Top 15 Ultimate Best L4D2 Mods That Make Things More FUN

Experience the horror of Po's pursuit with the Left 4 Teletubbies 2 mod!
Experience the horror of Po's pursuit with the Left 4 Teletubbies 2 mod!

What Are The Best L4D2 Mods?

Left 4 Dead 2 is undoubtedly infinitely replayable on its own. However, sometimes you need something to just change things up a little.

Here are the top 15 most fun mods for our beloved zombie game.

Obtain any and all for free with the links below!

15. Diescraper Redux

Crawl through the destroyed cityscape.

This four part campaign takes place in a firebombed city. The survivors must find their way out to safety. Escape the city with your friends, or try and destroy the survivors in Versus!

Explore bombed office space.

How Diescraper Redux makes things more fun:

  • This new campaign provides a classic L4D2 feel while delivering some fun surprises
  • It has been extensively tested for bugs, meaning a smooth playing experience
  • It supports multiple game modes, giving it even greater value
  • Enable the Instructor to help you out if you get confused about where to go next
  • The author responds regularly to comments and complaints on the Steam page

Get the mod here.

14. Space Mod 

Space Mod gameplay

This mod changes the entire game, placing you in a space age zombie apocalypse, where the zombies are more intense, gravity is lessened, and the setting is otherworldly. The survivors travel through this new world in space suits, with increased ammunition.

Enjoy the suited-up survivors.

How Space Mod makes things more fun:

  • Low gravity adds a new aspect to the game, providing new challenges and benefits
  • Spacy sky boxes change the atmosphere of the game
  • Play with your friends, or alone with the extra-skilled AI survivors
  • Fight more zombies with increased gore for a more cinematic experience
  • The menu changes to reflect the new Left 4 Dead 2 space experience

Get the mod here.

13. Terry Crews [Tank] 

Be chased after by your favorite, wholesome entertainer.

Do you want to make the Tank even more awesome and scary? Bring Terry Crews and his gigantic, hulking muscles into your game as the Tank. Now you can watch the lovable, absurdly buff actor launch cars at you in your next L4D2 game.

Have the Tank throw Old Spice at you instead of rocks.

How Terry Crews [Tank] makes things more fun:

  • The Tank becomes more exciting!
  • See your favorite actor every round on your way to the next saferoom
  • Old Spice bottle model replaces the usual chunks of pavement
  • You can’t even be angry when you get incapacitated - it’s Terry Crews!
  • Enjoy Terry’s bright red shorts

Get the mod here.

12. Urban Flight 

Try and survive as you make your way through the bleak landscape.

This campaign takes you on an urban survival adventure, much in the spirit of classic Left 4 Dead 2 maps. Find some of the many easter-eggs as you travel through this bleak, apocalyptic city, fighting your way through the dreary landscape.

Take advantage of the option to play Versus with your friends.

How Urban Flight makes things more fun:

  • This campaign feels somewhat like a new official map
  • Search for the various easter-eggs as you battle your way to the next safe room
  • Explore this city in multiplayer games, including co-op, versus, and other game modes
  • Use the in-game instructor to work your way through
  • Enjoy another interesting finale with multiple steps required to escape

Get the mod here.

11. Nacht der Untoten Remake V2 

Feel that rush of using the mystery box.

Enjoy your classic Nazi zombie feel in Left 4 Dead 2, featuring barricading, a mystery box, and nazi zombie models. Combine your two favorite zombie games and fight for survival.

“Barricade your homes…”

How Nacht der Untoten Remake V2 makes things more fun:

  • A new barricading system changes the game
  • Enjoy the classic World at War zombie look
  • Feel the excitement of the mystery box again
  • Change Survival mode into something more exciting for you and your friends
  • Relive the old zombie horror stories of the World at War days

Get the mod here.

10. Cat Gun 

Cat Gun gameplay

Ever want to use cats instead of the standard, boring Left 4 Dead 2 guns? Well, you are in luck. With this mod you can experience surviving the apocalypse using cats instead of firearms, complete with new “reload” animations and sounds.

Never get frustrated with other survivors again.

How Cat Gun makes things more fun:

  • Make every single shot funny
  • Enjoy petting cats during the apocalypse
  • Watch your machine-gun cat vibrate as you cut down the hoards
  • Watch other survivors shoot with cats too - it’s not just you!
  • Instead of muzzle-flare there is not just a floating, magical heart <3

Get the mod here.

9. Rayman1103’s Mutation Mod 

Rayman1103’s Mutation Mod gameplay

If you have spent enough time playing L4D2, you have likely at least tried all of the mutations offered. Well, with this mod you get a whole lot more, guaranteeing hours and hours of fun as you play your way through this elongated list.

This mod makes it easy to explore the new mutations as well.

How Rayman1103's Mutation Mod makes things more fun:

  • Play against your friends in Gun Game
  • Travel through the campaigns in almost pitch darkness in Pitch Black Co-op
  • Play with your friends like usual, only this time armed with only pipe bombs in Kablooey
  • Switch weapons every 10 seconds in Left 4 Gun Game
  • In Green Mile you play Versus, only this time with no weapons at all

Get the mod here.

