[Top 7] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Sword Users

Byleth holding the sword of the creator
Byleth wields one of the most powerful swords.

When you’re putting your Fire Emblem: Three Houses team together, you want it to be well-balanced, but you also want to use the strongest units. Naturally, you’re going to need a powerful sword user on your team! Here are the top 7 best sword users and what they bring to your team. 


7. Marianne (Mortal Savant)

Of course Marianne wins!

Putting Marianne into a sword class isn’t my absolute favorite path for her, but she is a great Mortal Savant. 

She actually does have a strength in swords, and with her powerful magic skills, she excels with magical swords like the Levin Sword or her Heroes’ Relic Blutgang. The latter is an incredible sword when paired with Marianne’s crest and the Mortal Savant class. Her crest and Blutgang also give her access to the combat art Best Fang.

What Makes Marianne a Great Sword User:

  • Marianne’s strength in magic and swords allow her to use magic swords and cause a lot of damage that way. For instance, her growth rate of magic is 50%, which is the stat that the Levin Sword uses. 
  • Marianne has her own Heroes’ Relic sword and when paired with her crest can cause a lot of damage.
  • She surprisingly has a strength in swords, meaning she will level up quicker.
  • She learns Soulblade, which causes damage based on resistance stat. Marianne’s is 45% growth!


6. Ferdinand (Dancer)

I wish Ferdinand would dance for me!

Ferdinand is a jack of all trades. You can give him any physical class, and he will excel. With no weaknesses, he is perfect for a sword user. I recruited him on every run, and when I gave him a sword, he didn’t disappoint. 

If you win the White Heron Cup with Ferdinand, he will unlock the Dancer class. This is great for him! Not only does he get Sword Avoid +20, but he is great in the class with a sword. Ferdinand has even stats that help him in battle, a great personal skill of Confidence, and he can unlock Seal Speed with his budding talent. What more could you ask for? 

What Makes Ferdinand a Great Sword User:

  • His crest allows him to use any Heroes’ Relic without taking any damage. You can use this to give him strong swords like Thunderbrand, the Sword of the Creator, or Yuri’s Fetters of Dromi. 
  • Ferdinand’s stat growths are pretty even across the board, with HP and speed both at 50%. Both are good skills to have as a sword user, especially speed! So Ferdinand can get multiple hits in one turn. 
  • As I said before, Ferdinand has no weaknesses. With enough training, he proves worthy in every class. His big ego is worth it!


5. Yuri (Trickster)

Yuri is killer with that speed!

The worst thing about Yuri is that he’s restricted to owners of the Expansion Pack after completing the Cindered Shadows. Other than that, everything about him is absolutely spectacular. His special class, the Trickster, allows him to use both magic and a sword. We’re so lucky he can use a sword, as he is one of the best sword users in the game!

Yuri has the highest speed growth in the entire game at 65%, which allows him to hit multiple times. That., combined with his high strength, luck, and charm, he is almost unbeatable. Yuri also has the Fetters of Dromit relic, which isn’t a weapon like most relics. They allow him higher movement, so he can move after a turn and get out of the way, whether it’s to go towards someone else to attack or out of the line of fire. 

What Makes Yuri a Great Sword User: 

  • His high speed. Enough said.
  • Yuri’s unique class. Trickster comes with the DLC, so if you want to see what it has to offer before giving it to another student, Yuri is the perfect example. He was designed for it!
  • Trickster also learns Foul Play, which allows Yuri to switch with someone else on the map. This is great so he can get closer to someone, then avoid their attacks with his high avoid. 


4. Catherine (Swordmaster)

Watch Catherine wield the powerful Thunderbrand.

Catherine is easily one of the best sword users in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, especially with Thunderbrand in her hand. It’s no wonder that many of the characters are in awe at her natural prowess.

Not only does Catherine come with her famous, or infamous, Heroes’ Relic, Thunderbrand, but she also has an incredibly high HP, strength, and speed, respectively at 50%, 50%, and 55%. Her growths are powerful, and she causes a lot of damage when hitting. Usually, she just needs one hit to kill! Now that is definitely a powerful sword user. Keeping her as a Swordmaster allows her to best utilize her weapon, skills, and strength in swords.

