[Top 15] Elden Ring Best Mods Every Player Should Use

Elden Ring is a monumental milestone for gaming, but like any timeless game, community mods have taken the experience above and beyond.

Elden Ring has become a new pinnacle for open-world games, with fast-paced gameplay, an immersive world, and imposing difficulty. Even with its award winning gameplay, community modders have found new and exciting ways to adjust the game for players new and old.

This list presents the top 15 best mods to download, from adjusting the game's difficulty, to adding new skills, to completely randomizing the experience for a new and exciting playthrough. 


1.Seamless co-op

Elden Ring is primarily a single player game, with a limited option to summon other players to help progress through certain sections. Many players looking to play with friends will find this difficult, as the game will boot out cooperators after certain checkpoints or bosses are completed. Seamless Co-Op removes this obstacle, allowing players to share the same session without being booted at each checkpoint. With this mod, players can turn Elden Ring into a more traditional multiplayer RPG, where they are able to adventure together as long as desired without having to rejoin or use in-game items for multiplayer.

Seamless co-op Key Features

  • Play with up to five other friends
  • Players killed will no longer be disconnected, but return to the last site of grace rested at
  • Completing bosses or progressing through areas no longer disconnects players
  • All members of the party can use torrent simultaneously

Get the mod here


2. The Convergence

The Convergence Key Features

  • New class system—27 additional classes, each with new starting locations and class based level progression
  • New bosses and overhaul of dungeons
  • Additional weapons and spells to expand the gameplay experience
  • Bosses already defeated can be re-challenged through their remembrances
  • Travel throughout The Lands Between at will via the Erdtree Network

Get the mod here


3. Elden Ring Reforged

Similar to Convergence, Elden Ring Reforged overhauls much of the game’s core content and mechanics, though focuses more on the mechanics and combat. It adds in a stellar deflect system similar to Fromsoft’s other title Sekiro, while also rounding out the combat with a duck and counter attack system, an off-hand weapon block, and class themed abilities spread throughout the world. For those looking for a more complicated gameplay experience than Elden Ring’s straightforward combat, this mod will refresh the battle mechanics, and much much more!

Elden Ring Reforged Key Features

  • Deflect, off-hand block, and duck combat system enhancements
  • Class based theme abilities sourced throughout the world
  • Overhaul of magic and spell options
  • New armor and weapons, and ability to alter colors
  • Ability to adjust game difficulty

Get the mod here


4. Elden Ring Dark Moon

Dark Moon is another overhaul including classes, armors, weapons, and spells, but more importantly, includes new unique areas to explore. The Isle of Bounty presents the player with a farm for resources and a comfortable safe haven, while Maveth’s Crypt adds a new dungeon filled with horrors and challenges. Dark Moon presents a great opportunity for players longing for new content to explore new dungeons and set up their own bases.

Elden Ring Dark Moon Key Features

  • New areas such as the Isle of Bounty, Maveth’s Crypt, and the Arena
  • New armors, weapons, items, and spells
  • Overhaul to combat mechanics as well for better enjoyability
  • High emphasis on fashion and unique appearances

Download the mod here


5. Item And Enemy Randomizer


While many mods add mechanics, items, or even new enemies, this mod performs a more chaotic function in randomizing the enemies and items found throughout the game. Locations where one would normally find basic enemies such as foot soldiers or wolves might instead be replaced with rune bears, dragons, or Malenia herself, while major boss encounters might simply be replaced with slimes. This mod presents a unique challenge in the unknown, as players may load the game and be immediately faced with challenges far outside their weight class. It is an excellent choice for gamers looking for an incredibly difficult and unexpected experience!

Item And Enemy Randomizer Key Features

  • Randomization of enemies—no two runs will be the same, with normal enemies and bosses spread at random throughout the game
  • Randomization of items and loadouts—start the game overpowered or underpowered, and find new loot at random
  • Allows for adjustment of game rules, such as required Great Runes as well as the randomization bias

Get the mod here


6. Clever's Moveset Modpack


Base game Elden Ring tends to have rather clunky combat when compared to the sleeker and fast-paced games from the developers, such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Clever’s Moveset aims to revamp the combat by widely expanding the weapon movesets in the game, changing the basic swing or strike animations to more creative alternatives. Players can perform much flashier combos as a result, vastly improving the pacing of gameplay.

Clever's Moveset Modpack Key Features

  • Over 20 new well-developed movesets
  • New weapons available for discovery at merchants and throughout the world
  • Old weapons reworked with new combat techniques and abilities

Get the mod here


7. First Person Souls - Full Game Conversion

Elden Ring quickly became a phenomenon on par with the legendary Skyrim itself, though for players missing the immersive first-person nature of the older game, this mod perfectly bridges the gap. First Person Souls converts Elden Ring to a First person camera, while adjusting the UI and animations to make the experience seamless. It also adds extra quality-of-life mechanics of first person games, such as attack indicators, to make a unique Elden Ring experience.

