[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Spears That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Player Wielding the Bolt of Gransaxx
A Player Wielding The Weapon Art Of The Bolt Of Gransaxx

The spear class of weapons in Elden Ring are some of the most reliable and safe weapons in the game. Having both a long reach and the ability to strike from behind a shield, spears in Elden Ring boast some of the safest combat styles in the game. Despite the safety that comes with the spear class in general, don’t be fooled into thinking that these weapons are somehow too boring or easy to play with. Many spears possess unique skills and designs that are sure to make your character both stylish and powerful at the same time. Have a look through the top ten spears in Elden Ring and find the perfect weapon for your character!

10. Pike (Can be used in a variety of builds)

The Pike is an early game spear that can be found in Stormveil castle. Players who enjoy the safety of hitting enemies from afar with a spear will appreciate this weapon as it is the longest spear in Elden Ring. Using a shield with this spear is sure to keep you out of danger from any close or even mid-range enemies.

Beyond that, this spear is pretty ordinary as far as base stats go. It can be infused with your preferred ash of war and can scale (B) in many different categories (dex, str, int, arc) depending on how it’s upgraded. The only real unique thing about this weapon besides the range is the heavy attack which is an upward thrust instead of a poke.

Overall, this weapon is perfect for beginners looking to play it safe in the beginning, but I recommend switching to a more powerful or unique weapon when you get the chance.

What's good about the Pike

  • Can be infused with the player’s preferred ash of war
  • Longest spear in the game

How to get the Pike

  • Head to the Lift Side Chamber site of grace and make your way to the courtyard
  • You’ll find the Pike on a corpse within said courtyard

Full details on the Pike: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Pike

9. Clayman’s Harpoon (best used as a strength/intelligence build)

The Clayman's Harpoon is one of the best spears for intelligence builds out there. Specifically, strength mages because this weapon can scale an (A) in strength when upgraded as a heavy weapon. However, if you want to upgrade this spear as a magic weapon then you can raise the magic scaling to a (B). Regardless, this spear will do tons of damage if correctly upgraded to fit your character’s stats.

Unfortunately, this weapon will be a bit of a grind because you’ll have to kill Claymen in the underground areas until one of them drops it for you. Overall, this is a pretty decent spear with good scalings, but the weapons further down the list have more advantages that outshine the Clayman’s Harpoon.

What's good about Clayman’s Harpoon

  • Can be infused with the player’s preferred ash of war
  • Can scale an (A) in strength

How to get Clayman’s Harpoon

  • Dropped by Claymen
  • Can be found at Uhl Palace Ruins, Siofra River, or Ainsel River

Full details on Claymen’s Harpoon: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Clayman's Harpoon

8. Crystal Spear (best used as an intelligence build)

The Crystal spear is another exceptional weapon for any mage in need of a good spear. The crystal spear can be found quite early on in the Sellia Hideaway behind an illusionary wall. With decent damage and a high intelligence scaling, this weapon packs a punch in the hands of a powerful mage.

Unfortunately, this weapon does not have much going for it besides its high damage and good intelligence scaling. It does not have any passive effects, it can't be buffed with magic, and it can’t be infused with an ash of war. Despite its drawbacks, it’s still a very useful weapon for mage class characters, although there is a lot less creativity to be had with this weapon.

What's good about the Crystal Spear

  • Scales (B) in intelligence
  • Comes with the skill “Impaling Thrust” which allows the player to perform a long and powerful thrust capable of overcoming shields

How to get the Crystal Spear

  • Found in Selia Hideaway behind an illusionary wall
  • Head towards the boss room from the Stake of Marika while hugging the wall
  • Eventually, you’ll find a corpse with a Preserving Boluses
  • Hit the wall behind this corpse to get the Crystal Spear

Full details on the Crystal Spear: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Crystal Spear

7. Rotten Crystal Spear(best used as dex/arcane build)

If you were a fan of the previous Crystal Spear then this weapon will be even more promising for you as it’s pretty much the same weapon but with the added bonus of causing rot build-up. While the base damage is lower than its non-rotten counterpart, the scalings are the same so mages will do the same amount of bonus stat damage.

The skill is also changed with the Rotten Crystal Spear having the “Charge Forth” skill and the Crystal spear having the “Impaling Thrust” skill. Which is better depends on your play style as the Rotten Crystal Spear will offer a longer range, but the Crystal Spear can break through shielded enemies. Overall, I think the passive rot ability is worth a little downgrade in damage, so I would try out the Rotten Crystal Spear if you’re okay with doing a little farming.

