[Top 10] Arena of Valor Best Tanks

Being grabbed by Ata's anchor will be your biggest nightmare. You also don't want board his Ghost ship because you become instantly trapped!.

Tanky heroes aim at frustrating squishy heroes. No one can tell me otherwise. They harass you, then walk away scot-free because they can absorb lots of damage. If you’re looking for a hero with a high survivability rate while still harassing enemies, I’ll list the best tanks you can choose to play in Arena of Valor.


10. Mina (Slayer/Support Lane)

Mina, the reaper queen, never backs out of a fight. Her sharp scythe is all she needs to charge into the Abyss.

Mina Pro Gameplay - 

Mina is a reaper queen with little concern for the world. She is a tank good at harassing heroes. And because of her skills. She can either decide to play support in the Dragon lane or go solo in the slayer lane. Although she’s a tank and support, she still deals much damage to enemy heroes.

Her Skill 1 (Whirlwind scythe) allows her to damage enemies in her path, and when she hits an enemy, she restores her hp. Mina’s Skill 2 (Death scythe) pulls enemies in front of her, slowing them down. Enemies hit will receive physical damage. If she does this next to her teammates, they will immediately feed on the enemy heroes.

For her Ultimate (Dark Dominio), Mina taunts enemies and deals damage to them. During this period, you can’t move, which is why I hate her. She can pull you back if you decide to escape with her skill 2.

What makes Mina a great Tank;

  • Survivability. She absorbs a large amount of damage and also restores hp when harassing enemies
  • Control. Mina's skills taunt and control enemies, which is crucial in team fights.
  • Damage. Even as a support, she deals damage to squishy heroes and warriors.



9. Wiro (Slayer/Support Lane)

Wiro is such a complex and annoying tank you just wish to kill!

Wiro Pro Gameplay - 

Wiro is a tank and warrior, meaning he plays in the Slayer and Dragon lanes. He is one of the most complex heroes to kill in AoV and is best at controlling enemy heroes. Even from his set-up, you know he belongs on a battlefield.

If you have Wiro on your team, squishy heroes should hide behind him while dealing damage. This is because he becomes immobilized when he takes severe damage, and his hp immediately restores. Also, when teammates touch him, he restores hp to them during this period.

Wiro’s skill 1 deals damage and knocks up enemies on the third attack. His skill 2 (Maelstrom punch) enables him to dash in a target direction, dealing damage and knocking them back. For his Ultimate (Landslide hack), he gains super armor while charging up before knocking up nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them.

What makes Wiro a great Tank/Warrior;

  • Survivability. Wiro restores hp during fights and gains super armor, so he doesn’t die quickly.
  • Crowd control. He is good at controlling enemies with his skills
  • Damage. As a warrior, he deals a significant amount of damage to enemies
  • He also restores the hp of his teammates.


8. Gildur (Support Lane)

Guildur is a king-like figure who rules over his targets. You can't help but be under his control!

Gildur Pro Gameplay - 

Gildur is another tank great at controlling heroes. He is perfect for stunning a hero from afar with his skill 2 (Extravagant), which is an excellent opener for ganking. The flying object deals magic damage to the hero. As he acts like a king, enemy heroes have difficulty not succumbing to his control.

His skill 1 (Siege) allows him to charge in the target direction, dealing physical damage and stunning them. Gildur’s Ultimate (Indulgence) is perfect for starting team fights. This is because he controls nearby enemies, stunning them repeatedly and making them immobile while the skill lasts.

His teammates can launch attacks during this period and gain the upper hand.

What makes Gildur a great Tank/support;

  • Great crowd control. Gildur’s ultimate can control up to 5 enemy heroes at once.
  • Long Range stun. He can stun an enemy hero from quite a distance with his skill 2.
  • Damage. Although he’s a support, he can use his skill 2 to finish a squishy hero with low hp.
  • Damage Absorption. As a tank, he can absorb lots of damage on behalf of the team.


7. Ata (Slayer/Support Lane)

Being grabbed by Ata's anchor will be your biggest nightmare. You also don't want to be trapped in his Ghost ship.