First Person Souls Key Features

  • Converts Third Person view to First Person
  • Adjusts animation and head tracking to improve first person experience
  • Includes damage indicators and aim assist to support changes to combat

Get the mod here


8. Bosses And NPCs And Custom Spirit Summons Mod

Bosses And NPCs And Custom Spirit Summons Mod Key Features

  • Adds over 187 summonable ashes, including most bosses and npc’s
  • Unlocks summons, allowing them to be summoned from anywhere, including outside of their normal zones
  • Includes an additional character, Guts from Berserk, as a summon

Get the mod here


9. Grand Merchant

Compared with the other mods on this list, Grand Merchant is much simpler, but with exceptional utility. This mod adjusts the game’s first merchant, Kale, by giving him access to all of the game’s items, allowing players to acquire items much earlier, or without the hassle of locating them during gameplay. This is particularly fun for players wanting much earlier access to late game weapons and movesets, or for players avoiding specific game paths, who nonetheless want access to that path’s rewards.

Grand Merchant Key Features

  • Much easier access to all items through Kale
  • All items craftable for free
  • Removes need to progress certain plot points for rewards or key items

Get the mod here


10. Easy Mode for Elden Ring

Fromsoft games are notorious for their difficulty, and while Elden Ring presents unique options and mechanics, such as exploitable conditions and spirit summons, it can still turn away many players not accustomed to challenge. This Easy Mode mod adjusts the basic gameplay by reducing enemy damage, buffing player damage, and presenting customizable options such as additional runes and decreased requirements for weapon upgrades. As many players are turned away by the difficulty of just the starting bosses, this mod presens a much more approachable experience for players struggling with the game’s difficulty.

Easy Mode for Elden Ring Key Features

  • Increase damage against enemies, as well as decreased damage from enemies
  • Increased healing from Cerulean tears
  • 2x Player Hit radius to improve the ease of landing hits
  • Optional adjustments such as additional runes or removal of equipment weight

Get the mod here


11. Elden Ring Ascended Mod

For an entirely OPPOSING experience to the Elden Ring Easy Mode, Elden Ring Ascended adds significantly more difficulty to the game. The mod presents three levels of difficulty, each worse than the last, which add new challenges such as 50% additional damage from enemies, increased enemy count, and even additional bosses in some arenas. On top of this, the enemy AI itself is adjusted to make them faster and smarter, overall making this already challenging game an imposing obstacle, or at higher levels, a nightmare.

Elden Ring Ascended Mod Key Features

  • Provides 3 new difficulty levels: Age of Stars, Age of Frenzy, and Age of Death
  • Significantly increased damage inflicted against player
  • Enemy count increased, while additional bosses added to existing fights
  • Enemy speed increased in higher difficulties

Get the mod here


12. Rings of Talent

Rings of Talent is a lesser known but incredibly unique mod, in that it is aimed at adding in class roles more in line with classic rpg’s. These classes are tied to specific rings that have been added to the game, each of which provides special abilities such as healing buffs for paladins, deflections for duelists, fire buffs for sorcerers, etc. While this in its own provides an intriguing mix up to class based gameplay, it is intentionally designed to work with Seamless Co-op, allowing player groups to create more specialized roles for working with a team.

Rings of Talent Key Features

  • Adds 15 custom classes to the game, allowing for advanced team specialization
  • Classes include rpg classics: druid, tank, paladin, barbarian, as well as unique classes such as vampire or dragon knight
  • Classes are attached to easily equipped rings, allowing for easy change of class

Get the mod here


13. Rakuyo - Bloodmoon's Lament Moveset

While a smaller mod than most, Rakuyo injects a touch of Bloodborne for fans of Elden Ring’s predecessor, implementing a signature boss weapon into the game. The weapon features a one-handed twinblade mode, a two handed sword and dagger mode, as well as special blood magic attacks in each form. Fans of Bloodborne will be delighted with the return of transforming weapons, while newer players will find a unique gameplay experience that drew so many to the older game.

Rakuyo - Bloodmoon's Lament Moveset Key Features

  • New added weapon, acquired from the Twin Maiden Husk
  • Transformable weapon with unique movesets in each mode
  • Special added attacks, such as AoW blood attack and leaping slash

Get the mod here


14. SekiroBorne Overhaul

For those drawn by the throwback to Bloodborne’s weapon system in the previous mod, this mod takes it a step further by implementing the combat system of both Bloodborne and Sekiro. The mod specifically adds the quick dodge-stepping mechanic of Bloodborne to improve the dodge roll, as well as the deflection block in Sekiro. As stated by the dev, this mod provides less of an unfair advantage for the player than many mods, and instead provides them with movement and defensive utility to make the experience faster paced.

SekiroBorne Overhaul Key Features

  • Adds the signature Bloodborne dodge, which is quicker with better recovery
  • Adds the timed deflection mechanic of Sekiro for a difficult but rewarding combat technique
  • Also adds a variety of other popular mods, such as FP regeneration, resurrecting bosses, and Great Rune Overhaul

Get the mod here


15. Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer

Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer Key Features

  • Adds in the full Berserker set from Berserk
  • Each piece of armor is added individually for mixing and matching
  • Also includes Guts’ iconic Dragonslayer Greatsword

Get the mod here

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