooldown. You just never see it coming just to find out you’re already dead.

What makes Hayate a great marksman;

  • Mobility. His skill 2 grants him increased movement speed and the ability to teleport when dealing damage.
  • High attack speed
  • Serious damage. Ninjas have been known right from time to deal lots of damage.
  • Multiple damages. He deals damage to multiple heroes at once with his Ultimate. Hayate enters the midst of enemy heroes and starts shooting non-stop.


8. Eland’orr (Dragon Lane/Jungle)

Eland'orr the night ranger is a gifted songwriter and lyricist who uses his music to appeal to dead souls in his soul lamp.

Eland’orr Pro Gameplay -  

Just like Tel’anas, Eland’orr is an elf ranger. Because of his mobility skills, he’s quite difficult to play, especially for beginners. He doesn’t have any special skill and mainly deals damage with his passive. So you might be asking, why is he on this list?

What’s a better way to win your enemy in a fight than when they can’t locate you? Eland’orr’s skill 1 (Butterfly wings) moves him to his target location, leaving behind a flying object. Before the skill runs out, he can return back to the location of that flying object.

His skill 2 (Butterfly dance) casts a flying object around him that deals magic damage to all enemies within range. He can also decide to teleport to whatever location the flying object is. This makes it tough on enemy heroes who can’t tell when he’ll make his move. 

For his Ultimate (Metamorphosis), Eland’orr releases a projectile that knocks back all enemy heroes in his path for a few seconds, dealing magic damage at the same time. He can also decide to use this skill to move behind enemy heroes while attacking them.

What makes Eland’orr a great marksman;

  • Mobility. Eland’orr’s skills grant him the ability to teleport from one location to another. This makes it difficult for enemies to locate him while he deals damage to them.
  • Serious damage. Though he attacks mainly with his passive skill, it does great damage.
  • High attack speed. Once he starts attacking, there’s no stopping. He attacks from the left, right, front, and even from the back, thanks to his skills.
  • Crowd Control. His Ultimate allows him to push enemy heroes in his path backward, stunning them for a few seconds.
  • Survivability. His skills can be used to confuse enemies and aid in his escape when a fight is no longer favoring him.


7. Joker (Dragon Lane)

The clown prince of crime is back, but this time more dangerous.

Joker Pro Gameplay -  

If you’re familiar with this DC character, you’ll know he’s no joke despite being called The Joker. Good at harassing enemy heroes, Joker’s skill 1 (Killing joke) enables him to launch a projectile, dealing severe physical damage to the hero's hit. This is his main damage dealer.

For his skill 2 (Pick a card, Any card), Joker dispels all speed reduction effects on him. He also gains increased movement speed and immunity to physical damage. This is why you shouldn’t take him as a joke, even though he always walks like someone high.

Joker’s Ultimate (Canned laughter) grants him super armor while he deals damage to enemies and stuns them at the same time. He also gains an increase in his attack speed. Though his laughter always creeps me out, I always enjoy playing this hero.

What makes Joker a great marksman: 

  • Long-range attack. Joker can go quite a long distance when he launches a projectile with his skill 1. So he doesn’t have to be close when dealing damage.
  • High damage. He deals lots of physical damage to enemy heroes with his passive skills.
  • Dispels control effects. Marksmen are quite squishy, so they can be taken out easily when controlled. However, Joker’s skill 2 allows him to dispel such control effects.


6. Laville (Dragon Lane)

Laville is a light chase member who nags a lot but is good at hiding his thoughts! He sometimes gambles and has a terrible sleep posture.

Laville Pro Gameplay -  

Just like Violet, Laville is another great marksman who deals damage with two guns. He walks like a playboy but plays like a kid just having fun. His main advantage is his fast attack skills. From his skill 1 (Light chaser), Laville’s normal attacks are enhanced and deals physical damage to two enemies in his path. 

