Top 25 Best Spells From Harry Potter

Best spells from Harry Potter
Best spells from Harry Potter

Watching or reading harry potter and escaping into the wizarding world has always been one of the most memorable and fun experiences.  Whenever we have finished watching or reading, we always have one specific thing in our minds: “what if I was a wizard/witch?”

 It’s something that really sticks with you and you start thinking about all the spells that you would cast and why you would use them. So just to give in to that fantasy, here is a list of 25 spells ranked from good to best according to their usefulness.


25. Riddikulus


This spell is so low on the list because if you had the chance to cast spells from harry potter in real life the chances of finding a boggart is really miniscule. It would be a useless spell.

This spell is used to transform boggarts into something else that the caster finds funny (boggarts are shape-shifting creatures that assume the form of whatever most frightens the person it encounters).

What is good about it though, is the fact that if you encounter a boggart and it turns into the thing, person or situation you fear the most. You can turn it into something hilarious. Imagine turning a serial killer trying to strangle you, into Trevor Noah telling you a joke so good you can barely breathe… well the result is similar, but you get what I mean.

a boggart of professor Snape dressed in women’s clothing



24. Bombarda


This spell may be a little more useful but it also depends on what kind of person you are. If you’re a person who loves explosions or  a demolitionist then this spell is perfect for you.

Bombarda is a spell that conjures a minor explosion, but when you add “maxima” to the spell it conjures a much devastating explosion (bombarda maxima).

This spell is good because of its effect it has on tough objects/structures that need to be blown into pieces or if you just want to be the local villain that puts holes into peoples walls or if you need to level a building for renovation.

POV: the neighborhood villain is back at it again.



23. Expecto patronum


Once again this spell would be useless in the real world but there are 2 good things on why this spell would be used.

Expecto patronum is used against dementors by casting the spell while thinking of something that makes you happy. Once this spell is perfected, it can be used to conjure a patronus (it’s like a spirit animal) and in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” Dumbledore’s Army used them to communicate with each other.

Unless you’re a dementor hunter or frequently come in contact with dementors, this spell isn’t really useful.

Harry Potter casting expecto patronum against many dementors



22. Levicorpus


This spell would be very useful if you are being threatened, attacked or if someone’s giving you a hard time and you want to humiliate them.

Levicorpus is a spell used to hang someone upside down by their ankles in the air

Now listen… If you had a wand in your hand and got into a fight with your bully and you really want to embarrass them. I don’t know about you ,but personally, I would literally flip their world upside down.

I would love to do this to my enemies on a nice cold Tuesday.


21. Petrificus totalus


Another spell that has an effect on people. More specifically, makes them do nothing.

Petrificus totalus is known is the body-bind curse, meaning it petrifies the body of the victim, making them incapable of moving, it only allows them to breathe and move their eyes. The way to reverse the curse is by casting Finite Incantatem on the victim.

Let’s say your kid is doing too much. LISTEN, I know it sounds crazy, why not just freeze them for a little while? Or let’s say you’re trying to stop someone from hurting you, Petrificus totalus would be ideal since you aren’t hurting or killing them. Just freezing them in their tracks.

POV: He tested you (it doesn’t cover the person in ice).


20. Aguamenti


This spell is for people who love water, whether you want to drink some or hit someone in the face with water.

Aguamenti is the water-making spell which summons a jet of clear, pure water and shoots it from the tip of the wand. Depending on the caster’s concentration and intentions, it can summon a simple stream of water to a wave.

This would be great for staying hydrated, all you have to do is carry a water-bottle around and summon some water in it. Or if you need to water your plants you can just shoot a little water at them. Imagine how draught wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Imagine never having to waste water because you can summon waves of water at will!


19. Reducto


Similar to Bombarda, this spell is a little less destructive, but destructive enough.

Reducto is a spell used to reduce objects to dust.

This would be useful if you had a bunch of things you don’t need and you want to make a little space. There really isn’t much to say about this one, it’s straight to the point.

Casting reducto at that thing you always hated.


18. Incendio


This one is for the pyromaniacs and people who love grilling.