Ata Pro Gameplay - 

Ata is a tank hero that can be played as a support or solo in the slayer lane. Known for harassing enemies, Ata controls and deals significant damage to heroes. You'll know he can take in damage from his body build and the heavy anchor he carries around.

He survives easily because he can recover hp equal to the amount of damage he deals when his hp is buffered. His skill 1 (Wavewalking) grants him super amour while he deals damage to enemies in front of him and stuns them. Ata’s skill 2 (Sea anchor) releases his anchor towards the target direction, pulling enemies to him and knocking them back.

For his Ultimate (Ghost ship), Ata creates an obstacle in the target direction, making movement difficult for them. He also gains a super amour. I hate whenever he uses this skill because I’m always trapped, and it’s usually challenging to escape.

What makes Ata a great Tank;

  • Survivability. Ata gains super armor when using his skills and regains hp when buffered.
  • Great crowd control. He can block the path of enemies who are retreating or during team fights.
  • Damage. Ata deals severe damage to enemies hit while absorbing the damage he receives.


6. Dextra (Slayer Lane)

All Dextra wish is to drive her saw through your body with no mercy. She feeds on your life to save herself.

Dextra Pro Gameplay - 

Dextra is a warrior and tank who survives when you least expect it. She’s a great damage dealer who plays in the Slayer lane. When her skill 1 (Saw storm) is activated, she gains a speed-up when charging up before launching a flying up. The object damages the farthest hero within range and enemies in her path as it returns to her.

Dextra’s skill 2 (Saw cut) grants her hp restoration each time she hits an enemy hero. Her normal attack range also increases. Dextra’s winning factor is knowing when to activate her Ultimate (Demon’s gift).

She might be low on hp, but if her ultimate is activated, all the damage dealt to her during that period converts into hp. This means she can recover all her hp while you use your ultimate to damage her. Crazy!

What makes Dextra a great Tank;

  • Severe Damage. Dextra deals a significant amount of damage to enemy heroes
  • Hp restoration. Her skill 2 and Ultimate restore her hp, increasing her survivability rate
  • Starting team fights. As a tank, she’s good at starting team fights and absorbing damage on behalf of the team.


5. Baldum (Support Lane)

This monolith soldier of the forest guardians never gets tired. He has bones like steel and muscles like boulders with god-like strength.

Baldum Pro Gameplay - 

Baldum is a tank that doesn’t die quickly, no matter how hard I try to kill him. His skill 1 (Wild charge) is excellent at harassing heroes as he dashes forward to enemies in his path. He hits and moves them behind him. If you’re unlucky, and this happens when his teammates surround him, just accept your death.

His skill 2 (Wild stomp) damages enemies around and slows them down. Baldum’s Ultimate (Wild prison) is what is vital in team fights. He traps enemy heroes under the ground for a few seconds, immobilizing them and dealing damage. Just imagine you’re at the point of killing an enemy hero, and you suddenly can’t move! I would want to pull my hair out!

What makes Baldum a great tank;

  • Absorbs damage. As a tank, he takes most of the damage for the team.
  • Survivability. Baldum doesn’t die quickly. He needs about two to three heroes to knock him out.
  • Team fights. Baldum is good at starting team fights with his skill 1, pushing the enemy heroes towards him.
  • Crowd control. His ultimate help is controlling crowds, as he can simultaneously trap all enemy heroes. This is very helpful if his team is losing and need to retreat.


4. Cresht (Support Lane)

Cresht is the lord of the boiling sea; with his trident, he can summon the tide with a single wave.

Cresht Pro Gameplay - 

Cresht, the mermadion, is a tank good at shielding teammates and controlling enemies. His skill 1 (Typhoon) damages nearby enemies and knocks them back.

Cresht skill 2 (Aquatic shield) grants him and nearby allies shields. His Ultimate (Metamorphosis) gives him super amour as he suddenly transforms into the mutated version of Aquaman with a fork and many tentacles. He summons an enormous tidal wave during this transformation which stuns all enemies in his path.

While his ultimate is activated, his skill 1 and 2 is enhanced, dealing more damage to enemies. Also, when he transforms back to normal, he knocks back enemy heroes in his path.

