[Top 25] Best Harry Potter Characters and Their Best Scenes

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Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking back at their first year at Hogwarts

Let's have a look at the list of the top 25 Harry Potter franchise characters and some of their most memorable scenes!

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

From the cupboard under the stairs to 19 years later, the Harry Potter franchise, written by J.K. Rowling, attracts readers and viewers of all ages and from all corners of the world. If you, like me, are a ferocious Potterhead, who’ve read the books and watched the movies more times than you’d even attempt to count, then you probably already have your own list of favorite characters, scenes, movies, maybe even favorite spells and potions. When I was building mine, I considered such factors as relevance, importance in influencing the plot, uniqueness, and oftentimes humor. Care for a friendly competition to see whose list is more accurate? Here’s my personal list of 25 best Harry Potter characters and their best scenes.

25. Mr. Filch

He is not to be liked, but to be feared.

"Students out of bed!"

Argus Filch is a caretaker at Hogwarts, and you can almost never see him without his cat, Mrs. Norris. They sort of come in a set: where one comes, the other follows. While you might be surprised Filch made the list in the first place, I believe he plays an important role in the story, even if its importance is not very obvious. 

Few people know Mr. Filch is actually a Squib, i.e. a Muggle born into a family of wizards. It can’t be easy to live in the wizardry world and be just about the only person without the gift of magic. I don’t wish to justify his absolutely unpleasant personality, along with his urge to wander the premises of Hogwarts, hoping to catch students breaking rules. That said, I have to admit: his back story, the fact he has lived all his life in the magic world without being a wizard himself, does explain in a way the origin of those unattractive qualities. He simply wants to punish young wizards for having the gift he was never given.

24. Madame Maxime

The Big Woman

Madame Maxime on a date with Hagrid

Often referred to, by both Harry Potter fans and Hogwarts students, as the Big Woman, Madame Maxime is the headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. We get to meet her in The Goblet of Fire, when she and her students arrive at Hogwarts to participate in the Triwizard Tournament.

Madame Maxime, just like Hagrid, is a half-giant, so it’s not surprising the two quickly hit it off. However, not long into the movie we get to realize this is going to be more than just a case of international cooperation. Hagrid combing his hair and wearing a flower in the pocket of his jacket? This can only mean one thing: love is in the air. I personally think Madame Maxime is such a curious character: she’s taller than Hagrid, which makes an already eccentric duo stand out even more, she’s fascinated by dragons and thinks they are magnifiques, and apparently her horses, the ones that pulled the carriage with the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic students, only drink whiskey? You’re full of surprises, madame!

23. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

Lockhart posing for pictures

Could he be any more in love with himself?

If you watch the above scene, you’ll see Lockhart standing next to a painting of himself painting himself. This is a perfect “Tell me you’re a narcissist without telling me you’re a narcissist” situation, and, in describing Lockhart’s personality, this scene does a better job than any words would. 

Known and worshipped by many for slaying beasts, saving people, and doing other legendary deeds, Gilderoy Lockhart comes to Hogwarts to teach Defense against Dark Arts in The Chamber of Secrets. Many at Hogwarts, especially female students, are blinded by Lockhart’s image of a charming, attractive hero, but some, including Harry and Ron, see Lockhart for what he really is: a fraud. He tries to get rid of a snake, but only manages to send it flying in the air. He attempts to fix Harry’s broken arm, only to rid it of all the bones altogether. Whatever spell he tries to cast, whatever magical lesson to teach, it ends in either a failure or a disaster, and the more grand his incompetence, the bigger his ego. It’s no surprise his lies eventually catch up with him and hit him in the face like a boomerang. Literally.

22. Professor Quirrell

Looks can be deceiving.

"Thought you ought to know."

Professor Quirrell is the very first Defense against Dark Arts teacher we ever get to meet. Ironically, he is so timid it seems he is afraid of everything, including handshakes. Considering that this is the very first Harry Potter movie we are talking about and all the characters, not just Quirrell, are new, nobody questions the authenticity of his character, what with other villain-type figures around (see Severus Snape).

But an important lesson is taught through Quirrell’s character here: looks can be very, very deceiving. Quirrell has perfected the art of concealing his true nature with shyness and stuttering, and while Harry and his friends are looking elsewhere, he approaches his evil goals step-by-step without causing any suspicion whatsoever. Now that I have watched the movie about 27 times, I don’t get jumped by this revelation anymore, but anyone who watches it or reads the book for the first time ever won’t possibly see it coming. Unless they follow the “whom would you never suspect?” logic, Quirrell won’t ever come to mind as the culprit.