What Makes Catherine a Great Sword User: 

  • Recruiting Catherine is the only way to get Thunderbrand, which you are going to want!
  • Paired with Catherine’s crest, Thunderbrand gives her the combat art Foudroyant. 
  • You can recruit her very early in the game, so you have more time to level her up and train her into the strongest sword user she can be. 


3. Byleth (Enlightened One)

The Sword of the Creator in our own hands.

I know what you’re thinking: Byleth shouldn’t be on this list! It goes without saying that, with the Sword of the Creator, they should be a sword user. But you can still put them in whatever class you want! Despite all that, Byleth is really an incredible sword user, so it’s great to keep them as Enlightened One.

Byleth has great stats, such as their strength, dexterity, speed, and luck, all at 45%. Plus, their base strength is higher than any other students they can recruit. It’s no wonder that they are immediately invited to teach at Garreg Mach! 

Enlightened One is a class that is completely unique to Byleth, so it is worth using it to see the raw power that Byleth holds. 

What Makes Byleth a Great Sword User:

  • Byleth gets to use the Sword of the Creator. Do I need to say more? In case I do, this is a special sword tied to Byleth and gives them, and ONLY them, the power of Ruptured Heaven. This increases their might and is effective against dragon foes. 
  • As Enlightened One, Byleth has Sacred Power, which helps their adjacent allies by causing them to give three extra damage and also take three less damage. Byleth’s skills as a sword user help their allies as well!
  • With most of their stats at 45%, they hold a lot of power in all of their stats. This makes them a well-versed and evened-out swordsperson! 


2. Petra (Assassin)

Petra and critical hits go hand in hand. 

Petra. Petra is incredible. Not only is she a sweet and complex character whom I love, but she is killer with a sword! Literally! She has and learns a lot of skills that make her an excellent sword user. 

To start off, Petra has great speed growth. Speed is highest at 60%, dexterity at 50$, and strength at 40%. While her strength growth might not seem like anything special, combined with her high speed and dexterity, it doesn’t matter. Not only is her dexterity high and gives her a high chance at critical hits, her personal ability Hunter’s Boon increases that so she can finish off tough enemies. 

What Makes Petra a Great Sword User:

  • As assassin is a class that relies on speed, Petra is perfect for it. Her speed growth is only beaten by Yuri!
  • Upon mastering the Mercenary sword class, she learns Vantage, which allows her to attack first if her health is high enough. 
  • Hunter’s Boon increases her chance of critical when her foe is at less than half health!
  • Petra has a strength in sword, which you can tell just by seeing her fight!


1. Felix (Swordmaster)

Learn more about the hard-trained Felix.

If, for some reason, Felix’s placement as the #1 sword user is a surprise to you, you must have never even touched the game! That’s fine, but now you know that you should use Felix as a sword. He is actually one of the most powerful units in the game and excels in most classes, but to make it easier on yourself, give him a sword and watch as he solos a map. 

Felix has great growth stats, with his strength, speed, and dexterity at 55%, 55%, and 45%. This means he hits hard, multiple times, and has a high chance of critical. Not that you’ll necessarily need him to critical, but it’s always nice to have.

If you choose to make Felix your dancer, he will learn Sword Avoid, which increases his avoid by 20. While this is a good skill to have, Felix really excels as anything in the sword category, so Swordmaster is a great class for him. You can give him plenty of high-quality swords like Wo Dao or Killing Edge to watch him cause even more damage. 

What Makes Felix a Great Sword User: 

  • As mentioned before, Felix’s stats and strengths make him a perfect fit for a swordsman.
  • Felix’s personal skill, Lone Wolf, increases his attack when he is without a battalion. This is a way to make him even stronger.
  • He has access to powerful swords that he can use once ranked high enough. This won’t be a problem, considering he can level up very quickly.
  • Felix’s crest of Fraldarius also increases his attack damage. He’s lethal on the battlefield!


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