Top 10 Best Places to Steal in Elder Scrolls Online

Best Places to Steal in Elder Scrolls Online
Skill gets you far. Thievery gets you farther.

Best Places To Steal in ESO

Stealing is the art of taking things that don’t belong to you, preferably without the owner’s knowledge.

Theft is a viable career path in Tamriel, with a huge network of underground cutpurses, sneak thieves, pickpockets, and of course the Thieves Guild proper. Stealing is one of the best ways to earn gold in ESO.

Knowing where to steal from is as important as not getting caught. It’s a waste of time to prowl through empty areas with no containers to loot or people to pickpocket.

The more people and containers, the better. Here are 10 good spots to sneak through the next time you need to pilfer riches from the unaware.

10. The Waxing Crescent, Rawl’kha

The Waxing Crescent is an inn in Rawl’kha Reaper’s March. Built in the usual Khajiit style, the inn has a tavern downstairs and guest rooms upstairs. You will find:

  • -A dozen chests and containers
  • -Two people upstairs who you can pickpocket and then execute for no witnesses
  • -Easy-to-murder witnesses and lootable containers.Logout and login to repeat the theft.
  • -A guard. Pickpocketing near him is risky; don’t use the Blade of Woe downstairs or the guard will catch you

9. Southern Wayrest, Stormhaven

Wayrest is a prosperous trading city in Stormhaven and the capital of the Daggerfall Covenant. There’s a very lucrative loop for pickpockets. Here’s a helpful breakdown of the area:

  • -There’s a circuit of four nobles in southern Wayrest you can pickpocket quickly, giving higher loot than most other citizen types
  • -Pickpocket twice, then stab with the Blade of Woe to make them respawn faster
  • -There are few guards to witness and give you a bounty
  • -You can pickpocket plenty of other people in the same loop while waiting for the nobles to respawn

8. Grandmaster’s Palace, Kragenmoor

The Grandmaster’s Palace is the palace of Omin Dres, the grandmaster of House Dres. The palace:

  • -Has nearly forty containers to loot along with a handful of NPCs to pickpocket
  • -Is a good place to find motifs and furniture recipes
  • -Has no Outlaw Refuge nearby, so it will take longer to sell your stolen items
  • -Is easier to loot on the second floor and basement than the main floor.

7. Daggerfall Docks, Daggerfall

Every large city along a coast will have a dock. In most of these docks, you’ll find large vessels that are perfect for plundering.

  • -Ships are large and many are almost completely empty, especially inside the ship
  • -A huge amount of containers and chests are on and inside the ship
  • -Plenty of people are on the docks themselves to pickpocket too
  • -Many docks are right next to wayshrines and Outlaw Refuges, making it easy to travel between them and offload stolen loot

6. Vivec City, Vvardenfell

Vivec City is the largest city on Vvardenfell and home of living god Vivec. The city is currently under construction. A large meteor hangs suspended above the city by the magic power of Vivec.

  • -You’ll find dozens of NPCs along the mainland, cantons, and plazas of the city, enabling you to pickpocket an inventory’s worth of goods
  • -You can find rare and valuable furniture crafting recipes, which net a huge profit
  • -Careful where you use the Blade of Woe to execute a target! Three pickpockets is usually safer than two and a stab
  • -Guards patrol the city, but can be easily evaded by jumping into the water

5. Daggerfall Castle, Glenumbra

Daggerfall Castle is the residence of King Casimir, the ruler of Daggerfall. You’ll find the castle atop the highest hills of the city.

  • -The castle has almost thirty containers to loot, many in empty rooms.
  • -The castle is in the starting city of the Daggerfall Covenant, making it easy to access
  • -You’ll have almost no witnesses upstairs, making it a quick loot run
  • -If guards catch you on the ground floor, it can be tough to escape the castle

4. Mournhold, Deshaan

Mournhold is the capital of the Ebonheart Pact and one of the largest cities in Morrowind.

  • -There are dozens of NPCs outside in the city to pickpocket
  • -The Outlaw Refuge and Wayshrine make it easy to launder items quickly
  • -NPCs vary in difficulty, letting you quickly steal from low levels. You can also be patient and steal higher tier loot from richer NPC types
  • -Some NPCs crowd together, making you wait to pickpocket some people when no other NPCs are looking

3. Vulkhel Guard, Auridon

Vulkhel Guard is a port city at the southern tip of Auridon. It is ruled by Canonreeve Nesaranwe.

Between the Temple of Auri-El and the Vulkhel Guard Manor and Treasury, you’ll find numerous priests garbed in white robes.

  • -Few guards patrol the area, so it’s easy to go undetected
  • -An entrance to the Outlaw Refuge is ironically right behind the church, letting you offload stolen goods quickly
  • -Watch out for guards along the main stone pathway and the left side path to the Outlaw Refuge
  • -If a guard does spot you, run to the Outlaw Refuge to evade them and pay off your bounty

2. Altmer Embassy, Grahtwood

The Altmer Embassy is in southern Elden Root. It houses a main building, storehouse tower, and barracks.

  • -The main building has a large number of containers on two floors to loot and multiple NPCs to pickpocket. Some rooms are empty, letting you loot containers with no risk
  • -The Outlaw Refuge is right behind the main building, letting you sell stolen items quickly
  • -Be aware of the guards. You won’t get away easily inside the building if you do get a bounty
  • -This is a good location to relog and loot again.

1. Wayrest Castle, Stormhaven

Wayrest Castle is the residence of High King Emeric, the leader of the Daggerfall Covenant. The castle is situated in the middle of the city, right above the marketplace.

  • -The castle has over forty containers to loot
  • -The game adds more NPCs to pickpocket as you complete the storyline
  • -Be careful of being sighted on the first floor. The upstairs is much easier to loot, especially the king’s bedroom
  • -This is a good location to loot and relog to loot again

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