What makes Cresht a great Tank;

  • Shield. He shields allies during fights as he takes in damage
  • Great crowd control. His ultimate stuns and slows down enemies in his path. It’s good during team fights
  • Damage. He deals damage to nearby heroes with his skill 1 
  • Super armor. He takes less damage while his ultimate is in use.


3. Grakk (Support Lane)

This tanky hero would grab your soul from your body with his long ranged hook and suck you into his belly.

Grakk Pro Gameplay - 

Grakk is such an annoying tank when opposing him. This is why he’s banned most of the time in ranked matches. This is mainly because of his skill 2 and Ultimate. He’s like a well-fed hero that doesn’t just give up. His skill 1 (Earthquake) slows down enemy heroes and deals minor magic damage to them.

Grakk’s skill 2 (Devil’s chain) targets an enemy hero, hooks and pulls him towards his fat belly. Immediately after he does that, his teammates launch attacks on that hero, giving the hero no chance of escaping. 

If you break free from his hook, he can decide to use his Ultimate (World devourer). Grakk’s belly suddenly becomes a vacuum cleaner that keeps sucking and pulling you towards him. He stuns you repeatedly, dealing magic damage and allowing his teammates to feed on you. Sounds so annoying, right?

Why Grakk is a great tank and support;

  • Absorbs damage. As a tank, he absorbs damage on behalf of the team.
  • Great Crowd control. Grakk’s ultimate can control up to 5 enemy heroes at once.
  • Initiating team fights. Once he uses his ultimate to control enemy heroes, his teammates can take it as a signal to engage in team fights.
  • Great support. His skill 2 allows him to grab heroes as his teammates clear them. His hook always scares the shit out of me.


2. Maloch (Slayer Lane)

Maloch, the Lokheim lord, cherishes his wings as he thinks they look magnificent. You can't help but tremble before the lord of the Abyss.

Maloch Pro Gameplay - 

Ignore his horns and wings, but focus on his body build. He looks like someone capable of absorbing damage while dealing damage at the same time. Maloch is a tank warrior played in the Slayer lane, meaning he goes solo. He might not look the prettiest, but he is one of the strongest.

With his skill 1 (Cleave), his sword becomes enchanted and deals damage to enemies in his path. After dealing actual damage, his hp restores. Maloch’s skill 2 (Souleater) damages enemies while slowing them down. He also gains a shield during this period.

For his Ultimate (Shock), it’s better to flee once you see it activated. This is because he suddenly jumps towards a target area and knocks up enemies within it, dealing severe damage to them. It feels like a rock suddenly falls on your head, making it difficult for squishy heroes to survive.

What makes Maloch a great Tank/Warrior;

  • Severe Damage. As a warrior, he deals a significant amount of damage.
  • Survivability. As a tank, he can absorb damage and restore hp while dealing damage.
  • Great Crowd control. Maloch is good at controlling enemies with his Ultimate.


1. Taara (Slayer Lane)

The hammer is the only thing Taara brought with her from the iron mountains, and now all she does is battle without ever surrendering.

Taara Pro Gameplay - 

From how large her hammer is, it’s easy to tell how strong Taara is. She never backs out of a fight and is good at harassing. As easy as she is to play, you’ve got to play her smart too. She’s good at mobility and plays in the Slayer lane.

Taara moves towards a target area, slows them down, and deals damage with her skill 1 (Colossal Smash). For her skill 2 (Whirlwind), she swings her hammer around twice, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

With her Ultimate (Steeled focus), Taara has every reason to remain on the battlefield, even if she is the only survivor. This is because, once her ultimate is activated, she gains an increase in movement speed and also regains her hp every second. So killing her becomes pretty tricky. It’s like attacking an immortal who heals after receiving damage.

What makes Taara a great Tank;

  • Mobility. She is a very strong warrior.
  • Survivability. Taara is one of the most difficult heroes to kill when well-equipped.
  • Absorbs Damage. During team fights, she can absorb most of the damage dealt.
  • Damage. Taara also deals a significant amount of damage to heroes.


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