8. Skeletons

A far more frightening model for the common infected

Get sick of staring at the standard infected? Want something a little… spookier? Replace Common Infected with skeletons for some proper, fun spooks. It’s now a far different kind of apocalypse.

Get swarmed by a different kind of undead.

How Skeletons makes things more fun:

  • Change the game entirely - the feel transforms with these new enemies
  • Enjoy multiple skeleton models
  • Fulfill your dreams of cutting down a modern, D&D-esque hoard of skeletons
  • Make Left 4 Dead 2 a proper Halloween game!
  • Breathe new life (Hah!) into every campaign

Get the mod here.

7. Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Official 

Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Official gameplay

Alternatively, replace the Common Infected with something once innocent and now twisted and dark: demented Teletubbies with bleeding eye sockets! The mod changes the models and adds Teletubby audio to change the game into something of a nightmare.

Feel a new kind of fear.

How Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Offical makes things more fun:

  • Live out a bad dream you never knew you had
  • Fight Po and the clan with your buddies
  • New replacement audio immerses you further into the sad, terrifying landscape
  • Bring some color to your game as you send Teletubby bodies flying
  • Play with Teletubbies in all campaigns!

Get the mod here.

6. Velociraptors 

Velociraptors gameplay

Fight zombies as dinosaurs with this popular mod. Transform your survivor characters into large, colorful velociraptors, complete with snazzy reptilian animations that make them feel like an original piece of the game.

Get the gang together, but this time as dinosaurs!

How Velociraptors makes things more fun:

  • Change the entire vibe of the game to lighthearted and fun
  • Play as something non-human for once!
  • Enjoy looking at the modified character avatars throughout the game as you monitor health
  • Play this with your friends and combine this with other mods for even more, dream-like fun
  • Take a break from the classic 8 characters to refresh the game and make everything that happens humorous

Get the mod here.

5. Devil Mountain

Devil Mountain gameplay

In this campaign, climb a mountain to investigate a shining emergency signal while fending off the hoards of infected. This campaign brings the fun of Left 4 Dead 2 to a rural, mountain-range setting, adding greater variety to the usual campaign choices.

Roam through the mountainous setting to try and find a way out.

How Devil Mountain makes things fun:

  • A new setting brings back the joy of playing one of the original campaigns for the first time
  • It can be played single player as well as co-op, should you choose to brave the mountain with a friend
  • Enjoy a Survival game in this campaign in addition to your regular playthroughs
  • Struggle through the difficult, final leg of the journey
  • Explore a variety of environments, including a cave passage!

Get the mod here.

4. Healing Sounds: Sexual Healing!

Healing Sounds: Sexual Healing! gameplay

This mod, while not affecting gameplay too much, provides a nice breath of humor amidst difficult campaigns, as it adds a small segment of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” in the place of the usual sounds of health kit usage.

How Healing Sounds: Sexual Healing! makes things fun:

  • Lightens the mood in otherwise stressful moments
  • Small enough change that you can leave this on pretty much all the time
  • Lets you listen to a great song while playing a great game
  • Adds some inspiration when the game gets grueling
  • Far superior to the usual tape-like sounds of healing

Get the mod here

3. Tanks Playground 

Tanks Playground gameplay

Think the Tank is a difficult foe? Well, try fighting multiple tanks. This map hosts a wide variety of game types, allowing you to face the terror of multiply tanks in Survival, Campaign, and even Versus mode. All modes are difficult, but still insanely fun.

The map truly is a playground for Tanks, as you are soon to find out once you download it.

How Tanks Playground makes things fun:

  • This brutally hard game provides a fun, interesting challenge
  • Survival mode in this game consists of multiple stages
  • The campaign hosts a few possible rescue locations
  • Other rules now apply, such as no defibrillation if you die from falling. Be careful!
  • Fight 13-15 tanks in the campaign

Get the mod here.

2. Admin System

Ever wanted ridiculous amounts of exploding barrels? Well, do I have the mod for you.

Do you feel the need to take control of the game? With this mod you can play god, taking control of the game administrator role, giving you the ability to spawn enemies, items, shift timescale, and far more. Invite your friends, read the manual in the comments, and go to town!

Try not to let the power go to your head. Or do...

How Admin System makes things fun:

  • Complete control means you can make any Left 4 Dead 2 run that you want!
  • Create unique challenges for you and your friends
  • Share admin powers with a simple command
  • Search the guide for every command possible
  • Shock any guests to your local server!

Get the mod here.

1. Jaden Smith Tweets [Wall Graffiti] 

Jaden Smith’s infamous Tweet, now immortalized in a safe room somewhere.

Now you can experience the genius of Jaden Smith in-game with this safehouse graffiti modification! This mod takes first place on this list because it is so simple yet so funny. You can leave this mod on pretty much all the time. It is subtle but very well executed.

Find Smith’s wisdom all throughout the levels - wherever there is graffiti, keep an eye out!

How Jaden Smith Tweets [Wall Graffiti] makes things fun:

  • Get a laugh while you are waiting in the safe room
  • Never get bored in game again
  • Enlighten yourself as you play
  • Look for where it pops up in game as you play your favorite campaigns
  • The style matches the original so that it is almost unnoticeable - an all that much better

Get the mod here.

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