What's good about the Rotten Crystal Spear

  • Causes scarlet rot build-up
  • Comes with the skill “Charge Forth” which allows the player to charge forward and deliver a powerful thrust

How to get the Rotten Crystal Spear

  • Dropped by Lesser Crystalian enemies
  • 2 can be found in the room next to the Elphael Inner Wall site of grace

Full details on the Rotten Crystal Spear: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Rotten Crystal Spear

6. Inquisitor’s Girandole(best used as faith build)

The Inquisitor’s Girandole is a solid faith-based spear that deals both fire and physical damage. Most enemies in the game will be somewhat vulnerable to fire which gives this spear an advantage over many others. This combined with solid physical damage and a (B) scaling in faith make this weapon very strong in the hands of a faith-based player.

Additionally, this spear also causes passive blood loss build-up which comes in handy when fighting bosses or tough enemies. Unfortunately, the Inquisitor’s Girandole cannot be infused with your preferred ash of war, so you’ll have to make do with its weapon skill “Charge Forth”. Even though you can’t change the ash of war, this weapon has a lot of benefits that are sure to give you an advantage in most of your fights.

What's good about the Inquisitor’s Girandole

  • Comes with the skill “Charge Forth” which allows the player to charge forward and deliver a powerful thrust
  • Comes with a passive blood loss build-up

How to get the Inquisitor’s Girandole

  • Make your way to the Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace within Raya Lucaria
  • Once there head outside and take the giant spinning wheel elevator to the bottom
  • Once at the bottom you should see an Abductor Virgin (those creepy metal dolls)
  • Let it pull you in and kill you then you’ll be teleported to Volcano Manor
  • Make your way through the area (there's only one way to go for the most part)
  • Eventually, you’ll arrive at a boss fight with two Abductor Virgins
  • Kill them to get the Inquisitor’s Girandole

Full details on the Inquisitor’s Girandole: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Inquisitor's Girandole


5. Death Ritual Spear(best used as an intelligence build)

The Death Ritual Spear is another fantastic weapon for magic users. It has the same scalings as the Crystal Spears listed earlier, but it does more base magic damage than either of the two Crystal Spears. Much like the other intelligence-based spears, the Ritual Death Spear cannot be infused with your preferred ash of war.

Where this weapon shines is in its ability called “Spearcall Ritual”. Spearcall Ritual summons phantom spears to rain down on your target causing a lot of damage. Since this ability scales in intelligence, mages will find this skill to be equal in damage to many of their most powerful sorceries.

Overall this spear has very good damage and scales very well for mages. On top of that, the ability which also scales in intelligence, is a multi-hit ranged attack that deals an incredible amount of damage. I highly recommend this spear to any mage looking for a powerful spear.

What's good about the Death Ritual Spear

  • Comes with the skill “Spearcall Ritual” which summons a downpour of spectral spears on your enemy

How to get the Death Ritual Spear

  • Make your way to Castle Sol in the mountain top of the giants
  • Instead of entering the castle head back up the mountain past a large gravestone
  • When traveling back up at night eventually a Deathrite Bird will spawn on the western edge of the mountain
  • Kill the Deathrite Bird in order to obtain the Death Ritual Spear

Full details on the Death Ritual Spear: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Ritual Death Spear


4. Cleanrot Spear (best used with a faith build)

The Cleanrot Knight Spear is an incredible faith-based spear that's dropped by the Cleanrot Knights found throughout the game. This spear has solid base damage equal to many other spears on this list with the added bonus of dealing a good amount of holy damage. The scalings of both strength and dexterity reach a (C) when fully upgraded and it scales (D) in faith.

Unfortunately, the scalings on this weapon are a bit lower than other spears meaning you won’t get as much bonus damage based on your stats. Luckily, this spear comes with a special skill called “Sacred Phalanx” which consists of a spear slash that will push enemies back into a palisade of holy spears that you summon from the ground.

This spear is a solid choice for any faith builds due to its holy damage and its special skill, which stuns targets and deals a solid amount of holy damage.

What's good about the Cleanrot Spear

  • Boosts immunity by 50
  • Comes with the skill “Sacred Phalanx” which summons a palisade of golden spears in front of the player

How to get the Cleanrot Spear

  • Drops from Lesser Cleanrot Knights
  • Can be found in the War-Dead Catacombs
  • Can also be found in the Swamp of Aeonia
  • Late game can be found in Miquella’s Haligtree

Full details on the Cleanrot Spear: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of a Clean Rot Knight using the "Sacred Phalanx" skill

3. Spiked Spear (best used as a strength build)

The Spiked Spear is a very strong spear that can be obtained by killing Marionette soldiers in Liurnia of the Lakes. The Spiked Spear has a number of advantages including its base damage, its passive blood loss build-up, and the fact that it can be buffed with magic or infused with your preferred ash of war.