21. Horace Slughorn

Professor Slughorn, ready to reward the best student with "Liquid Luck"

Professor used to come to Three Broomsticks when it was still One Broomstick

Here’s a character that found a way to my heart through his fun teacher, tipsy Grandpa ways of being. Professor Slughorn makes his appearance for the first time in The Halfblood-Prince. He is a Potions teacher at Hogwarts during the day, a rarities collector and a Three Broomsticks frequenter at night. His love for rarities makes him an active hunter for potion ingredients, as well as for outstanding students, whose framed pictures he likes to keep on display.

But as fun and easy-going as he is, Slughorn has a dark secret that he is deeply ashamed of, and he protects it ferociously. Having unwillingly played a crucial role in Voldemort’s becoming, well, himself, he has to carry the burden of this horrible truth alone. That is until Dumbledore and Harry challenge him to shed light on the mistakes of his past. I love Slughorn’s character for being deceitfully simple in his fun attitudes to everything, but then revealing there’s more to him than we thought there is.

20. Dolores Umbridge

Detention's awaiting.

Umbridge is Hogwarts's Big Brother.

“Umbridge among the best Harry Potter characters?” you might ask angrily. Let me tell you, I hate her guts just like every self-respecting Potterhead would. But we have to give it to her: she’s an interesting and complex character with a lot of influence on the storyline, especially in The Order of the Phoenix, where we meet her for the first time. 

Umbridge is appointed by the Minister of Magic himself to teach Defense Against Dark Arts in Harry’s year 5 at Hogwarts. As soon as she arrives, she begins to, as she would call it, put things in order. Although she is not the headmaster of the school, she has the power to introduce new rules, change the education program, and fire personnel if she finds them to be redundant. With her short, chubby fingers, she is gradually seizing control over the entire school (on behalf of the Ministry, of course), and by doing so, she successfully secures one of the lowest places on anybody’s list of favorite Harry Potter characters. But while I despise her personality and disapprove of literally everything we see her do in the movies, in my opinion, she has also earned a place on this list precisely by evoking such strong feelings in our hearts, even if negative ones.

19. Alastor Moody

Welcome to Professor Moody's classroom.

Professor Moody teaching his students about the Unforgivable Curses

Alastor Moody, also known as Mad Eye Moody, is a Defense Against Dark Arts teacher in The Goblet of Fire, and he is one unapologetic character, to say the least. Watching the above scene alone is enough to get the grasp of what kind of personality we are dealing with: the no-nonsense kind of person who has seen life and knows just how dark it can get. And even though in this particular scene, as you may remember, it’s not the real Moody, but an impostor introducing himself to the class, the impression of the real Moody is simply on target.

Alastor Moody is actually a full-time auror, i.e. he hunts and puts in prison the most dangerous and most wanted criminals. He comes to Hogwarts to teach at Dumbldore’s request and with no questions asked. While he is not the type of guy you’d choose to hang out and spend some quality time with, he proves, over and over again, to be a fiercely loyal and self-sacrificing man. I won’t sugar-coat the fact that Moody is not always a pleasant person to be around, but his ultimate sacrifice in The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 hurt me alright. 

18. Remus Lupin

Another Professor with a dark secret

Professor Lupin, being a teacher and a friend to Harry

Okay, Remus is one of my absolute favorites, and if you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong. In addition to being one of the original Marauders, he just possesses this quiet, modest wisdom that, when he shares it, makes you feel that everything is going to be alright.

Our first encounter with Lupin is at the beginning of The Prisoner of Azkaban, when he saves the day by shooing Dementors off the Hogwarts express. Coming to Hogwarts in the role of a Defense against Dark Arts teacher (yes, another one, they change every year, remember?), he has a lot to offer not only as an educator, but also as a friend, mentor, parental figure, and sometimes even as a fun uncle. His being close friends with James and Lily Potter makes him even more of a romantic character, whose bitter-sweet melancholy always hides between the lines whenever he talks about them. Lupin is exactly the kind of friend you seek when you’re having a hard time and need someone to just talk to. We get to enjoy his kindness and wisdom in five Harry Potter movies, and I won’t deny it: the very first time I found out what destiny Rowling prepared for him, it left me utterly heartbroken.

17. Voldemort

The Dark Lord returns.

Voldemort being terrifying for 5 minutes straight

Sorry, do you prefer You-Know-Who? 

