[Top 15] Arena of Valor Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome!

Hayate, the ghostwalker, is a traditionalist that disapproves of Airi's short skirts. There's nothing he can do about it since she's his savior.

Playing a hero, especially your favourite, without a skin can be pretty boring, especially when you keep facing opponents with legendary or exclusive skins. Also, owning a skin doesn’t mean the hero automatically becomes unstoppable; it just increases the amount of damage dealt and also makes you feel proud by just owning it. If you love pretty views and want to know which heroes have the best skin, keep reading to find out more! Who knows, your favourite hero might just be included!


15. Bright - Hack Thrasher

This heir of light returns from a future ruled by drones and AI, so he has a hard time adapting to his new environment.

See Hack Thrasher in action - 

The Hack Thrasher’s skin is one of the many skins associated with the hero Bright. I love the bright colours and concept behind the skin. Just like its name, Hack Thrasher looks like it originated from a future ruled by drones and AI.

It makes Bright look like a handsome and mature mercenary. With the skin, you get 150 synergy points and 10% more gold at the end of each battle.

How to get Bright Hack Thrasher: The only way to get this skin is to unlock Xeniel Codex. You can unlock two types of the codex: the Basic pass and the Advanced Pass. The advanced pass offers more perks and exclusive rewards compared to the basic pass. 

Regardless of the codex you unlock, you can get the Hack Thrasher skin once your codex level reaches level 20.

How cool is this skin? 7/10


14. Veera - Sakura Fubuki

Veera, the soul harvester and Lokheim lord, always hides her anger behind her sexy smile.

See Sakura Fubuki in action - 

 Veera looks like a tempting and charming Oiran in this skin. Sakura Fubuki is a Japanese-originated skin with pretty effects during matches. You can say the aim behind the skin is to seduce due to the short length of the gown and the sticky tights.

The cherry blossom concept is really pretty, especially in games when she uses any of her skills. By obtaining this skin, you get 200 synergy points and also earn 10% more coins after each battle. The skin also deals more damage than when playing the original hero.

How to get Sakura Fubuki: As it's a rare skin and was recently introduced, it costs 1599 tickets to obtain it. So you can only get the skin by spending your money purchasing the ticket.

How cool is this skin? 7.5/10


13. Elsu and Roxie - Jazz Lovers

Elsu and Roxie are the perfect jazz lovers performing a musical concert for the whole of Athanor!

See Elsu Jazz Lovers in action - 

Elsu looks charming and elegant in this skin. Like the name Jazz lovers, this skin comes as a pair with another hero named Roxie. Both heroes look like a perfect match in all elegance, sharing the same passion for music. 

The concept of the skin is pretty interesting as they look like they’re about to perform a musical concert. You can’t deny how smitten Elsu is by his female partner. From their costumes to musical instruments, I love everything about the skin! It almost looks so real and classic.

How to get Jazz Lovers: The only way to get this skin is through a limited-time offer. Meaning you can’t get it easily unless the offer appears.

How cool is this skin? 7.5/10


12. Hayate and Airi - Fatal Duo

Banished as a taitor, Hayate was lucky to meet Airi. Now they've joined forces as the fatal duo and are unstoppable!

See Hayate Fatal Duo in action - 

Hayate, the ninja, was banished as a traitor from the Mist land but was lucky enough to meet Airi. Now they are known as the fatal duo for their wits and skills. This is basically the story behind the Fatal Duo skin.

Purple is an adorable colour, making this pair more adorable to the eyes. The concept is probably gotten from a Japanese fox from their mask, and I have to say it looks good. Despite her sword, Airi still looks sexy as a part of her skin is exposed on her shoulder and also from her thigh downwards.

Together, they look like they can both conquer the world, hence the name Fatal Duo.

How to get Fatal Duo: This skin costs 999 tickets. So you have to purchase tickets in order to be able to obtain the skin.

How cool is this skin? 8/10


11. Zata - Vanquisher gift

Breaking the shackles of all dark wings is Zata's greatest wish.

See Vanquisher Gift in action - 

You might think Zata is an ice mage from the look of this skin, but it's way beyond that. The blue colour reflects the terror in his eyes, which is who he really is. A terror that flaps in the night and sends chills down your spine.

The skin concept seems to have been taken from an anime, but it's freakin’ awesome. Thanks to this skin, you could mistake Zata for a vicious villain in an anime series! As a mage and assassin, this skin complements his role as he conquers (Vanquish) his enemies.

By getting this skin, you earn 150 synergy points and also 10% more gold at the end of each battle.

How to get Vanquisher’s Gift: Zata’s skin, Vanquisher’s gift, costs 999 tickets to purchase. So you have to purchase tickets first before you can obtain the skin.