Laville’s skill 2 (Mighty shield) grants him a shield, movement speed, and damage absorption. During this period, he can dispel control effects while it lasts. His Ultimate (Double Trouble) is the coolest of all his skills. No matter where you are if he aims at you, it’ll meet you, stun you and trigger an explosion dealing damage to you. 

This can be so annoying because you’ll remain immobile for almost 3 seconds, and if unlucky, enemy heroes would take it as an opportunity to kill you. He can literally fire this bullet from his base to his enemy's base.

What makes Laville a great marksman;

  • Multiple damages. He deals damage to more than one hero at once with his skill 1
  • High-speed attacks. Even from early games, Laville's skills grant him a speedy attack.
  • Long-range stun. He can stun a hero no matter the distance. It could also be used to completely finish a retreating hero with low hp.
  • Dispels control effects. Laville’s skill 2 allows him to dispel control effects and grants him a shield that could save him when low on hp.
  • High damage. His high attack speed also deals a tremendous amount of damage.


5. Tel’Anas (Dragon Lane)

Tel Anas is the Elven Queen and leader of Afata. Although she's an elf, she doesn't posses an artistic flair.

Tel’Anas Pro Gameplay -  

When it comes to playing Tel’Anas, I’m a master. I like playing her because she’s such a pretty elf but ruthless at the same time. Her primary damage dealer is her skill 1 (Eagles her). Once activated, her firing range and speed attack increases. She also deals an additional stack of magic damage.

Tel’s skill 2 (Penetrating shot) slows down enemies in her path for two seconds and deals minor magic damage. For her Ultimate (Arrow of chaos), she summons the power of darkness and morning star to charge her arrow. After which, she fires a long shot at a target, dealing severe magic damage and stunning the hero for 1.25 seconds.

Her ultimate is beneficial when finishing an enemy hero trying to escape. However, you have to aim correctly. I used this skill on an enemy hero once who was already in her tower; the player had to ask if I had just used my ultimate to kill her! You can also use it to slow down enemies when retreating.

What makes Tel’Anas a great marksman;

  • High Attack speed. Marksmen are squish, so they must deal damage as quickly as possible. Tel’s attack speed increases significantly towards mid and late games. She also takes out towers quickly.
  • High Damage. Her skill 1, when fully equipped, can clear an enemy hero with just five shots!
  • Finisher. As I said, she can use her ultimate to finish a hero with low hp from a ranged distance.
  • Wide Range. She’s an archer with a broad target range. Meaning she deals damage from quite a distance.


4. Valhein (Dragon Lane)

Though a commander of the new demon hunters, Valhein lost his parents at an early age during the second Lokheim invasion.

Valhein Pro Gameplay -  

The Stun king is what I call Valhein, which is why I hate him. Valhein stuns you and starts shooting; you have no time to flee until you drop dead. That’s why his other name is Demon hunter. He treats you like one.

His skill 1 (Bloody hunt) allows him to throw a red glaive which deals magic damage to his primary target and nearby enemies. For his skill 2 (Curse of death), Valhein throws a golden glaive which stuns his target and also deals magic damage to them. This is the skill I detest the most.

All Valhein needs is those few seconds you become immobile before he launches his non-stop attack. His Ultimate (Bullet storm) releases five (5) flying bullets, which deal damage to enemy heroes in his front. He also gains increased movement as well as attack speed.

What makes Valhein a great marksman;

  • High Attack speed. From the middle to late game, Valhein’s attack speed increases significantly, and he can take out squishy heroes in a matter of seconds.
  • High Damage. Even from the early game, he deals an incredible amount of magic damage, increasing as he levels up. You can retreat while his bullets still follow you. 
  • Excellent for one on one fights. Because of his skill two, he gets the upper hand when playing solo against an enemy hero. He can also use the same skill to control enemies when he wants to retreat.


3. Violet (Dragon Lane)

Violet is a pistol assassin and mercenary that never misses her target! As a good drinker, she often had to carry drunk Valhein home.

