[Top 15] Dota 2 New Items (And What They're Good For)

Items are an essential part of Dota, without which the game is undoubtedly boring and even. There are various great items that can lead you to victory but not all items are equally strong in any meta/patch. There are also various new items that have been released, paving way for a new wave of Dota.

We have compiled a list of the 15 New Items along with reasons why they're good. So when you’re in your next match, you’d consider these items. 

15. Upgraded Blinks    

These three special Blink Daggers have been essential items since their release. As these items provide their own sets of perks, Swift Blink provides 35 Agility and 45% movement speed on usage for 6 seconds, which is great on carry heroes. Arcane Blink provides 25% mana cost reduction, 20% debuff application, and 50% cast point reduction for 6 seconds, making it an essential item for spellcasting heroes. Overwhelming Blink, on usage, makes enemies slow and makes them take damage which is equal to 100 + 150% of your base strength, making it a great tool for tank heroes. 

Why are the Upgraded Daggers great?

  • Players can choose which dagger to build according to the hero.


14. Aghanim’s Blessing 

Not all are fortunate enough to be blessed by the mighty Aghanim. Aghanim’s Scepter grants all heroes ability upgrades or new abilities which enhance their gameplay by empowering them. These abilities and upgrades are special as they can augment the mentioned ability. While Aghanim’s Scepter takes up a valuable spot in your item slot, Aghanim’s Blessing makes you consume the Scepter, but it comes at the price of your attributes granted by the Scepter!

Why is Aghanim’s Blessing great?

  • Saves you a slot on consuming
  • Great in the late game to manage inventory


13. Rod of Atos

Rod of Atos is what we like to call a criminally underrated item, and there are various reasons behind it. The active roots your targetted enemy for 2 seconds, making it a great item to cancel TPs, your foes can’t even use spells while rooted, essentially disabling them. The selling point of this item is the high Intelligence it provides, which is unbeatable at the price point of 2750 gold! 24 Intelligence along with 12 of both secondary attributes makes this a great item for mana regen and overall tankyness. 

Why is Rod of Atos great?

  • Roots and disables enemies
  • Low cooldown
  • High INT gain


12. Guardian Greaves 

Most games are a vicious tug of war and bloodshed. All you may need is one single heal or mana point to turn the fight around! Guardian Greaves provides you with just that, not only does it heal you and your allies in a certain AoE, but it also purges off any enemy debuffs that you may have on you. The best part about this item is that it doesn’t even cost any mana, you read it right! You may cast it while getting chased down by an AM or even by the Invoker! 

Why is Guardian Greaves great?

  • Doesn’t require any mana to activate
  • Immense heal 
  • Purges off any debuff


11. Bloodthorn 

The scintillating Bloodthorn turns your foes’ blood cold on usage. They’re frankly helpless when you place the curse of the silence on them! Bloodthorn silences the targetted enemy for 5 seconds, making them take an additional 30% of the total damage dealt with the enemy under duration after the duration ends. All the attacks have true strike and crit for 130% damage. 

Why is Bloodthorn great?

  • You deal maximum damage to your enemies
  • Significant silence duration 


10. Shiva’s Guard

Shiva’s Guard is one of the few items on this list that can be used both offensively and defensively. You get 15 added armor along with 30 intelligence which can help you immensely if you’re a squishy spell caster and want more mana regen. On activation, Shiva’s Guard emits a freezing wave which deals 200 damage and slows the enemy for 40% of their movement speed. This slow is impressive and lasts for 4 seconds.

Why is Shiva’s Guard great?

  • Increased armor and intelligence
  • High mana gain
  • Reduces healing of enemies by 25%


9. Orchid of Maleovalence

Orchid is a great tool to catch elusive heroes which can only be stopped with silence, which is what the item provides. Along with silencing your enemies, Orchid also provides 3 mana regen along with 40 Attack Speed and 30 Attack Damage. On activation, it silences the targetted enemy and makes them take an additional 30% of the total damage dealt under its duration.

Why is the Orchid of Maleovalence great?

  • Costs relatively less gold
  • Silences and disables enemies
  • High damage output
  • Immense mana regen


8. Scythe of Vyse

Scythe of Vyse is an essential item if your enemies have heroes that are slippery or you just want extra disable to lock them down. On usage, Scythe turns the targetted unit into a pig for 3.5 seconds, disabling them from using any items or spells whilst slowing their movement speed down. Scythe is also a great source of mana, as it provides 9 mana regen along with 35 Intelligence and 10 secondary attributes.

Why is Scythe of Vyse great?

  • Can disable enemies
  • High mana regen
  • High attribute gain


7. Bloodstone

The ultimate item for mana regen is undisputedly the Bloodstone. This breathtaking item works extremely well on heroes that are heavily mana-dependent, such as Tinker, Leshrac, and Storm Spirit! Bloodstone gains charges as you kill heroes or get assists with you in the surrounding. Your mana regen increases along with the charges, and on activation, it doubles the spell lifesteal and converts the damage dealt into mana, making it a great item for spell casting mage heroes.

Why is Bloodstone great?

  • High Mana Regen
  • Relatively cheap
  • Immense spell lifesteal


6. Glepnir

Glepnir has uprooted its enemies and made them senseless. You can buy Glepnir to root enemies in 450 AoE, making them take damage and controlling the crowds as well. Most frequently you’ll see this item on carry heroes that lack lockdown.

Why is Glepnir great?

  • You can lock down your enemies


5. Wind Walker

When we talk about the ultra-late stages of the game (60+ mins), we are often left with fewer choices to itemize. Wind Walker is an item that is always seen picked up by at least one player on each team. The saving and escape potential on this item is quite a deal! It sets up your ally or yourself in a cyclone, making your or your ally invulnerable and moving along in a direction that you can control. 

Why is Wind Walker great?

  • You can escape and save your allies
  • Disrupts enemies spells


4. Revenant’s Brooch 

The new and refreshing Revenant’s Brooch is a breath of fresh air from the usual and monotonous high-tier items. On activation, your next 5 attacks deal immense magical damage which also has a true strike. You’re also able to attack ethereal units.

Why is Revenant’s Brooch great?

  • Immense physical and magical damage
  • Low cooldown


3. Wraith Pact

Wraith Pact is an essential item if you prefer playing a utility/support role. You need Vladimir's Offering, Point Booster, and the recipe in order to build this item. You get all the basic bonuses from the Vlad’s along with 250 Health and Mana. On activation, the Pact summons a movable totem that deals 30 DPS and reduces 30% of the damage dealt by enemies in a certain radius. This makes it great against both magical and physical damage heroes.

Why is Wraith Pact great?

  • Can be purchased as an offensive or defensive item
  • Great against both magical and physical damage type heroes


2. Boots of Bearing

There aren’t many support items that were released in recent times, but Boots of Bearing is just the exception. This item, on activation, consumes one charge and grants 50 attack speed along with 15% movement speed for 6 seconds to allies in a certain AoE. The charges replenish, gaining one every 3 minutes. You start with 8 charges, making it easy for your team to chase enemies and finish the job.

Why are Boots of Bearing great?

  • No cost of activation 
  • Great if your team lacks movement speed


1. Helm of the Overlord

The threatening Helm of The Overlord has managed to secure its place as one of the most purchased items in the current patch. The Helm on use grants you the control of the targetted Neutral Creep, setting their HP to 1800 and providing it with increased damage and 400 movement speed. Split pushers and heroes with synergy can purchase this item to stomp the enemies in the late game. Some heroes are also seen rushing this item in the early game. 

Why is Helm of the Overlord great?

  • You can split push 
  • Use the dominated creep’s spells


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