[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Daggers That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

top ten daggers in Elden Ring
An image of a player using the ability of the Black Knife dagger

Glintstone Kris, rewarded after progressing through Sorceress Sellen’s questline, is perfect for any mage looking to take on a dagger on their journey for the Elden Ring. Because Glintstone Kris scales with intelligence, dex, and strength it’s perfect for mages who also scale in either dex or strength.Elden Ring is a game full of diversity when it comes to weapons and abilities for players to use. With no shortage of incredible greatswords and magical abilities, it’s not hard to see why most players will overlook the seemingly lame daggers that are scattered around the world. Afterall, in most games, the dagger just isn't a viable option for players because of its short-range, but Elden Ring has definitely thought ahead by giving some pretty unique abilities to some very cool-looking daggers. Without further adieu let's get into the top ten daggers in Elden Ring!


10. Scorpion’s Stinger (best used as a dex build)

Found in the Lake of Rot, the Scorpion’s Stinger is stylish, but it isn’t as useful/strong as the other knives on this list. Without many unique abilities and only decent damage, this dagger definitely isn’t anything to write home about. I would definitely recommend the daggers further down this list rather than this one.

This weapon does have one saving grace which is that it causes rot build-up. Paired up with the repeating thrust skill, this dagger does do some rather effective rot application. This combined with the decent damage can allow players to make effective use of this weapon. Other than that this dagger doesn't have much in the way of uniqueness, and since it’s found later than most of the other daggers I wouldn’t say that this is a weapon you should be aiming for. 

What's good about the Scorpion’s Stinger

  • Causes rot build-up
  • Comes with the skill: repeating thrust

How to get the Scorpion’s Stinger

  • Head to the lake of rot and make your way across the lake to the Grand Cloister site of grace
  • Head down to the bottom using the ledges
  • Once you're below head westward and you’ll see a chest that contains the Scorpion’s Stinger

Full details on the Scorpion’s Stinger: Elden Ring WikiAn image of Scorpion's Stinger


9. Erdsteel Dagger (best used with any build)

The Erdsteel Dagger is a weapon that players can attain very early on in the game, and I highly recommend you do so. This dagger is unique as it's the only faith scaling weapon that can have its ability altered. This means it can scale in four different stats if the player so chooses. Making it one of the most diverse weapons within the game.

Other than this the Erdsteel Dagger isn’t that unique. As you progress in the game you’ll definitely find better and more effective daggers. But having a dagger that scales in four stats and can be infused with your preferred ashes of war so early on in the game is definitely helpful to have.

What's good about the Erdtree Dagger

  • It’s possible to scale this weapon in four stats (Strength, Dexterity, Faith, and an additional stat if you infuse an ash of war that adds one on)
  • You can infuse your preferred ash of war onto this dagger

How to get the Erdtree Dagger

  • Head toward the broken ruins that act as a covering for the road Between the Third Church of Marika and the Mistwood Outskirts
  • Once there, you’ll see Kenneth Haight, an NPC who wants you to reclaim his fort 
  • From there head to Fort Haight (South East of Kenneth)
  • Clear out the fort, return to Kenneth and he will give you the Erdtree Dagger

Full details on the Erdtree Dagger: Elden Ring Wiki An image of the Erdsteel Dagger


8. Glintstone Kris (best used as a magic build)

Glintstone Kris, rewarded after progressing through Sorceress Sellen’s questline, is perfect for any mage looking to take on a dagger on their journey for the Elden Ring. Because Glintstone Kris scales with intelligence, dex, and strength it’s perfect for mages who also scale in either dex or strength.

The dagger comes with the ability called “Glintstone Dart” which allows players to shoot a projectile from afar at enemies. Overall this weapon is incredibly useful as it's a dagger that can fight in both close quarters and from far away.

However, this dagger can only be obtained after following a lengthy questline and progressing fairly far into the game so it might be a bit underwhelming when you eventually obtain it. Regardless I recommend you try it out if you are a mage looking for a good dagger.

What's good about Glintstone Kris

  • Comes with the Glintstone Dart skill
  • Scales with intelligence

How to get Glintstone Kris

  • Head to the Waypoint ruins where you’ll defeat the pumpkin head boss and meet Sorceress Sellen
  • Follow Sellen’s questline and once beating Radahn and Rennala head to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library site of grace
  • If Sellen’s questline has been followed properly then you should see two summoning signs: one red, one gold
  • Choose the gold summoning sign and fight alongside Sellen to kill Witch Hunter Jerren (who you can find at Redmane castle to kick off his questline)
  • Once you defeat Witch Hunter Jerren head back to where Rennala once was and talk to Sellen who is now standing there
  • Exhaust her dialogue to be rewarded with Glintstone Kris

Full details on Glintstone Kris: Elden Ring Wiki An image of Glintstone Kris


7. Reduvia (best used with a arcane/bleed build)

Reduvia is also a dagger that you can attain early on in Elden Ring by defeating an invading NPC. This dagger is one of the first bleed weapons that players can obtain making it very helpful early on. This weapon causes blood loss on basic strikes, but where this weapon really shines is its special ability which is helpful in both PvE and PvP.