Voldemort is the ultimate evil in the Harry Potter franchise. He represents everything that Harry, Dumbledore, and so many other characters fight against. Voldemort is also the reason Harry is an orphan since he is the one who killed Harry’s parents and attempted to kill Harry when he was just an infant.

Throughout all the movies, Voldemort’s ultimate goal is to be an unarguably most powerful wizard in the world and hold the entire world in fear. At the same time, he is obsessed with killing Harry, the only person whom he ever tried to kill and failed. As the prophecy states, one cannot live until the other lives, and so Voldemort’s goal is to eliminate Harry as the only real threat to his era of tyranny. While I personally have seen villains that are underwhelming, to say the least, I’ve always found Voldemort to be not only terrifying but also the absolute worst shade of evil. We are talking about someone who won’t stop at killing those who are loyal to him if it brings him even closer to power. He does not recognize loyalty, or gratitude, or partnership. More importantly, he does not recognize love. Unlike Lockhart’s, Voldemort’s narcissism is dangerous, destructive. It’s deadly. And while all this makes a horrible person, it surely makes an outstanding villain.

16. Bellatrix Lestrange

There's always a lot of crazy in every scene that involves Bellatrix.

Bellatrix killing Harry's last remaining family

If you ask me to name one character that can be defined as someone whose driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street, I’ll name Bellatrix. She’s not just eccentric, she’s borderline mental. I’d say her character is just as evil as Voldemort’s, she just has different ways of expressing it. A Death Eater and one of Voldemort’s most loyal followers, Bellatrix takes pride in being also one of his most trusted advisors. After spending many years in the Azkaban prison, she finally breaks free and helps Voldemort in securing power over the whole world, but there’s one thing about her that actually disturbs me even more than Voldemort’s hunger for power: her hunger for blood. 

While helping Voldemort achieve his goals, Bellatrix just seems to enjoy way too much fun all the destruction she causes around her and the deaths she brings upon other people. Whenever I watch her, I can never shake off the creepy feeling that Bellatrix is here mainly to have fun by spreading chaos, while helping Voldemort is more of a secondary effect of it. If you look long enough, you can see utter madness in her eyes. I yet again raise my hat to the magnificent Helena Bonham Carter, whose talents make Bellatrix the madwoman that J.K. Rowling meant for her to be.

15. Mr. Weasley

Mr. Weasley preparing to ask Harry another question about Muggles

Mr. Weasley being fascinated by Muggles and their inventions

Father to Ron and his six siblings, Arthur Weasley is arguably the best father in the whole Harry Potter franchise. The first thing we get to learn about him when we meet him in The Chamber of Secrets is that he is fascinated with Muggles and their lifestyle, and his full-time job in the ministry is also dedicated to that.

As amusing as it is for us, Muggles, to watch Mr. Weasley struggle with metro or spring Muggle-related questions on Harry – ‘What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?’ – there really is a lot more to Arthur than what catches the eye at first. In addition to being a family-oriented person, he charms us with his never-failing ability to appreciate and find happiness in simple things. If we look at the Weasley family, we’ll notice that younger brothers use their older brothers’ books and clothes, and how easy can it be to maintain a family of seven children with a middle-level job at the Ministry anyway? No, the Weasleys aren’t rich. They’re not even what you could call financially comfortable. And yet Mr. Weasley never lets this affect his sense of satisfaction with life, at least not from what we see. He truly is the man who only needs his family to be happy, and that’s something many people could try and learn from him.

14. Mrs. Weasley

Molly Weasley can discipline her children AND her husband if need be.

 Ron had better behave if he doesn't want bars on his windows.

Just like her husband, Molly Weasley finds her biggest happiness and comfort in her family. She’s not another overprotective mother, though. With seven children, most of whom are still residing in the family nest, she does her best to give everyone enough attention, but enough freedom, also. Lively, chatty, caring, extremely generous, she has enough love to give even to those who aren’t her children. How many times has she welcomed Harry and Hermione to the Weasley house, fed them, made them feel at home? 

And it’s not surprising that she shares her husband’s appreciation of a simple life. At a family breakfast, when one of the twins reads his Hogwarts shopping list and says, “This lot won’t come cheap. The spell books alone are very expensive,” Molly simply says, “We’ll manage.” I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a thing or two to learn from this couple.

13. Neville Longbottom

Neville thinking he killed Harry Potter...

Neville's first flying lesson could have gone better.

