Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Tier List

Fire Emblem: Three Houses best Characters
The ultimate ranking of all the characters

With 33 playable characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it can feel overwhelming to try and navigate who to spend the most time with and who to bring into battle. After all, though the scope of the game is immense, it’s impossible to train everyone. And with the added pressure of any FE game to keep your characters alive, there begs the question - just who are the best characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This list ranks all playable characters in Three Houses and ranks them based on a variety of factors (namely starting stats, growth rates, power and strength, and experience gained) to help you figure out the best characters to send into battle. 

This list also doubles as a guide for who's worth recruiting and who's not


These characters are the strongest, able to kill an enemy in one shot, even as early as the first battles in the game. With high starting stats, insane growth rates, and the ability to earn loads of experience in battle, you won’t need to worry too much about training them; and with all the enemies they’ll kill, they’ll level up in no time. 

  • Byleth
  • Edelgard 
  • Dimitri 
  • Claude 
  • Lysithea


While these characters may not be as godly as the S-Tier characters, they’re still incredibly strong and powerful and can help round out your team by covering areas in lance, sword, axe, and magic skills that your leaders may be lacking in. Spend some time honing their skills to make them killers on the battlefield. 

  • Sylvain 
  • Ferdinand
  • Petra
  • Hilda
  • Felix 
  • Hubert 
  • Ingrid 


These characters are also strong, though may require a little more effort and attention to get them to the one-shot kill status that the S- and A-Tier characters have. However, with extra lessons, seminars, and practice battles, this goal is incredibly achievable.  

  • Dorothea 
  • Dedue 
  • Leonie 
  • Bernadetta
  • Shamir 
  • Catherine 


Though these characters are lacking in power, they’re still pretty reliable. When using these characters, it’s smart to give them an adjutant to provide that follow-up attack or healing support. 

  • Gilbert
  • Annette
  • Caspar
  • Ashe
  • Mercedes 
  • Raphael 
  • Linhardt 


While these characters have some strengths, they’re not super powerful or reliable. Bring them into battle and you’ll likely be more focused on keeping them alive then killing your enemies. It’s best to use them as adjutants; but if you do bring them in, make sure you have at least one character stationed to help them with follow-up attacks and healing. 

  • Lorenz
  • Alois
  • Marianne
  • Seteth
  • Manuela


These characters are the weakest. Don’t even bother bringing them into battle. Recruit them to your house only if you’re interested in their support stories and have these characters cheer their allies on from the side. 

  • Ignatz
  • Hanneman
  • Flayn
  • Cyril

In-Depth Analysis of S-Tier Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Professor Byleth Eisner


Byleth is the protagonist of Three Houses. The player can customize their name and gender at the start of the game, and they have access to a variety of classes throughout the game.

With a base HP of 29 and Strength of 13, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, making them excellent with physical attacks. Byleth’s starting weapon is a sword (with a base skill of D+). In addition, Byleth begins with an E+ in brawling and D in authority. Though there are many routes to take them, they’ll deal the most damage while sword-fighting against enemies. Plus, they have no weaknesses whatsoever. And, since they’re the protagonist, they’ll be available for any battle from the very beginning. 

Personal Ability: Professor’s Guidance - Multiples this unit’s and adjacent allies’ experience earned by 1.2x.

Crest: Mystery Crest - Occasionally restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt. Rarely raises Mt and stops counter attacks. 

Edelgard von Hresvelg


Edelgard von Hresvelg is the princess of the Adrestian Empire and leader of the Black Eagles House. When we first meet her, she’s preparing to take over from her father, the Emperor, one day. With a cold and closed off personality, one may wonder what secrets she’s hiding…

Edelgard’s base HP is 29, and like Byleth she has a starting strength of 13, making her excellent with physical attacks. Her starting weapon is an axe (with a base skill of D). In addition, she also starts with a E+ in sword and D in heavy armor. With this advantage in the heavy armor skill, she makes a great front-line combatant who can take damage without losing too much HP. 

Personal Ability: Imperial Lineage - Multiples experience earned by 1.2x.

Crest: Minor Crest of Seiros - Sometimes raises Might when using Combat Arts

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd


Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd is heir to the throne to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and leader of the Blue Lions House. He’s kind and noble to all his allies, despite their background or lineage. But beneath his composed personality hides a dark past that he can’t quite let go. 

Dimitri’s base HP is 28 and starting strength is 12, making him excellent with physical attacks. His starting weapon is a lance (with a base skill of D+). In addition, he starts with an E+ in sword and D in authority. The advantages in multiple forms of combat make him a formidable foe, especially when battling multiple enemies, each with different weaknesses. Use Byleth to train him as a Knight to develop his riding skill, which can grant Dimitri a special ability during battle.

Personal Ability: Royal Lineage - Multiples experience earned by 1.2x.

Crest: Minor Crest of Blaiddyd - Occasionally doubles Attack and weapon uses for Combat Arts 

Claude von Riegan


Claude von Riegan is heir to the leading house of the Leicester Alliance and leader of the Golden Deer House. He’s kind and easygoing off the battlefield, with a friendly and fun personality. But when his friends and allies are in trouble, he’s not shy to abandon morals and rely on shady methods to save them. 

Claude’s base HP is 26 and starting strength is 11, making him great with physical attacks. His starting weapon is a bow (with a base skill of D). In addition, he starts with an E+ in sword and D in authority. He’s the only archer on this list, which makes him a strong combatant when it comes to long-range attacks; plus his strength in sword-fighting allows for close-range attacks as well. Additionally, he starts with an E+ in both riding and flying, which can prove extremely useful when it comes to movement in battle. 

Personal Ability: Leicester Lineage - Multiples experience earned by 1.2x.

Crest: Minor Crest of Riegan - Sometimes restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt when using Combat Arts

Lysithea von Ordelia


Lysithea von Ordelia is a student of the Golden Deer House and the youngest student ever to enroll at the Officer’s Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery. Though she is only 15, she’s already considered a prodigy at magic. She’s passionate about researching her magic and honing her skills to be the best - but where exactly is that determination coming from…

Lysithea’s base HP is 22, which may seem a little low compared to the others on this list. However, what makes her such a vital fighter is her magic ability which begins at 11, and her reason (magic) skill which starts at a D. Compared to the other female mages, she has the highest magic, speed, and dexterity levels. While she’s not too good with physical attacks, she’s incredibly strong when it comes to magic. She is one of the only two playable characters to possess Dark Magic skills, giving her unique and incredibly powerful abilities. 

Personal Ability: Mastermind - Doubles skill experience earned in battle.

Crest: Minor Crest of Charon and Crest of Gloucester - Sometimes raises Mt when using Combat Arts, and occasionally raises Mt during magic attacks. 


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