The unique ability is called “Reduvia Blood Blade”. Reduvia Blood Blade allows the player to send out a bloody slash toward your enemies outside of their striking range. This makes it optimal for PvP and PvE battles with low-grade enemies. The skill applies more blood loss to the target than the basic attacks would. Eventually you’ll probably switch out this dagger but it can definitely be of use to you until about mid-game when you have a chance at some more amazing daggers.

What's good about Reduvia

  • Has the special ability Reduvia Blood Blade which sends out a bloody slash towards enemies
  • Causes blood loss with basic attacks

How to get Reduvia

  • Head to Agheel lake and go down the ravine heading north-east
  • While heading down this ravine you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus
  • Killing the invader will reward you with Reduvia

Full details on Reduvia: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of a player holding Reduvia


6. Bloodstained Dagger(best used with a strength build)

Similar to Reduvia, the bloodstained dagger allows players to bleed their targets. In addition, the bloodstained dagger can be infused with an ash of war that allows it to also inflict cold, poison, or more bleed. A double passive effect is always a plus on any weapon,but on this fast swinging dagger it becomes an absolute monster in terms of damage dealing..

This weapon will be a bit of a grind for you as this is a rare drop from Lesser Demi-Human Chiefs. These guys can be found across the world of Elden Ring but the earliest you can find them is in the Weeping Peninsula and in certain areas of Limgrave. This weapon is worth the grind and will serve you well until you find some of the later game daggers.

What's good about the Bloodstained Dagger

  • Causes bleed build-up
  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • Can have two passive abilities based on the ash of war chosen

How to get the Bloodstained Dagger

  • You’ll farm Lesser Demi-Human Chiefs for a chance at this weapon
  • Two can be found within hermit village which you can farm by going to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur site of grace and heading toward the village
  • There is also a Lesser Demi-Human guarding the bridge to the minor Erdtree in the Weeping Peninsula 

Full details on the Bloodstained Dagger: Elden Ring WikiAn image of the Bloodstained Dagger


5. Miséricorde (best used as a dex build)

Located in Stormveil Castle, Miséricorde is an early game weapon that I highly recommend for anyone looking for a powerful dagger.. Initially this dagger may not look like much since it has no passive abilities, but where it shines is in its physical damage. The Miséricorde has the highest crit rate of all the weapons in the game. It even outperforms the rapier by a small margin.

Additionally this dagger can also be infused with your preferred ash of war. These two perks make this a formidable weapon early game. You might find it hard to use this weapon in the later stages of the game, and considering the daggers you’ll find in the future, I don’t think this will be your long term weapon. Regardless it’s worth picking up if you're going the dagger route because its  intense crit rate allows you to do massive amounts of damage.

What's good about Miséricorde

  • Highest crit stat of all weapons in the game (at 140)
  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war

How to get Miséricorde

  • Head into Stormveil Castle where you will eventually come across a grafted scion boss 
  • Within this boss room, there will be a door that leads to a small outside enclosure which will have a fog wall with an imp statue
  • Open the fog wall with a Stonesword key and you’ll find your Misériscorde inside

Full details on the Miséricorde: Elden Ring WikiAn image of Miséricorde


4. Cinquedea (best used as a strength+faith weapon)

Cinquedea is a dagger that can be found behind the Bestial Sanctum after a series of of jumping puzzles that take you down the cliff edge. If you’re following the main path of the game then it will take you a while to obtain Cinquedea. However, if you’re looking for a shortcut you can follow D’s questline in which he’ll direct you to a teleporter that will take you straight to the Beastial Sanctum. I recommend taking the shortcut as this dagger will be extremely useful to you early-game.

Calling Cinquedea a dagger is a bit of an understatement as the weapon itself looks like a shrunken down greatsword. The damage is also quite high for a dagger with an impressive attack power of over 300 when upgraded to +10. Additionally, this weapon buffs bestial incantations by 10% which can stack with the clawmark seal. If you’re on the fence about whether to try daggers or not you should definitely try this weapon as it feels more like wielding a miniature great sword rather than a dagger.

