[Top 5] Borderlands 3 Best Shields and How To Get Them

 Borderlands 3 Best Shields
keep your meaty bits under wraps with the best shields on the market

Do you want to not die? Then shields are just the thing you need! Keeping your vital organs away from the denizens of borderlands is no easy task though, so equip yourself with the best shields bandits could loot.

Here is a list of the very best shields in borderlands 3.

The Frozen Heart

the frozen heart

The frozen heart is a legendary cryo nova shield that instantly freezes all enemies it hits, this is great with any character, but Is especially powerful with a cryo zane build. It drops for aurelia on Eden 6, and its red text is a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here are its stats at level 27

  • CAPACITY                         1147
  • RECHARGE DELAY              3.9
  • RECHARGE RATE.               152

The front loader 

the front loader

The front loader is a legendary shield  that reserves a significant portion of your health to add more shield capacity, this is great for any tanky builds you may want to try out. this item is a world drop, here are its stats at level 16

  • CAPACITY                          610
  • RECHARGE DELAY.            3.6
  • RECHARGE RATE              52

the Re-Charger

the Re-Charger

The Re-charger is a legendary shield  that upon depletion instantly begins refilling, this has a 20-second  cooldown. This works well with the deathless artifact, making it so you can't get hit for your health if you manage it right.  The red text may be a reference to the buffy the vampire slayer episode, once more with feeling. This shield  is a world drop, here are its stats at level 12

  • CAPACITY.                       405 
  • RECHARGE RATE.          6.2  
  • RECHARGE DELAY.        58  

The Ward

the Ward

The ward is a legendary roid shield, boasting the greatest melee buff in the game, which of course makes it an ideal choice for any and every melee build. Most specifically, Amara. It drops from the graveward primarily, the red text is a reference to the song aquarium by Haken. Here are its stats fully leveled. 

  • CAPACITY.                       9701
  • RECHARGE RATE.         7.6
  • RECHARGE DELAY.       12.05

How to get the Ward

The Transformer

the Transformer

The transformer is a legendary absorb shield which absorbs all shock damage, rejuvenating the shield. It also provides a 40% bullet absorption damage.This is great for any and every build. You can't go wrong here. The red text is a reference to the transformers theme song. It is a reward for the mission " it's alive" on nekratefayo.

  • CAPACITY.                           11557
  • RECHARGE DELAY:            4.8
  • RECHARGE RATE:              1,285
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