[Top 10] Fire Emblem Best Heroes 2018

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AKA the game that never really has a true top ten because the power creep is eternal, but we'll try anyway

There are lots of great heroes, but which of them feel the most awesome to use?

It’s been over a year since Fire Emblem Heroes came out, and the character list just keeps on growing. The best heroes are always highly sought after — and there are quite a few of them — but not every one of them has that unique, badass touch. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best heroes right now that have a little more to them than just being good.

Number 10: Fallen Celica

She's not regarded as one of the best, but she's plain awesome.

We’ll start off this list with one of the lesser-mentioned heroes, but one that still packs a punch. With her Beloved Zofia weapon giving her +4 to all stats at 100% health, she’s a beast if you can manage to heal her every turn. And besides, who doesn’t love the idea of battling with the mind-controlled vessel of an evil god of war?

A crazy Celica solo

Number 9: Reinhardt

One of the deadliest units of all

Ever since the early days of the game, Reinhardt has been a staple unit on most Horse Emblem teams. His tome is just way too good; he kills just about anything without getting hit back. If you like one-shotting almost everything, he’s the cavalry unit for you. 

Look at how crazy this guy is.

Number 8: Myrrh

Adorable and deadly.

Myrrh is hands-down one of the best dragonstone units in the game. She’ll take a fight against almost anything that does physical damage. Nobody expects a little girl to wipe the battlefield.

She can withstand any sort of beating.

Number 7: Hector

Every single version of him. Every single one...

What can we say? Hector is just Hector; every version of him is pretty much overpowered. As his many fans will know, he’s just here to fight.

Yep. The players who have been here since the beginning have even worse memories...

Number 6: Zelgius

It's so funny how much he looks like the Black Knight.

Aside from being the ultimate spoiler character, Zelgius is a monster of Armor Emblem teams. His B skill lets him be super mobile, too, if you’re going to use it. He looks almost as cool as the Black Knight in that armor…

Don't mess with him.

Number 5: Performing Arts Azura

One of the coolest dancers yet.

Maybe Fates wasn’t the best game in the series, but Performing Azura is certainly one of the best dancers in Heroes. Giving +3 to every stat to characters she dances for is too good, both for serious battles and for grinding. The biggest reason she’s on this list, though, is that killer outfit and axe.

So useful!

Number 4: Beruka

Finishing the mission.

You probably didn’t expect Beruka to be so high on the list, but don’t be fooled. She might not be high on the tier list, but her ridiculous defense lets her take on just about any physical unit… and strike back with a bomb of an Ignis. Don’t believe it? Watch this video and find out why she’s called the Beruklear Bomb.

One punch... Beruka

Number 3: Fallen Robin

In this game, he pretty much never dies.

Fallen Robin is one of the best units in the game, with a super high base stat total and both armored and dragon status. He fits on so many teams, and survives and destroys almost any enemy. Fitting for the reincarnation of an ancient god of destruction.

Look at this monster.

Number 2: Fallen Hardin

Honestly, all the Fallen units are incredible.

Behold, the best armored unit in Heroes. An exceptionally high stat total, a built-in Distant Counter on his weapon, and high defense, resistance, and attack to boot, Hardin makes for a terrifying unit. Not to mention the fact that he’s such a tragic character: a once-righteous emperor twisted by dark forces after suffering from unrequited love.

Unstoppable. Absolutely unstoppable.

Number 1: Ayra

If you haven't played Genealogy yet, go play it. This girl basically ends up devouring entire armies for you.

Need an enemy deleted? Done. Ayra is the character that has to top off this list, after shaking the entire meta when she was released. Her weapon helps charge her broken special, which feeds off her ridiculous speed, and she can even function as a defensive unit with Distant Counter if you’d like. The famous wielder of Astra doesn’t play games.

This is just... terrifying.

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