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There are loads of Android driving games to choose from, where do you start? Here. Yup. Here. I went through top-rated lists and found the best games, ordered from the lowest to the highest rating. Each entry has some stats with it if you're into that sort of thing and a link if you're sold.


15. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Rocket Arena Car Extreme Gameplay

So this is what the game’s about: You’re in a monster truck, pedal stuck to the medal. I’m not exaggerating, acceleration is always on! Navigate the track with opponents around you. Tail one for long enough, and you get a Nitro Boost. That’s one of two ways of getting a Nitro Boost, the other? Pick up a power-up. Yeah, yeah, sounds pretty straightforward, except… there are rockets! And shields! And special weapons like Tesla Coils! Interestingly, you also have a health bar that can run out… don’t let that happen.

There are four modes to choose from: Battle Arena, Career, Battle Racing and Tournaments. Some will pit you against AI and others against IRL people - not even joking! Crazy right!? Who knew the internet could do that. You’ll also upgrade your car as you progress. A fun arcade racer.


14. #DRIVE

#DRIVE Gameplay

You’re in an ol’ Volkswagen, pedal stuck to the medal. Imagine that! Acceleration is always on… so, yeah, that’s gonna be a trend…. This one is about surviving on the path for as long as possible though. But before I jump into detail, let me just say I’m a big fan of the design style. It all fits together well… inspired by 1970s action movies.

Ok, so, you need to survive for as long as possible, with no opponents, but you’ve got constraints. You’ll need to swerve through a gas station to refuel. Or do a flying drive-in for a donut, mmmm, delicious… No! It’s not for you! That’s for when a cop is on your tail, barging you into traffic. Throw it out the window and the cop will get a better idea.

Then you can also wave hi as you fly by a mechanic, who, somehow, don’t ask me how, fixes the damage to your car in a split second. There’s also a big oof: smash straight into a car or barrier and it’s over, you’re done… unless… you watch an ad…

Collect bottle caps all along the route to upgrade cars. It’s alright, the ol’ Volkswagen will still love you. She wants you to be free! Free to roam the dusty roads of small-town, South West US, or the snowy suburbs of UK country towns, or the thick forests of Germany.


13. Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving

Off The Road Gameplay

The gameplay emphasis in this one is about exploration and just sorta doing what you feel like doing. Let the train smash you as it comes flying by. Do a checkpoint challenge. Go offroad to collect a couple of coins. Then, go spend those coins to buy a new car, or to change its color - there are loads of customization options.

Apart from just free-roaming, there are a few challenges you can do. You can do a time trial where you hunt checkpoints. Change focus to pathfinding in the aptly named Pathfinders challenge. Or find and transport materials around the map so that you can construct new structures - houses, bridges, roads, and even vehicles. A game that’s a fun way to just mess around, although the UI feels a bit cluttered.


12. Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing Gameplay

Really simple gameplay loop. The story pits you against a specific driver. Drive a race where you need to beat that specific opponent. Finish that race and earn money based on your position and your style, or rebel, points. Spend money to upgrade or customize your car, or to buy a new one. Repeat.

This gameplay loop gave me NFS Underground flashbacks. Really straightforward, but really effective. And the mechanics are also simple, yet effective. Auto-acceleration, hold left or right to drift and release nitrous once you’ve built up enough. The simplicity of this game and the excellent execution of a tried and tested formula are reason enough to try it out.


11. Nitro Nation

Nitro Nation Gameplay

Nitro Nation has two very different, but equally fun modes: Drag and Drift. To call upon my old friend once again, the Drag mode here is similar to NFS Underground. Ensure you shift your gears at just the right moment, and throttle the pedal at the start for the perfect starting revs.

Drift is a bit different. You can choose whether the acceleration is auto or not, but it’s much simpler to have it on auto. Then, you’ve got a handbrake to drift, and this mode is all about getting in as much drifting as possible.

They have loads of cars, with over 150 real cars in-game. The simple, refined mechanics along with the plethora of cars makes this well worth your time.


10. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing Gameplay

Very much in the spirit of Mario Kart, this racer has you doing laps on circuits in all different types of settings. You’ll get random powerups, shields, oil spills, and the like. There are shortcuts for seasoned drivers to exploit.