Violet Pro Gameplay - 

Like Violet would say, I never miss my target. This is why I call her a hunter with excellent aiming skills, which allows her to mark her target. Her skill 1 (Tactical fire) enables her to roll over and deal physical damage to enemies in her path.

Violet’s skill 2 (Fire in the hole) slows down enemies while damaging them. I love playing violet because of how she moves. I feel like an agent on a battlefield, holding two guns. What’s more, her Ultimate (Concussive rounds) allows her to launch a missile from a long distance that explodes on enemy heroes.

This is nice when enemy heroes are retreating, and there’s someone with a low hp. You can just target the hero and launch the missile. That hero is dropping dead. 

What makes Violet a great marksman;

  • High Damage. Her damage becomes exceptionally high from the mid to late period of the game. She just needs to stay behind a tank while clearing the enemy heroes.
  • Her mobility skills gained from skill 1 are great. She can either move forward or backward before launching an attack. She can also move through walls.
  • Considerable damages. Violet’s attacks allow her to deal damage to more than one hero at a time.
  • Finisher. Violet is an opportunity taker. She can quickly clear enemy heroes with low hp.


2. Elsu (Dragon Lane)

Elsu is a Mildar Guardian and an exceptional sniper. You will never see him fight without his falcon by his side.

Elsu Pro Gameplay -  

Elsu, the sniper king, is a coward who never enters a battlefield but deals damage from behind. Just like you see in action movies, snipers take their time to aim and kill. Elsu is no different. 

His first feature is the ability to become invisible behind obstacles like towers and walls. This is quite useful when he wants to aim at a target. His skill 1 (Sentinel) allows him to place a device that grants the vision to see everything within its range. Elsu’s skill 2 (Snipe) is the real deal. He can aim at a target a long distance away from him, dealing serious damage and slowing the hero down.

He can use this skill every 16 seconds before the cooldown time. Finally, Elsu’s ultimate causes him to leap backwards and launch a bullet in the direction of an enemy hero. He deals damage to the hero and slows them down.

What makes Elsu a great marksman;

  • Damage. His damage is severe from the beginning of the game and becomes higher after leveling up.
  • Vision. Elsu can clearly visualize enemies within range thanks to his skill 1
  • Finisher. Elsu is the best as clearing heroes with low hp. This is because skill 2 allows him to mark a target no matter the distance and snipe the target.
  • Survivability. As it’s rare to see him amid a fight, Elsu’s chances of survival go up a little. He mainly stays behind his teammates or towers to deal damage.


1. Capheny (Dragon Lane)

Capheny is a machinist who thinks that the best hairstyle is wearing two ponytails. She is great at fighting and also picking locks.

Capheny Pro Gameplay - 

Capheny’s gun is no different from a machine. It looks big enough to have unlimited bullets, so it's no surprise she deals much damage.

Capheny’s skill 1 has two modes; a Pulse shot and a Rapid shot. For pulse shot, her normal attack has a penetration effect that deals a large amount of damage to enemies hit. She can only use it five times before the next cooldown. In contrast, rapid shot allows her to shoot continually, dealing physical damage to enemies. 

She keeps dealing damage while moving, which shows her excellent mobility skills. Her skill 2 (Armorbreaker) increases her movement speed as she gains an armor penetration effect. For her ultimate, she releases a series of bullets toward enemies in her path, dealing a large amount of physical damage. She can move while using this skill.

What makes Capheny a great marksman;

  • Mobility. Capheny can deal damage to enemies while moving. She could be retreating from a battle and dealing damage to enemies trying to pursue her.
  • Damage. Her damage level is relatively high due to her skill 1 and Ultimate. With good support, she can quickly kill enemy heroes.
  • Ultimate. Capheny’s Ultimate damages all the enemies in her path and is very beneficial during team fights. They have no choice but to retreat.


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