[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Farming Spots That Are Great

In Elden Ring you'll need to farm runes and gear to fight these bosses.
A player facing a ferocious dragon

The latest edition to the souls' games has arrived in the world of Elden Ring, an open-world  action RPG. With over 70+ unique bosses and a map size of 79 kilometers (larger than GTA V’s map), it’s no wonder that there are tons of incredible farming spots waiting to be discovered. In such an expansive and harsh world it is no surprise that your equipment and stats are key to your survival. So, rather than running around dying and rage quitting every few days as I did, it’s best to get ahead of the ball game and learn some worthwhile farming spots for runes and that sweet, sweet loot.


10. A Good Farm for Thin Beast Bones

If you’re planning on being an archer in Elden Ring you’re gonna need a good supply of thin beast bones in order to craft the various arrows that are at your disposal. Early game there's no better place than in a field to the south of Stormville Shack. From StormVille Shack head toward the Evergoal to the south and you’ll run across massive herds of sheep ripe for the killing. A few run-throughs and you’ll have plenty of thin beast bones to create all the arrows you need!

There are a few more spots where you can farm beast bones. Especially if you head into the Siofra River and other places underground. However, this is the earliest spot in the game to farm beast bones. Plus it’s really easy to just run around on your horse and hunt them all down, so I recommend just running through this area a couple of times until you have plenty to spare.

What you can farm:

  • Thin beast bones
  • Sliver of meat
  • Beast Liver

This is the spot where you find a lot of grazing sheep


9. Caravan Next to the Waypoint Cellar Ruins

This is a very early game farm but one that I highly recommend for as long as it’s useful to you. After running outside of the Waypoint Cellar Ruins you’ll see two giants pulling a caravan with a bunch of low-level enemies around it. Killing the giants will get you 2,000 runes and killing all of the weaker enemies will bag you a little over 1,000. 
Early game this is a nice rinse and repeat rune farm that can gain you a few levels. However, don’t spend too long farming this one because you’ll find better spots very quickly. I’d say if you're past level 30 then it’s time to move on from this spot and onto another that’s further on down the list.

You’ll also find more caravans like this throughout the game as you continue your journey. I’ve only included the first caravan that players come across because future caravans are less effective for farming. They offer substantial runes but by the time you are able to farm them, you could be farming the better  spots that are further down on the list.

What you can farm:

  • Runes
  • Kaiden Armor Set (Helm, Gauntlets, trousers, and Armor)
  • Dismounter

A couple of giants dragging along the caravan with weak soldiers in toe


8. Impassible Greatbridge

Similar to the War Dead Catacombs, this area has a farm that pits Giant Dogs against Radahn Soldiers. Unlike the War Dead Catacombs, the Impassable Greatbridge is only a semi-afk-farming spot. This means you’ll have to reset at a site of grace and possibly finish off enemies that were not fully killed. For low-level players though, this spot will definitely help you level up a bit, with the earnings coming to a little over 4000 runes. 

There are definitely better spots to farm than this one, but this is the earliest semi-afk farming spot that you can use to get some quick runes. I would recommend only farming for a few levels here because the soldiers take quite a while to defeat all of the monster dogs. On top of the wait time, there's a good chance you’ll have to finish off a lot of enemies after they're done battling, which may lead to you dying to those nasty dogs.

What you can farm:

  • Hefty Beast Bone
  • Beast Blood
  • Radahn Soldier Set (Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves and Armor)
  • Lord Sworn Sword and Shield
  • Smoldering Butterfly’s
  • Bolts
  • Lordsworn Bolts
  • Mushroom
  • Heavy Crossbow
  • Runes

A player looking at the Impassable Bridge that leads to Redmane castle 


7. Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel (Farming Spot For Smithing Stones)

Raya Lucaria’s Crystal Tunnel is the perfect spot to farm for smiting stones (1 and 2) which are really helpful early game! On your first run, you’ll find smithing and somber smithing stones along the wall (1-3). In addition, the sorcerer miners have a chance to drop different level smithing stones. In this tunnel, they will likely only drop low-level smithing stones.

However, if this feels like too much work, the boss at the end of this tunnel  drops the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing (1) which will allow you to buy smithing stones (1 and 2) from the Two Maiden Husks at the Round Table. I would recommend just going for the bell bearing because you can use the rune farming spots on this list and buy as many smithing stones as you need.

What you can farm:

  • Cracked Crystal
  • Glinstone Scrap
  • Golden Rune (3)
  • Large Glintstone Scrap
  • Various level smithing stones 
  • Runes

A view of the various crystal caves throughout Elden Ring


6. Bestial Sanctum (Early Game Farm)

The Bestial Sanctum is at the very end of Caelid so it will take you a while to get there following the main path. Luckily, by following D’s questline you can access this area much earlier by taking a teleporter directly to the Bestial Sanctum. This farming spot is one I personally used to shoot up to level forty within the first couple hours of playing which made places like Stormveil Castle much easier for me. 

As this is a later game area the Vulgar Militiamen who are scattered throughout the area drop around 1000 runes each. The Vulgar Militiamen are quite hard, but luckily they’re pretty scattered so you can fight them 1-on-1 to build up your skill, or you can take them out from afar with throwable weapons. Also, I recommend dodging the angel statue boss as that guy will rock your world early game.