Incendio is the fire-making spell that is use to conjure fire.

There are a plethora of things that incendio could be used for. To start a fire for a grill, generating heat and light, smelting things, forging, incineration of waste (I don’t recommend because of global warming) or even as a weapon.

Albus Dumbledore casting a large ring of fire to save Harry and himself.


17. Expelliarmus


Another spell that is used in combat or to defend yourself.

Expelliarmus is also known as the disarming charm, used to force whatever an opponent was holding to fly out of their hand, but it could also be used to knock an opponent back causing them to fall.

If you were in a fight with someone who had a weapon, you could just cast the spell and they would be much easier to fight. Or if your child is holding something they’re not supposed to and you’re too far away to grab it out of their hands, you could just cast it. Or you could mess with your friends and make things fly out of their hands whenever they held something.

Professor Snape casting expelliarmus in a duel.


16. Stupefy


another self-defense/offensive attack spell used to make enemies vulnerable

Stupefy spell, also known as the stunning spell is a charm that renders a victim unconscious and halts moving objects.

This spell would be great when that one friends starts to ramble a little too much and can’t take a hint. When they wake up just make up some random excuse like “you just fainted out of nowhere!” or you could use this in a fight. 

 Albus Dumbledore casting stupefy in a fight with voldemort.

15. Sectumsempra


this one is a little more dark and gruesome, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sectumsempra is a very dark curse that causes cuts that cannot heal.

In the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Harry potter gets into a fight with Draco Malfoy and casts Sectumsempra without knowing its effects, but fortunately (I wouldn’t say fortunately), Professor Snape comes in to help Draco. This could be used as one of the last resorts in a fight if you don’t want to kill your opponent but instead cause major injury.

Draco Malfoy getting gashed in the face and chest by the Sectumsempra curse.


14. Obliviate


One that is great for people who always remembers the most tragic things, but useless against those with a memory span of a chicken (not really).

Obliviate is the spell used to erase a person’s memory entirely or only specific ones. It is also known as the memory/forgetfulness charm.

In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part I” Hermione Granger casts Obliviate on her parents so that they would have no memory of her. The scene is obviously depressing, but think of what you could do with this spell. If someone is angry about something you did? Obliviate. You can’t get over that person you knew? Obliviate. You remember that one thing that you did that one time? Obliviate. This could help you with so many things that bother you! But you should be careful or you could end up like Professor Lockhart. (He forgot everything about himself)

Hermione Casting Obliviate on her parents.


13. Crucio

This is one of the three unforgivable curses in the harry potter universe. And I think everyone would agree.

The Cruciatus Curse (crucio) is a curse of torture, inflicting excruciating and unbearable pain, this makes it popular among Death Eaters for use on anyone.

An incident in Harry Potter is when the Death Eaters tortured Neville Longbottom’s parents into insanity. It was so bad that they did not even recognize their son. The only way I could see this curse being used is by batman torturing criminals, as usual, to get answers, this time with a pinch of magic.

Dolores Umbridge wanting to cast crucio to torture Harry


12. Avada kedavra


Another one of the three unforgivable curses. This one is just plain deadly

Avada kedavra is the killing curse. It leaves no injury on the victim and gives instantaneous death. It can only be avoided by using a physical barrier or dodging it.

I imagine this curse being used by insane people, governments (death sentences) and emotionally unstable people. I guess it could be used to stop someone from hurting/killing you but there are many more spells that could be used instead.

Professor Snape casting Avada Kedavra


11. Lumos


A spell that is surprisingly useful.

Lumos is a spell that generates light. And when you add “maxima” (Lumos maxima), It creates a blinding flash of light from the tip of the wand.

Imagine never having to spend more money on batteries for your flash light for camping or when the power goes out. You can just conjure light whenever it’s needed.

Harry  using lumos.


10. Episkey

This spell is perfect for those who often get injured.

