For Honor Best Anti Gank Heroes: 6 Characters Who Suck at Dying

For Honor Best Anti Gank Heroes
Who is the best at surviving?

In For Honor, the ability to hold your own against just one opponent is something on which different characters perform at different levels, let alone when you pit them against a superior force.

Being outnumbered is a common occurrence on the battlefields of any team game mode, even if your teammates are competent and staying alive.

But if your teammates are either occupied, in bad shape, or just inept, you’re going to want a character who can survive until help finally arrives (a staller), or doesn’t need help to dispatch multiple foes (an anti-ganker). 

So, who among the cast of For Honor is best for these scenarios? Let’s take a look. 


*Keep in mind that the little rankings given after each character’s name and image are strictly in regards to outnumbered situations. 

*Many characters, such as Kensei and Jormungandr, also have great stall/anti-gank capacity, and that this is a far more subjective list than usual. 



*Again, Stallers are characters who don’t necessarily kill people when outnumbered, they’re just outstandingly difficult to hurt/finish off, buying time for an ally to come and bail them out. 


#3: Tiandi 

  • Moveset: Above Average
  • Feats/Perks: Very Strong

Tiandi’s feat set is a great place to start when explaining why he’s so good at not dying. He’s a vanguard, and he has the Come At Me T1, which immediately means he should not have trouble accessing those feats. Once you’ve got his T3 and T4 unlocked, he becomes extremely difficult to dislodge from wherever he chooses to plant his Wu Lin feet. With these feats active, Tiandi gets a free, 15 second, 50 HP shield (which procs the revenge shield bug) when he hits critical heath, and can heal under it by damaging his opponents (including via chip damage). 

However, Tiandi’s not very good at actually killing people, thanks to his mediocre damage output. The purpose his moveset functions when outnumbered is mostly evasion and hit/blockstun. He’s got a good zone OS, decent I-frames on his dodge heavy attacks, and above-average target swap with his light finishers and chain dodge lights. Tiandi is very start-and-stop, however, so you won’t be spending most of the fight attacking. Just evade, poke, and sustain with your feats, and you can make Tiandi quite hard to kill off no matter how many foes assail you. 


#2: Conqueror

  • Moveset: Very Strong
  • Feats/Perks: Average

Conqueror is infamous for his capability to defend himself from any and all mixups and aggression, and in few places does this capability shine brighter than when he’s outnumbered. A stark contrast to Jormungandr, Conqueror’s strength as a suvivalist comes from his actual moveset and his easy access to countless option selects and superior blocks, while his feats are almost nonexistent. One of the best examples of this is his zone attack, a move with superior block in all 3 directions, next to no guard break vulnerability, next to no recovery if he feints it properly, and very low range making it difficult to parry and punish unless he’s at a range where he’s probably already hit you, and he only has to swing once before he feints. Trying to land a hit on a good Conqueror, especially on the external, can be quite a struggle. 

Conqueror’s feats are abysmal, by and large, for any purpose let alone stalling, but he really doesn’t have any bad perk choices. As long as you take Vengeful Barrier and one of the ones above and below it on his list (aside from Feline Agility, as it’s pretty heavily outclassed), you should have a decent if not incredible loadout. 

All of that being said, Conqueror is definitely not an anti-ganker, by any stretch: he has what is possibly the lowest overall damage output in For Honor (despite the game labeling him as a “hard-hitter”), even in revenge, and has very poor chase to catch people trying to run away when he pops the fearsome orange bar. But while Conqueror may not be very good at killing people, he’s without question a strong contender for being the best survivalist in the game. 


#1: Warmonger 

  • Moveset: Above Average
  • Feats/Perks: Very Strong

After receiving what were largely unremarkable nerfs (aside from no longer affecting minions, the first in a long line of no-brainer alterations they need), Warmonger’s feats are still easily the most powerful in the game, only rivaled by long-time terrors of the competitive scene like the Fury + Fire Flask combination and Spear Storm. Her T2 and 3 mostly serve to make the T1 and 4 even more potent than they already are, and the ludicrously short cooldown on Corruption Blade (the T1) is arguably the most oppressive aspect of it, especially when it comes to teamfights and stalling. 

When a Warmonger gets in a fight of any kind, whether it’s a duel or a teamfight or a stall or whatever the case may be, she’s almost always going to have her Corruption Blade feat available at some point in the engagement (even if it’s not right from the get-go), allowing her to pick an opponent to fight first and effectively preventing anyone else from intervening unless they want to deal significant damage to themselves and the ally they’re trying to relieve. On top of that, any violation of the boundaries this T1 imposes also heals the Warmonger, drastically increasing her survivability against numerous people. 