What's good about Cinquedea

  • Buff’s bestial incantation by 10% which can stack with the clawmark seal
  • Has incredible physical attack power

How to get Cinquedea

  • Head to the Bestial Sanctum either through the warp gate near the Third Church of Marika or by traveling through Caelid
  • When exiting the Bestial Sanctum head right to the cliff edge where you’ll see a tree root
  • Drop onto the tree root and continue to drop down until you reach the bottom of the structure (watch the attached video for specifics on the jumps)
  • To the far right, you’ll see a small area with four statues which is where you’ll find Cinquedea

Full details on Cinquedea: Elden Ring WikiAn image of Cinquedea


3. Wakizashi (best for a dex or bleed build)

The Wakizashi can be found very early on in the Goal cave in the outskirts of Caelid. This dagger is quite unique as it is essentially a small katana. This means that you will receive many of the benefits of wielding a katana when using this dagger. I highly recommend this weapon to all players but especially to those who like the idea of dual wielding a katana and a dagger.

 The reason I recommend the Wakizashi to players who want to dual wield is because this weapon's true abilities shine when it’s paired with a second katana in your right hand. The Wakizashi has the ability to power stance when wielded in the player's left hand. The Wakizashi can also be infused with your preferred ash of war including the parrying skill which can be used for some pretty cool moves when paired up with a katana.

What's good about the Wakizashi

  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • Causes bleed
  • Can be dual-wielded with a katana 
  • Uses the power stance of a regular katana (L1 combo consumes 20% less stamina than a regular katana)

How to get the Wakizashi

  • Head to the Goal cave near the Caelid Waypoint Ruins
  • Make your way through this cave and find a lever that opens up the cage doors(watch the attached video as the cave is a confusing maze)
  • Once you pull the lever head to the caged cells within the cave where you’ll find your Wakizashi

Full details on the Wakizashi: Elden Ring WikiAn image of Wakizashi


2. Blade of Calling (best for a straight-up strength build)

The Blade of Calling is another faith-based dagger that is very close to the number one dagger in the game. In fact many players speculate that this is the “light/good” version of the number one dagger because of its similar abilities and stats. If you’ve made your way through the game already you might have missed this dagger as it’s tucked away in a small room that can only be accessed when taking the elevator to the Forbidden Lands.

This weapon is only attainable late-game but it definitely has the potential to be your main weapon. Firstly, it comes with the Blade of Gold skill that allows the player to jump in the air and send out a golden blade of light. This blade of light deals holy damage to the target and is similar to the Black Knife's ability. Additionally, once activated the player will gain substantial hyper-armor in the air and the ability does decent knockback to mid-tier and low-level enemies.

What's good about the Blade of Calling

  • Has the Blade of Gold skill that allows the player to jump in the air and send out a golden blade of light
  • When jumping in the air during the Blade of Gold skill the player receives hyper-armor
  • The Blade of Gold skill has a strong knockback 
  • Stealth attacks do additional damage

How to get the Blade of Calling

  • From the Forbidden Lands site of grace turn around and take the elevator back up 
  • Face southwest and you should see an opening while riding the elevator
  • Role into the opening to find the Blade of Calling

Full details on The Blade of Calling: Elden Ring WikiAn image of the Blade of Calling


1. Black Knife (best for a dex or faith build)

The Black Knife is a dagger that many players will recognize as the weapon wielded by the black knife assassins. The Black Knife is another incredible holy dagger that has a similar ability to its twin, The Blade of Calling. The skill called “Blade of Death” which hurls a blade of red flame that  does initial damage to the target, lingering damage, and reduces the target's overall health. 

This weapon’s ability is incredible but the base damage of the dagger is also quite good, around 270 at +10. All of these factors combined with the fact that it can be obtained mid-game within the Altus Plateu make this an incredible dagger that is a must for players to try out. You will have to beat a Black Knife Assassin (which is quite annoying) to obtain the weapon but it’s well worth the effort.

What's good about the Black Knife

  • Blade of Death ability that allows the player to jump in the air and send out a red blade of fire that causes initial damage, lingering damage, and reduces the target’s overall health
  • When jumping in the air during the Blade of Death skill the player receives hyper-armor 
  • Stealth attacks do additional damage

How to get the Black Knife

  • Head to the Altus Plateau and make your way to the Sainted Hero’s Grave in the wide-open fields
  • In front of this Grave you will find a Black Knife Assassin boss
  • Upon killing the Assassin you will be given the Black Knife dagger

Full details on the Black Knife: Elden Ring WikiAn image of the Blade of Death

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