[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Weapons (Early To Late Game)

Best Fallout 4 Weapons

Fallout 4 is a huge game, and knowing what weapons to bring in your travels can mean life or becoming a Deathclaws dinner. Luckily for the brave souls traveling across the Commonwealth. Fallout 4 is home to a wide selection of different armaments for the player to use, but with a wide selection comes confusion. What are some of the best weapons in Fallout 4?


1. Baton (Best for Early Game)

Fallout 4's baton.

The baton is likely one of the first weapons you use in Fallout 4. You can find several scattered around Vault 111 during your escape. The baton can also be found on raiders, gunners, and wasteland scavengers. What makes the baton useful is that in the early game, there are not a lot of other melee weapons, and its low weight & relatively high damage make the baton a necessary tool to survive Fallout 4’s early hours. 

In addition, the baton can be upgraded to become electrified- which stuns and deals energy damage to enemies. Furthermore, the baton does stack other melee/damage-related perks like Big Leagues and Bloody Mess, making it even more necessary for early melee-focused builds.

Baton Base Stats:


AP cost:30


Value: 15


2.10mm Pistol (Best for Early Game)

Fallout 4's loading screen showcasing the 10mm pistol.

The 10mm is usually the second weapon the player receives after the baton. The pistol can be found during the Sole Survivor's escape in the overseer's office. Don’t worry the pistol is unmissable. The 10mm is one of the most widely used handguns in the game and can be found on almost any NPC and most locations in the Commonwealth. The 10mm is one of Fallout's most iconic weapons, and for good reason. The 10mm pistol is highly customizable, but it's also lightweight and does a lot of damage. In addition, ammo 10mm is easily attainable in the early game, making it a standout weapon.

Moreover, The 10mm can be stacked with several perks like Gunslinger, Commando, and Mister Sandman, further enhancing its capabilities.

10mm Pistol Base Stats:

Ammo: 10mm round

Damage: 18

Value:45 Caps

Weight: 3.5lbs

AP Cost: 21


3. Minigun (Best for Early Game)

Fallout 4's loading screen showcasing the Minigun.

The minigun is usually the first heavy weapon the player acquires in the game. Obtained through the Freedom Calls quest- the minigun can be found across the commonwealth and sold by vendors. Unlike its predecessor in Fallout 3, the minigun now sports a magazine instead of a backpack. In addition, the minigun has the second fastest fire rate in the game- making it extremely powerful when combined with drugs like jet. However, the minigun does not level scale, not making it viable for the later game. 

Minigun Base Stats:

Ammo: 5mm

Damage: 8

Value: 382

Weight: 27.4

AP Cost: 40


4. Righteous Authority (Best for Mid-game)

Fallout 4's unique laser rifle "Righteous Authority."

Righteous Authority is a unique laser rifle given to the player by Paladin Danse at the end of the quest, Call to Arms. Although Righteous Authority might look like any other laser rifle in the game, it has a unique “Lucky” legendary effect that causes critical shots to double damage and fill the critical bar twice as fast- when combined with its high fire rate and long-range, makes Righteous Authority one of the most overpowered weapons in the game, especially during the mid-game. 

Righteous Authority Base Stats:

Ammo: Fusion Cell

Damage: 26




5. Kellogg's Pistol (Best for Mid-game)

Fallout 4's Kellogg's Pistol.

Obtained after killing your spouse's killer and your son’s kidnapper Kellogg during the quest, Family Reunions. Kellogg's Pistol is a unique 44. Revolver with the unique legendary effect, "relentless.” The legendy effect refills action points after a critical hit, making it similar to Fallout 3’s perk Grim Reaper’s Sprint, albeit less exploitative and overpowered. 

However, when used with luck- perks like critical banker, better criticals, and bloody mess. With the right perks, Kellogg's pistol becomes one of the most overpowered weapons- refilling the player's critical bar with every shot.  But even without the perks, the base damage and its legendary effect, “relentless,” make it a must-use weapon in the mid-game. 

Kellogg's Pistol Base Stats:

Ammo: .44

Damage: 48

Value: 449

Weight: 4.3


6. Spray and Pray (Best for Mid-game)

Fallout 4's "Spray and Pray" unique submachine gun. 

Spray and Pray is sold by the traveling merchant Cricket, who is often found at Diamond City or Bunker Hill and can be bought for 1084 caps.  Spray and Pray is a unique submachine gun with the legendary effect, “explosive,” which deals an extra 15-explosive damage with every shot- making Spray and Pray one of the game's most powerful weapons. The additional explosive damage creates an area of effect, staggering and damaging several enemies simultaneously. Combined with the perks Commando and Demolition Expert makes it even more overpowered by increasing the base damage along with explosive damage. 

Spray and Pray Base Stats:

Ammo: .45

Damage: 34 (+15 with explosive)


Weight: 19

AP Cost: 43


7.Sentinels Plasmacaster (Best for Late Game)

Fallout 4's unqiue plasma gun "Sentinels Plasmacaster."

Plasma Weapons in Fallout often get a bad rap for their incredibly slow fire rate. However, the Sentinel’s Plasmacaster, sold by Proctor Teagen aboard the Prydwen, is one of the most powerful weapons for sniper or stealth builds. The Sentinel's Plasmacaster comes equipped with the unique legendary effect, “instigating,” which doubles damage on enemies with full health. Like other plasma weapons, Sentinel’s Plasmacaster deals both energy and ballistic damage, making it a must-use against late-game enemies that usually have resistances to both. 

Base Stats:

Ammo: Plasma Cartridge 

Damage: 24 Ballistic and Energy 

Value: 148

Weight: 4.8

AP Cost: 34


8.The Deliverer (Best for Late Game)

Fallout 4's uniue 10mm postiol "The Deliverer."

The deliverer is a unique 10mm handgun equipped with the “V.A.T.S Enhanced” legendary effect found towards the end of the Railroad quest, Tradecraft.  The legendary effect gives the player a higher chance of hitting their target in VATS and a 25% AP reduction as well. Unlike most unique weapons in the game, the deliverer has a unique model- it is also the most powerful pistol in the game with its low recoil and high fire rate.

The Deliverer Base Stats: 

Ammo: 10mm

Damage: 25

Value: 774

Weight: 4.4

AP Cost: 26


9. Reckoning (Best for Late Game)

Fallout 4's unique ripper "Reckoning."

The second melee weapon included on this list, Reckoning, is a unique ripper equipped with the “Sentinels” legendary effect. The legendary effects give the player an extra 15% damage resistance when standing still. Although that might not sound like a lot, the Ripper is one of the game's most powerful melee weapons, turning you into a walking chainsaw-wielding concrete wall. The weapon is sold by the traveling merchant, Smiling Larry. 

Reckoning Base Stats:

Attack Speed: Very Fast

Damage: 8

Value: 750

Weight: 6

AP Cost: 40


10. Overseer's Guardian 

Fallout 4's unique combat rifle "Overseer's Guardian." 

Overseer’s Guardian is a unique combat rifle sold by Alexis Combes in Vault 81. The Overseer’s Guardian is the most powerful rifle in the game. Its legendary effect “two shot” fires an additional projectile- doubling the damage with every shot. The extra shot does not take another round. Combined with its high damage and fire rate with its ability to swap between three different ammo types 308, .45, and .38- makes the rifle insanely customizable for any build. 

Overseer's Guardian Base Stats:

Ammo: .45

Damage: 55

Value: 1230

Weight: 15.7

AP Cost: 25


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