Shyness, awkwardness, absent-mindedness – all these qualities describe what kind of person Neville is. But so do such qualities as courage, loyalty, and kindness. Neville is that one kid in class who always gets picked at by bullies. In Neville’s case, he’s not as often a victim of bullies as of circumstances. His first Flying lesson ends with an injury after an unsuccessful first flight. At his first lesson with Lockhart as his teacher, Cornwell Pixies show him hell. In year three, he gets attacked by a sharp-toothed monster book about fantastic creatures.

As years go by, we don’t see his awkwardness go away much, but we definitely see that his courage and loyalty are growing stronger. I’m sure Neville himself would never characterize himself as brave, but it takes courage to fight Death Eaters when you know you’re not very good with spells, and it takes courage to fight a big and dangerous snake with the Sword of Gryffindor when you know you’re not exactly a Knight of the Round Table. 

And it definitely takes courage to stand up to your friends who are about to get the entire Gryffindor house in trouble. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends,” Dumbledore said during his speech, before awarding 10 points to Neville at the end of his first school year for trying to stop Harry and his friends from sneaking away at night. 10 points very well deserved, Neville.

12. Lily Potter

Lily will always have a place in Harry's heart.

Lily helping her son find the courage to sacrifice himself

You may be a bit surprised to see Harry’s mother on this list, but I actually have a very good reason to include her in it. Lily is so much more than just Harry’s mother who was killed when he was an infant. She is the embodiment and the representation of a very powerful theme that goes through the entire franchise, and this theme is love.

Lily’s love for her son is brought up again and again throughout all the movies and books. It is Dumbledore who speaks of it for the first time when visiting Harry at the hospital in The Philosopher’s Stone. He explains to him that, when Lily sacrificed herself to protect Harry from Voldemort, she left an invisible trace of her, and that trace is love. The importance of love is emphasized constantly, and I feel that Lily impersonates the very message about the true importance of love in our lives.

11. Luna Lovegood

There's no one like Luna Lovegood.

Luna's magazine is upside down.

Ah, yes. Another eccentric character that surprises and amuses us with her whimsical behavior. From reading magazines upside down to wandering around barefoot in search of her missing shoes, Luna is straight-up weird and is absolutely unapologetic about it. She is not embarrassed with her beliefs, even despite the fact that no one else seems to share them. That’s actually incredibly inspiring.

When Luna talks with Harry about her past, we learn that her mother died when she was little. This adds a sense of sadness to Luna’s character but also lifts her even more as someone who does not let their grief and their painful experiences fill them with anger and bitterness towards the world. Instead, she treats Harry with kindness and empathy in a very difficult time of his life, and just when he feels like there’s almost nobody on his side, Luna, in her kindness and acute understanding of human nature, proves otherwise.

10. Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall won't tolerate laziness, tardiness, or procrastination.

We can clearly see that McGonagall's loyalties lie with Hogwarts.

Alright, who else here thinks that Minerva McGonagall is the sassiest, baddest witch in the entire Harry Potter franchise? If you do, welcome to the club. Professor McGonagall, I’ll admit, can be scary sometimes. If I were a first-year at Hogwarts, I’d definitely be scared of her. She has a strong sense of personal integrity, she doesn’t joke about things that are important to her, and she does not hold back when letting others know about it. Just like Alastor Moody, she has this no-nonsense note about her, and to someone who has not seen her in all the movies and all the social situations, she may seem plain dry.

I’m happy to reveal to you that, behind this old-school discipline-oriented seriousness, hides a big, big softy. When Dumbledore is about to leave baby Harry at the doorstep of his dreadful aunt and uncle, doesn’t McGonagall try to convince him to keep the baby and raise him in the magic world? When Harry asks her to sign his permit for him to be able to visit Hogsmeade, isn’t she genuinely sorry about not being allowed to do that? And when Harry is chosen for the Triwizard Tournament, isn’t she outraged with everyone’s decision to keep him in the competition and therefore “offer him as bait”?

And finally, one of my favorite scenes in the movies: McGonagall pushes Harry out of harm’s way to duel Snape, then gently tells Harry she’s glad to see him. Don’t tell me she has no heart. Her heart’s bigger than her hat.

9. Sirius Black

Sirius has become to Harry the family he never had.

Sirius is charming in a very unique way.

Sirius, just like Lupin, was James’s very close friend and, as we get to find out in The Prisoner of Azkaban, he is also Harry’s Godfather. After spending 12 years in the Azkaban prison, he finally becomes what Harry calls his only real family. Sirius’s life as a runaway makes it impossible for them to live together, so they can only talk via letters and see each other on special occasions such as Christmas at Weasley’s. He takes the place of Harry’s parental figure, giving him the family that Harry never really had.