What you can farm:

  • Vulgar Militia Helm
  • Vulgar Militia Armor
  • Vulgar Militia Gauntlets
  • Vulgar Militia Greaves
  • Vulgar Militia Shotel
  • Vulgar Militia Saw
  • Kukri (Super good throwable knives that cause blood loss)
  • Runes

The Vulgar Militiamen that you’ll be farming


5. Swamp of Aeonia

Aeonia Swamp is very easy to get to early-game, and it has plenty to farm. The runes here will be quite good for early game players as most of the enemies are high level. However, what makes this place so special is the Cleanrot Knights. They drop a whole lot of facinating weapons and armor that can be used through the rest of your gameplay. I have been using their armor as my main set throughout the game ever since I got it (besides the helmet because that looks a little funky).

The Aeonia Swamp will be a bit of a challenge if you head there early-game. . First, there's the fact that the farming spot is on a rotten swamp so you’ll be constantly getting rot build-up. Luckily riding your horse can negate this effect. Lastly, the Cleanrot Knights are no joke so if you plan on farming them (especially early game) you’ll definitely have to develop your fighting skills.

What you can farm:

  • Cleanrot Knight’s Sword
  • Cleanrot Spear
  • Halo Scythe
  • Clean Rot Knights Sword, Halo Scythe, and Spear (If holding the item)
  • Trina’s Lilly
  • Miquella’s Lilly
  • Great Dragonfly Head
  • Marionnette Armor (Helm and Armor)
  • Spiked Spear
  • Arrows
  • Cuckoo Glintstone
  • Runes

Commander O’neil is a boss you can find in Aeonia Swamp


4. War Dead Catacombs

While I usually have little patience for afk farming, this spot is just too good to not use. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this is the best afk farming spot in all of Elden Ring. The War Dead Catacombs, which is inside Radahn’s boss room, is a dungeon that continuously spawns Cleanrot Knights, Radahn Soldiers, and Radahn Knights that are continuously killing each other. Once killed the runes will go to the player, making it a perfect afk farming spot.

What is insane about the War Dead Catacombs is the level of the enemies inside. At first, I actually missed this dungeon and I had to come back at level 80 and I was having a semi-difficult time killing the enemies in this place. This means that the enemies are beyond the level of a player who just beat Radahn! But, the more powerful the enemies the better the runes and loot. Also, all of these enemies can drop their items so once you come back make sure to search the floor for any drops that happened while you were afk. 

What you can farm:

  • Clean Rot Armor (Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Armor)
  • Clean Rot Knights Sword, Halo Scythe, and Spear (If holding the item)
  • Trina’s Lilly
  • Miquella’s Lilly
  • Radahn Soldier Armor (Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Armor)
  • Lord Sworn Sword and Shield
  • Runes

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss at the end of War Dead Catacombs


3. Crumbling Farum Azula (Smithing Stone 7&8 and Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones)

By following the main questline you’ll eventually end up arriving at Crumbling Farum Azula by lighting the Forge of the Giants. As this is a late-game location many of the enemies here drop a hefty amount of runes. In addition to runes, many of the enemies are wielding cool armor sets and weapons like the Banished Knights or the Beastmen who have an incredible curved sword

While there's a lot to farm in this place the real reason why you want to get to Crumbling Farum Azula is for the key items and upgrade materials. When searching the area, you’ll find many high-level smithing stones and even Ancient Dragon Smithing stones throughout the area. More importantly, this area has a lot of bell bearings, which are essential to buying upgrade materials that are hard to farm elsewhere in the game.

What you can farm and key items:

  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (4)
  • Somber Stones Miner’s Bell Bearing (4)
  • Somber Stones Miner’s Bell Bearings (5)
  • Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing (3)
  • Sacrificial Twig
  • Gold Tinged Excrement
  • Flight Pinion StormHawk Feather
  • Warhawk’s Talons
  • Beastman’s Cleaver
  • Beastman’s Curved Sword
  • Beastman’s Jarshield
  • Banished Knight Set (Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves and Armor)
  • Banished Knight’s Greatsword
  • Banished Knight’s Halberd
  • Banished Knight’s Shield
  • Runes

An image of Crumbling Farum Azula


2. Mohg Lord Of Blood

For this farm, you will be using your Tarnished Furled Finger to help other players defeat Mohg the Lord of Blood. I would like to add that this farm could work for any boss in the game. However, I highly recommend the Mohg boss fight because it offers a lot of runes (110,000) and many players like to cheese this boss meaning you’ll probably end up dying a lot less than if you helped at other boss fights. 

Out of all the farming spots on this list, this is probably the quickest and simplest if you're just looking for a large number of runes. You’ll also receive rune arcs upon defeating the boss, but other than that you won’t be farming much else. 

What you can farm:

  • Rune Arcs 
  • Runes

Mohg Lord of Blood who you'll be defeating


1. Mohgwyn Palace (Palace Approach Ledge-Road Grace)

If you’re looking for a farming spot to earn a large number of runes with little to no effort in a very short amount of time then look no further. Currently, this farm is one of the best in Elden Ring and will bag you way more runes in a shorter amount of time than any of the other spots on this list. To earn these runes you’ll have to shoot the rotten crow enemy from the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace. The bird will then run off the ledge bagging you 11,000 runes and more with rune boosters on. 

This area is accessible early game by following Varre’s questline, but even entering through the waygate at the Consecrated Snow Field later in the game this spot shines as an easy stat booster. This farming spot is a bit boring but there is absolutely no risk. In addition, the site of grace is so close to the cliff edge that you can kill this bird probably once every minute. If I’m doing the math right that means you’re gaining over 100,000 runes in ten minutes! 

What you can farm:

  • Runes

An Image of Varre the NPC who can get you to Mohgwyn palace

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