Episkey is a healing charm that works well on minor injuries. E.g. small broken bones or cuts

This should definitely be in the top 10 because of how much trouble this could save us. You don’t have to wait for that paper cut to heal. Maybe your kid did something dumb and they have a broken nose now, maybe you accidently cut yourself while you were chopping onions. All that could be fixed instantly if you would have casted episkey on the injuries.

This broken bone could be healed instantly with no time wasted.


9. Protego


If  “I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you” was a spell it would be this one.

Protego is a spell used to guard its caster from incoming spells, sometimes a spell can be sent back to whoever casted it.

This spell doesn’t only work against other spells but also projectiles, as demonstrated by Umbridge when a centaur shot an arrow at her and stopped it from reaching her. Although it doesn’t block the killing curse, you can still definitely protect yourself from being attacked should you cast Protego quickly enough.


Casting protego to prevent being hurt


8. Engorgio


This spell on the list could do something great for many nations.

Engorgio is a spell that makes objects larger.

That means we could cast it on food. Global hunger could easily be solved if this spell could’ve been used. And also this could save a lot of money for big families. More food, bigger beds, bigger TVs, bigger clothes, bigger shoes, bigger car, bigger furniture, BIGGER EVERYTHING!

Imagine biting into a strawberry in the same way that you would with an apple.


7. Reparo

Demonstration:  http://

This spell would be great for people with naughty children or clumsy people.

Reparo is the spell that is used to repair broken objects.

This could save a lot of time and money. Imagine if you could fix anything that was broken just by pointing a stick at it and speaking Latin! You could fix a broken vase, glass, phone, wall, computer, chair, clothes, papers, cars E.T.C in just a few seconds!

Imagine if you could repair damaged things in seconds.


6. Alohamora


this one could be problematic but it’s still really useful.

Alohamora is a spell used to open locked doors.

Do you see why I say it’s a little problematic? Yes, you can open your front door if you forgot your keys somewhere, but so can strangers. This could do a lot of good but it depends on the ethics of the caster and the door their opening. And just one Question. If alohamora can open a car door, could it be used to start cars too? Could it also unlock computers???

You could probably have access to just about anything.


5. Apparate


This one is the same as Alohamora, useful, but problematic.

Apparate is the spell used to basically go from one place to another

Without actually moving (it's kinda like teleporting)

You could teleport from one place to another and it could save a lot of money on transport, but if other people were able to do it, that means they can just show up to or in your house without invitation.

The black smoke is the Death Eaters apparating to man’s house.


4. Accio


This one is just plain useful, especially for us who don’t like standing up for things.

Accio is the summoning spell. If you are close enough to an object you can cast the spell to make the object come to wherever you are.

Imagine you just got into bed after a long day and you begin to get comfortable but then you need your phone and its just a few meters/feet away from you and you really don’t want to stand up. Don’t worry. Accio! The phone gets into the air and *boom* its in your hands. How great would that feel?


POV: you didn’t have to get up for your phone


3. Wingardium leviosa


You have to know this one. If you don’t, Where have you been your entire life?!

Wingardium leviosa is the levitating charm. It’s used to lift objects into the air and move them around.

This would be great for people who do heavy work. They could pick up an object so heavy and move it like its nothing with the spell. Moving furniture would be so easy.

Footage from a Harry Potter video game of Hermione, Ron and Harry moving a large boulder.


2. geminio


people who love money will definitely be creative with this one.

Geminio is the duplication curse. it causes the targeted object to multiply itself.

Imagine if you could cast Geminio on a $100 bill? Suddenly, you have $200, $300, $3000, $900000, $1 000 000. It doesn’t have to stop at money, it could be bricks if you’re building a house, it could be food if you’re donating, it could be cans of gas for your car. It could be almost ANYTHING.

Apple Duplicates


1. Scourgify


this one is for the cleaning fanatics and maybe people with OCD.

Scourgify is the spell that cleans things.

Imagine how much time you could use for other things if you could just wave your wand and everything cleans itself? Imagine if you never had to touch dirty dishes. Look at your space right now; look at all the filth and dirty things. Imagine if you could get rid of it in just a few seconds and with the flick of a stick. That’s how helpful this spell would be.

You would never have to deal with this ever again.


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