While we can gradually see that not all of Sirius’s qualities are noble, for example, his scornful ways of treating Kreacher, the elf belonging to the Black family, we can’t deny the fact that he gets very close to Harry quite fast. Impulsive and reckless in some ways, he often acts upon his urge to protect Harry, guide him, offer advice and emotional intimacy, which creates this romantic and warm aura around him. He’s sacrificed a lot, and until he meets Harry, he’s only driven by his urge to avenge the people he loved. In finding each other, both Sirius and Harry find family, even if it’s not meant to last.

8. Hagrid

Hagrid's been Harry's friend since literally day 1.

"I shouldn't have told you that..."

Rubeus Hagrid, known to everyone as Hagrid, plays a special role in Harry’s life in particular since he is the person who comes to meet Harry and personally invites him to Hogwarts in the very first movies. Half-giant, he is big in every sense of the word, body and soul. Somewhat awkward in his ways, he charms us with his obvious kindness and loyalty, along with incredibly comic situations that he has the talent to create. 

Throughout all the movies Hagrid is a person to come to for advice, support, and just some friendly chit-chat, and while not many students are such close personal friends with him, Harry, Ron, and Hermione definitely are. “There’s no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid,” Harry tells him once, and I honestly couldn’t agree more with that statement.

7. Severus Snape 

Snape being dark for 8 movies straight

Snape's memories

Yes, I know, Snape is a very controversial character, arguably the most controversial one. For most of the time, we just know him as a bully. A moody, spiteful, sneering bully, and his favorite target for bullying is, of course, Harry. There are many times when the Potions teacher mocks and even insults him and gives him a hard time, even calls his father a pig. Everything about him screams, “I hate everyone,” and his anti-social skills make it unbearable to even be in one room with him. Shall I go on?

That said, in the last movie, to everybody’s shock, we get to know the Snape we never knew existed. The Snape who has been in love with Lily Potter long before her last name was Potter, who was bullied by the very person Lily chose to marry, and who played a vital role in saving Harry’s life the very first time it was in danger. We get to know the soft side of him that he continuously chooses to keep hidden, instead of letting the world know what he actually did for Harry. We get to know the Snape whose Patronus is still a doe, just like Lily’s was. “After all these years?” Dumbledore asks him, to which Snape says, “Always.” There’s no denying that he, the person who was bullied in school, turns into a bully himself, but it’s important to remember that it’s not all there is to him.

6. Fred and George Weasley

The Weasley twins are the favorite characters of many fans.

Welcome to the pranksters' paradise!

I hope you’ll forgive me for making Fred and George count as one. This by no means questions the importance and authenticity of either of them separately. Rather, it emphasizes the power that these two possess as a duo. 

The Weasley twins are the jokers and tricksters of the group, whatever group that might be. Always having a harmless prank up their sleeve, they will charm you with their humor, easy-going nature, and their talent to liven up any social situation. They are positive by nature and always treat life with laughter. Think of the time when George loses his ear to a Dark magic spell. As everyone gathers around him, concerned, and Fred asks him how he’s feeling, George says quietly, “I’m holy, Fred,” referencing the hole in his head. Now that’s what I call a positive attitude.  

5. Dobby

Dobby trying to save Harry's life from the very first encounter until the very last one.

"Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf. And Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!" 

Anyone who knows Dobby’s story from the beginning until the end will understand me when I say that it’s emotionally difficult to even be writing about him right now. A house-elf who has served most of his life to the Malfoy family, Dobby is the sweetest, most selfless, loyal character in the Harry Potter franchise. If you disagree, then I have nothing to say to you, except what are you thinking?!

If there’s one thing we know about Malfoys, it’s that they are mean and cruel to anybody whom they deem to be not good enough. Imagine a poor house elf serving them. Dobby’s clothes are literally an old and dirty pillowcase, the symbol of his enslavement. We’re introduced to Dobby in The Chamber of Secrets, when Dobby tries to first prevent Harry from coming back to Hogwarts and then to convince him to leave the school, believing that Harry is in terrible danger. Knowing nothing but suffering and cruelty, Dobby risks everything to save the life of someone he hasn’t even met. Even in his freedom from the horrible Malfoys, he maintains loyalty to his friends, never afraid of the price he might have to pay. I just wish the price didn’t have to be so high. 

4. Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore has been Harry's guardian angel since the death of Harry's parents.

The headmaster's wisdom can be compared only to his eccentricity.

The most powerful wizard of all time – that’s how Harry describes Dumbledore in one of his battles with Voldemort, and he is not wrong. Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ever since Harry comes to Hogwarts, Dumbledore also becomes something of a wise mentor to him. Dumbledore is an embodiment of safety and protection. People turn to him for advice and for help, parents feel safe sending their children to Hogwarts as long as Dumbledore is there, and even Voldemort himself, as Hermione wisely remarks in The Philosopher’s Stone, is afraid of nothing and no one but Dumbledore.

We often get to see the headmaster wandering away in his oral meditation about life, love, dreams, and so many other topics. To some, he may seem nothing more than an old man, a has-been, but we know that Dumbledore is just as powerful as ever. He repeatedly teaches that those who seek help will always find it at Hogwarts and that there is always light, even in the darkest moments. 

3. Ronald Weasley

Ron's "I'm about to duel Hermione" face

The fight

Don’t be surprised with my choice of Ron’s best scene. I know that he has always been Harry’s best friend. He accompanies Harry in all the troubles they get themselves into, even the ones that involve spiders. Ron’s overall personality is not a problematic one. He doesn’t make scenes, doesn’t get into conflicts, doesn’t start fights. We know Ron to be friendly, loyal, at times amusingly awkward. But that’s why I picked the scene where he gets in a really serious fight with Harry: we see a new Ron. The one filled with anger and spite, jealousy and envy. I’m not saying that’s the Ron I prefer. I’m saying that is one extremely memorable scene.

That said, I absolutely admire his unquestionable loyalty to Harry. He follows him into the layer of a huge three-headed dog, into the Chamber of Secrets, to the Dark Forest full of spiders, Ron’s worst nightmare. No matter the danger, Ron always comes through. And no matter the situation, Ron is always there for some friendly bantering with Harry, too. If this is not friendship goals, then I don’t know what is.

2. Hermione Granger

Hermione saving everyone's butts. Again.

Hermione being pissed at Ron. Again. 

I’m not saying I agree that behind every powerful man is a great woman, but let’s be honest: Harry probably wouldn’t last long without Hermione by his side. Come to think of it, Ron actually admits that when Harry tries to convince him to escape together for their Horcrux quest. There’s no denying Hermione Granger is a talented, powerful witch that surprises us again and again with her knowledge, abilities and, well, overall survival skills. Being born into a Muggle family doesn’t stop Hermione from being a badass witch. It’s true she can be a lot at times, but her heart is in the right place, and her intelligence should be admired, not reprimanded. 

One of my personal favorites among Hermione’s traits is her compassion for animals and non-human magical creatures, such as house elves, Centaur, giants, etc. She always expresses concern and disapproval whenever such creatures are being hurt, and her empathetic treatment of those who fall victim to a human’s ego has earned my absolute admiration.

1. Harry Potter

Harry's wand choosing him

Hagrid being high on "Liquid Luck"

The boy with the lightning scar, the boy who lived, the chosen one – Harry was famous in the wizardry world long before he became a part of it. When you survive the deadly spell of the most dangerous wizard in the world and, in addition, take the wizard down instead, all that while being one year old, the word will get out and you’ll become a celebrity. Sadly, fame and standing out do not make Harry’s life easy or happy. With no parents and stuck with his dreadful aunt and uncle for ten years, the boy’s life is as lonely as it gets. 

As Harry enters the magic world, he finds friends in Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and many others, but I often feel that Harry’s loneliness never really goes away. He’s lonely in his fame and in his being envied for his fame. He’s lonely in his lack of family. And it seems that it only gets harder with years, what with all the hardships that fall on him every single year at Hogwarts. His life can’t be called easy: he has sacrificed a lot, but I think what he finds the most unbearable to live with is that other people make so many sacrifices because of him or for him. Harry’s readiness to surrender to Voldemort and sacrifice himself for the sake of many innocent lives shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially if we remember that Harry is only 17 at the time.

It makes me really happy to know that, 19 years after Voldemort’s demise, we learn that Harry has a family on his own and that he’s stayed close friends with Ron and Hermione. It also warms my heart to know that his scar, the scar that used to frequently cause him pain, especially in times of danger, hasn’t hurt in 19 years. After all the hardships, all the losses, I think we’ll all agree that Harry has earned himself a lifetime of happiness.


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