How cool is this skin? 8/10


10. Liliana - Mirage

This nine-tailed fox looks so sophisticated and mesmerizing, you'll never suspect she's after your liver!

See Mirage in action - 

Liliana is a nine-tailed fox who doubles as a mage and an assassin. Her skin, Mirage, does highlight her fox nature by making her look classic and mesmerizing. It is apparent details were paid into this skin.

As a Gumiho, you can tell the inspiration behind her was gotten from the history of Asian culture. The parasol in her hand just highlights this aspect more. Right from time, a Gumiho has always been quite a catch to young men, and Liliana in this skin is no different. 

You would mistake her for royalty thanks to the costume she has and would never know she's after your liver. Everything about this skin speaks perfect, especially her light purple hair!

How to get Mirage: You can obtain this skin only by unlocking Xeniel’s Codex. But it’s not always available in the codex.

How cool is this skin? 8.5/10


9. Capheny - Harley Quinn

Capheny's gun shoots out fireworks in her new skin from the DC character, Harley Quinn.

See Harley Quinn in action - 

You can already decipher from the name and image that the skin’s inspiration is from the DC character who goes by the same name, Harley Quinn.

Honestly, the skin does give off Harley Quinn vibes, especially in games. She acts like a psycho when dealing damage. The in-game effects are cool because she looks like she’s giving a performance. Firstly, her recall effect shows her playing whac-a-mole, which isn’t common to see.

Also, her basic attacks seem like she’s shooting fireworks from her gun, which is fun to watch. When she uses her skill 2 to move forward, Harley is written on the ground, and when she uses her pulse shot, she gains a spotlight. 

How to get Harley Quinn: As it’s a DC character skin, it costs 2,499 tickets to purchase it.

How cool is this skin? 8.5/10


8. Murad - Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is brought to life in this Murad's new skin!

See Zenitsu Agatsuma in action -  

Murad Zenitsu Agatsuma is the exact replica of the character Zenitsu in the Japanese manga series, Demon slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Not a single feature of this skin was changed. Seeing this skin in action in-game is like watching the webtoon character come to life because of all the special effects.

When he recalls, a little bird circles him during this period and flies away once he returns to his base. His skill 1 (Thorne of time) creates a thunderclap and flash effect when used; you would think he was in an anime movie.

Also, when he uses his skill 2 (Another dimension), there’s a little earthquake below him that releases lightning and also creates a shield around him. The effects are crazy, especially when he speaks Japanese and moves around as fast as lightning.

How to get Zenitsu Agatsuma: You can get this skin through Liliana’s Magical draw. You have to purchase premium scrolls to be able to activate the draw, but this skin isn’t always available. So you have to wait till the skin is available in Liliana Magical draw to be able to try your luck.

How cool is this skin? 8.5/10


7. Airi - Heavenly Striker

Airi is a protector of the Ocean realm in this new skin, and even challengers from the other realms don’t stand a chance.

See Heavenly Striker in action - 

Airi is a protector of the Ocean realm in this new skin, and even challengers from the other realms don’t stand a chance. Her new look, voice, and effects are really cool compared to the original hero.

Throughout the game, Airi floats in this skin while being accompanied by two fish, each on her side. When she recalls, she’s surrounded by water, and a big fish carries her into the sky and back to her base. Pretty awesome.

The fishes on her side transform into swords when being once she launches an attack. Also, once her skill 1 is activated, they merge together into a fish and knock back enemies in her path. Same with her Ultimate, a large fish pops out of nowhere and dives into the target with pretty colour effects. 

How to get Heavenly Striker: You can get this skin through Liliana’s Magical Draw once it’s available. Also, for each draw, you need 10 premium scrolls, meaning you have to purchase scrolls to be able to activate the draw.

How cool is this skin? 9/10


6. Laville - Heavenly Striker

Sent from a new dimension that transcends space and time, Laville is back. But this time, he's stronger!

See Heavenly Striker in action - 

Laville comes from a new dimension in this skin with new skills and sound effects. It may look a little girly because of the pink, but it’s still pretty awesome. Instead of his original gold bullets, he launches large pink bullets in the target’s direction.

Also, his shield obtained from his skill 2 almost looks like he’s covered in a pink disco ball. With this skin, his Ultimate launches a projectile with wings that has a pretty cool effect on any stunned enemy.

By obtaining this skin, you get 200 synergy points, and 10% more gold at the end of each battle. Also, your weekly gold limit is increased by 350.

How to get Heavenly Stiker: As it’s a rare skin, it is only available as a Limited-time offer. So until you see the offer, you can’t purchase the skin.