The Spiked Spear is one of the highest damaging spears in Elden Ring coming to about (270) when upgraded as a keen or heavy weapon. In these categories, it can achieve a (B) in either strength or dexterity respectively which will increase the scaled damage of the weapon. Combined with its passive blood loss, the Spiked Spear is sure to shred through a lot of tough enemies you encounter.

Additionally, you can also double up passive effects on this weapon like having both cold and blood loss build-up. This will of course reduce base physical damage so you’ll have to decide what will be most beneficial to you. Overall, this weapon has a lot of potential in many builds to dish out tons of damage, both to bosses and regular enemies as well.

What's good about the Spiked Spear

  • Causes blood loss build-up
  • Has a special horizontal R2 slash
  • Can be infused with the player’s preferred ash of war 

How to get the Spiked Spear

  • Dropped by Marionette soldiers
  • A bunch of marionette soldiers can be found around the converted tower

Full details on the Spiked Spear: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Spiked Spear

2. Cross-Naginata (best used as a dex build)

The Cross-Naginata is an early game weapon that can be found in the Gael Tunnel, on the eastern edge of Caelid. I highly recommend this spear for Dex players as it’s one of the strongest spears in the game due to its damage and passive ability.

In terms of its passive ability, this spear causes blood loss to your opponents naturally. Due to the fact that you can infuse this weapon with your preferred ash of war, you can also add on a second passive effect such as cold or poison. However, if you’d rather up the damage scaling of this weapon then I recommend upgrading it as a keen weapon to obtain an (A) scaling in dexterity.

Regardless of how you upgrade this weapon the base damage will either exceed or stay about the same as the others on this list. It also maintains its (B) scaling in dexterity in both its standard form and in its passive effect forms (poison/cold). These traits make the Naginata a super adaptable weapon that is sure to help you kill everything you come across in your journey.

What's good about the Cross-Naginata

  • Can be infused with the player’s preferred ash of war
  • Has a unique moveset that combines thrusts and slashes
  • Can scale (A) in dex when upgraded as a keen weapon
  • Comes with a passive blood loss build-up

How to get the Cross-Naginata

  • Head to the Gael Tunnel on the eastern edge of Caelid
  • Inside will be a corpse guarded by a giant land octopus who hangs from the ceiling
  • Kill the land octopus (or run by him) and loot the Naginata off of the dead corpse

Full details on the Cross-Naginata: Elden Ring Wiki  

An image of the Cross Naginata

1. Bolt of Gransax (best used as a dex build)

The Bolt of Gransax is definitely the most unique spear on this list as it is a miniature version of a great spear wielded by Gransax. It certainly has a hefty stat requirement with 20 strength and 40 dexterity, but the benefits are well worth it.

The first benefit to take note of is the range which is actually second only to the pike. Additionally the skill “Ancient Lightning Spear” is similar to many powerful ancient dragon incantations, but it requires no faith whatsoever. So, if you’ve got a dex build that doesn’t lean heavily into faith, then you still have the option to hurl ancient dragon lightning bolts if you so choose. Trust me when I say that the damage on those bolts is comparable to some of the highest ancient dragon incantations.

Unfortunately, this weapon does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, despite the intense stat requirement in dexterity it only scales (C) when fully upgraded. Furthermore, the base damage is a bit lower than many of the other spears in the game. However, the solid range of the spear combined with the long-ranged lightning bolts more than makeup for the drawbacks in my opinion.

What's good about the Bolt of Gransax

  • Comes with the skill “Ancient Lightning Spear” which imbues the spear with ancient lightning and hurls it at the players target
  • 20% increased damage to dragons
  • 10% increased damage to ancient dragons

How to get the Bolt of Gransax

  • Make your way to the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace and walk out the western door
  • Take the elevator down and head down the staircase
  • Jump onto the giant spear that's lodged into the side of the wall
  • Walk up the spear to find the Bolt of Gransax
  • Must be obtained Leyndell, Royal Capital prior to it becoming the ashen capital

Full details on the Bolt of Gransax: Elden Ring Wiki   

An image of the Bolt of Gransax

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