As you progress, different drivers and cars become available. Of course, there is an online mode where you can compete against others. Just the type of game you need when want to ‘switch’ things up…


9. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Gameplay

As it says on the box, this game simulates real racing. There are 40 real-world circuits - the developers licensed the tracks. Not only that, there are over 300 vehicle models… 300! Porsche, Bugatti, Ford, Aston Martin, Bugatti… you name it.

You can play the Formula 1® Grands Prix™ or any of the 4000 other events. Do cup races, endurance challenges or elimination format races. Play online against 7 other players. Loads of options to simulate racing on your android!


8. Torque Drift

Torque Drift

This game is fully focussed on the art of the drift. A small handbrake tap, elegant as you like: +690 points. Shaving past a barrier: +420 points. Keeping the lead: +6942 points. Nice. You can also build your car, customize its look, all of that good stuff.

The format is you vs one other driver. You can challenge the AI or play online against someone else. There are plenty of real-world cars to choose from. Enjoy the drift!


7. Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase Gameplay

The developers themselves state that this game is inspired by retro-racers from the last century. Drive through various tracks - be it in Japan, or the gritty streets of an American metropolitan.

Simple controls make it easy to learn. Left and right, accelerate and nitrous. Unlock cars and tracks as you progress. There is even a Senna Forever expansion pack that brings that era’s cars and tracks into the game.


6. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends Gameplay

As I have been making this list, I’ve paid special attention to how the different developers keep inputs simple - you just don’t have the flexibility you have on a console or PC. Asphalt has done a great job here. Not only is acceleration automatic, but steering is also.

The skill in the game comes from timing certain decisions: drift your car as it automatically takes a turn for a better angle, or time the Nitrous in a straight, or choose the better path in the fork ahead. Another thing I really like in this game are the unnecessarily extravagant jumps. Do a barrel roll in a supercar… why? Because it’s damn awesome that’s why.

As you progress through the career mode, you unlock more races and more cars. Eventually, when you feel up to it, go online to tackle the other players. A very smart game!


5. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 Gameplay

This game knows what it's about and keeps it simple: Drag racing. The mechanics work the same as Nitro Nation: Throttle the pedal at the start to jump out the gates at the right revs, and time your gear shifts as you race to the finish. There is an online mode to test your mettle in your pedal.

The game offers in-depth tuning and customization on loads of licensed vehicles. Tune your engines, tires, nitro, and more. Customize your rims, brake calipers, full-body, and more. Love the simplicity of the gameplay and the indulgence of the tuning. Give it a go!


4. Top Speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing

Top Speed 2 Gameplay

Oh man, the pattern really starts to emerge now. Throttle your pedal for the perfect rev count, then time each gear shift perfectly. Yup, it’s another drag racer. What else does it offer?

Oh man, the pattern really starts to emerge now, for real. There is in-depth tuning and customization on 70+ cars. Tune your gearbox, turbo, exhaust, and more. Choose from over 100 different decals to customize your car… The choice is yours, choose wisely.


3. Gear.Club

Gear.Club Gameplay

Drive through many tracks with a simple control scheme. Left, right, accelerate. If that’s too complicated, turn auto accelerate on… why don’t you just shower with your clothes on while you’re at it!? Jk, auto accelerate ftw. Wet socks ftw.

As you progress through the career mode, upgrade your auto shop so you can upgrade your cars. A nice little twist on the formula there. I also appreciate one of the race modes: no collisions. (That’s one of the reasons I love Trackmania so much, it’s just you vs the track.)


2. CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing Gameplay

Left, right, nitrous. There’s a career mode. You can upgrade your car. Anyways, how are you doing… No, no, no, there is more to this game. The graphics do stand out, they’re very nicely done. There’s a fun police chase mode where you are the cops, chasing down the lawless.

So many of these games do more or less the same thing, but the whole CarX package just feels a bit better. Definitely worth a try if you want to get into android driving games.


1. Racing Xtreme 2: Top Monster Truck & Offroad Fun

Racing Xtreme 2 Gameplay

We’ve come full circle. We started with Monster Trucks, we’re ending with Monster Trucks. Yeaaahhh boooyyy! Yeee haaaw!

A big muscle twist on the drag racer mechanics. You need to keep the revs in the green at the start, check, but, instead of timing gear shifts, you’ve got to time badass jumps instead. Oh, yes, they also added a speed boost to spice things up. 

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