How cool is this skin? 9/10


5. Tulen - Dawning Fire Kaiming

Enchanted by the mystical powers of Kaiming, Tulen has no other choice but to protect the Kunlun Mountains.

See Dawning Fire Kaiming in action - 

Tulen is already known to control lightning, but this skin advances his power, and now he controls fire! This is because he has been enchanted by the mystical powers of Kaiming and must protect the Kunlun mountains. 

The animation is charming as he has three creatures burning behind him. The recall effect summons a wall he passes through to return to the base. His normal attacks release blue fire each time it is used. 

Also, a mystical creature briefly appears when he activates his skill 2 as he’s covered in flames. When he also uses his Ultimate, a wall appears that splits open to release a projectile, dealing severe damage.

How to get Dawning Fire Kaiming: This is a rare skin and one of the most expensive. It costs 2499 tickets to purchase it. 

How cool is this skin? 9/10


4. Lauriel - Divine Grace

Lauriel, the archangel and demigod, loves arcana creatures but has zero tolerance for law breakers.

See Divine Grace in action - 

Lauriel, as an archangel, is well emphasized in this skin. Her wings increased from two to six compared to her original skin. AoV artists had also said they wanted to prove she was an archangel with feet through this skin. This is because most of her previous skins didn't show her legs, as they were mostly covered.

Lauriel’s recall effects summons two angels playing the trumpets. This is just to highlight her angelic nature. She also has a crown on her head that resembles a halo. It has a blue light that is also reflected in her eyes and the dress, she’s wearing.

Also, all her skills have blue and white lights when used in-game. You can definitely feel the divine aura from her when using this skin.

How to get Divine Grace: Divine Grace is another rare skin and is only available through Great Deals. Once you see it available, you have to use 10 tickets for each draw to try your luck at winning it.

How cool is this skin? 9.5/10


3. Violet - Realm Guardian

Violet, as a guardian of the heavenly realm, is also protected by a blue dragon!

See Realm Guardian - 

This violent skin really does make her look like the guardian of the heavenly realm. The animation is charming, her gun looks like it came from the future, and the light effect is blinding. With this skin, Violet is accompanied by a light blue dragon.

When she recalls, a dragon circles her before lifting her into the sky and back to her base. The in-game effects are fantastic; it looks like she’s moving between space and time with her skill 1. When her skill 2 is used, a lotus appears around the target's direction, dealing damage.

Once violet launches her Ultimate in this skin, instead of a bullet, the dragon is released in the target’s direction dealing tons of damage. I also have to say the short bob hair was definitely a great choice!

How to get Realm Guardian: You can purchase this skin for 2499 tickets at the skin shop. Expensive but worth every penny.

How cool is this skin? 10/10


2. Tel Anas - Wreathing Mist Suanni

This Elven queen of Afata is accompanied by a mysthical beast that is out for blood.

See Wreathing Mist Suanni in action -  

This mythical skin is so pleasing to the eyes you just wish to own it. Tel Anas has a lot of skins, but I have to say this is the best. It feels like she’s accompanied by a mystical beast each time you play this skin. Her bow is designed in the shape of a mystical beast, and every shot comes out of its mouth. 

We can’t deny how charming her costume is as they decided to expose a lot of her skin. Every time she leaves her base; she takes the form of the beast for a few seconds before transforming into her original self.

When she activates her skill 1, the shadow of the beast appears briefly with a wild roar. Also, with her skill 2, the beast charges forward in the target's direction. And finally, when she launches her ultimate, the beast is summoned as it lets a loud roar before releasing the arrow. The effects are pretty awesome to behold!

How to get Wreathing Mist Suanni: This skin is only obtainable through Lialiana’s Magical Draw. So until you see it available, you can’t purchase it.

How cool is this skin? 10/10


1. Butterfly -  Sunken Blade

Whenever Butterfly wears a skirt, she'll blush to the roots of her hair.

See Sunken Fable in action - 

This is the latest skin for the hero Butterfly, and I have to say it is such a beauty. Compared to her default skin, the sunken fable presents her as the queen of the ocean realm. Even when she deals damage to you, you can’t help but admire her.

There are notable changes in her hair and sword. Her plain gold hair is replaced with long pink hair that has a silver finish. She also wears a crown that indicates nobility or royalty. A lot of attention was paid to her sword as it's different from the boring ones she always had.

Her sword is so charming but looks dangerous at the same time. The in-game effects, when in action, are so magnificent to behold, along with the pleasant singing.

How to get Sunken Fable: You can purchase this skin from the shop at the cost of 2499 tickets.

How cool is this skin? 10/10


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