When ganking a Warmonger, you are effectively given the choice between being anti-ganked and killed, or just stalled for annoyingly long stretches of time. Warmonger is a beneficiary of good hitboxes, enhanced lights, hyper armor, above-average damage, and a good option select, so don’t think that just because you waited out her feat (which you will have to do almost every single engagement) that the fight is over. 



*Anti-Gankers are characters who are proficient at killing anyone who tries to overwhelm them with numbers. Waiting for someone to come save them is not necessary, or encouraged. 


#3: Berserker

  • Moveset: Strong
  • Feats/Perks: Strong

Berserker is a hyper-aggressive character in pretty much every scenario you can put him in, and anti-ganking is no exception. If more than one foe tries to gang up on Berserker, his easy access to evasive maneuvers and revenge makes him a force to be reckoned with. The only thing Berserker lacks in this department is huge hitboxes and range, but his ability to sustain offense against many targets at once outshines that weakness. 

Berserker’s moveset is chock-full of dangerous options for anyone on or off his external: lightning-fast target swap lights accessible from mid-chain or feint, a very easily accessed set of unblockables, and borderline invulnerability to being interrupted from any attack he initiates (which makes him very hard to peel off a dying target, unless you happen to have a fast bash). He’s also, despite reflex guard, tricky to hurt thanks to his recovery cancels. 

But perhaps the most frightening part of ganking a Berserker is his feats, specifically Revenge Attacks. While his other feats are nothing short of great (such as his buffs/debuffs, and Bounty Hunt to sustain him), Berserker’s aggression synergizes perfectly with Revenge Attacks, rewarding him with frequent, deadly bursts of power. One of the best examples of this is his zone attack, which grants him 20% of his bar all by itself if successful. 


#2: Jiang Jun

  • Moveset: Strong
  • Feats: Above Average

Jiang Jun can be a one-man army, with his enormous weapon swinging to-and-fro and hitting just about everything in sight. Trying not to get hit by Jiang Jun is just about impossible to consistently achieve, and this is highly relevant when the old man is holding his ground against a numerically-advantaged enemy. This single advantage is the main reason Jiang Jun outdoes Berserker. 

Jiang Jun enjoys very fast target (if not off-target enhanced) swapped lights, and even more unblockables than Berserker (which is saying something), and their wide, sweeping range and high damage makes closing in on the Wu Lin general a daunting prospect when you have to hope that you’re the person he’s locked onto. In addition, Jiang Jun has a pseudo-infinite chain with built-in I-frames, by utilizing his Sifu Poise stance to cancel finisher and chain recoveries. This complements his impressive dodge attack well, as it is the second longest dodge in the game and can be unreactably soft feinted into an attack from the opposite direction.

Jiang Jun’s feats are not to be neglected, either. He, like Berserker, possesses and thrives off of Revenge Attacks, with what is essentially a better version of Inspire as his Tier 1 for dealing with multiple opponents (Against All Odds). He has no bad T4 choices for this situation either, from preventing retreats to granting him an immediate and substantial chunk of shield health, and a decent selection of T3s as well for sustainability. 


#1: Black Prior

  • Moveset: Very Strong
  • Feats/Perks: Very Strong

Black Prior is the undisputed god of slaughtering his enemies when outnumbered. Not only does he have almost everything his competitors have, from unblockables and undodgeables to an infinite chain to massive hitboxes, Black Prior also boasts what is objectively the best anti-gank toolbox in the game: Bulwark Stance. 

Bulwark Stance serves as a recovery cancel, chaining tool, all-guard stance, source of healing (with his T2 feat Healing Ward), and most importantly, as access to Bulwark Counter. Bulwark Counter dramatically alters the vast majority of ganks that exist in For Honor. It has the ability to defeat the most common setup, the blockstun gank, making Black Prior able to crush something no other character has almost any counterplay for. The fact that it flips several targets and usually slices each and every one of them can seem like just the cherry on top.

His feats and perks are nothing to scoff at either, especially since he benefits from heavy renown gain and a very good perk set to choose from. With choices like Last Stand, Bastion, and Vengeful Barrier at his disposal, Black Prior should have no trouble lasting long enough to bash and cut down any who attempt to overwhelm him and his towering kite shield.

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