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Factions Guide Which to Join
This isn't even the full roster

Pitting different medieval heroes against each other has been the idea behind For Honor. It’s valiant Knights against fearless Vikings against deadly Samurai. You have a choice to pick a side in the war that’s been going on for a thousand years in the game. This guide will let you decide better which to choose.


1. Knights

“Duty is our shield. Order, our weapon. When we defend the weak, we are immortal.”

The Knights of Ashfeld are the in-game counterpart of the Knights Templar of medieval Europe. They boast a roster of characters that are all beginner-friendly and can introduce almost all the basic mechanics of the game. In the story mode of For Honor, your journey will start with the Knights and introduce you to the Blackstone Legion.

Also, you will encounter or play different characters in the story mode like the various Wardens (The Protagonist, Hervis Daubeny, and Julius Salavander), Mercy the Peacekeeper, Stone the Conqueror, the Lawbringer and right hand of the Blackstone legion Holden Cross, and the main antagonist of the story, Apollyon.

For more details, check the links below for in-depth information about each Knight Hero:







Black Prior:



The Knights are perfect for you if:

  • You believe in the mastery of basics.
  • You prefer a good balance in offense and defense.
  • You’re a fan of chivalrous knights and medieval combat in general.
  • You like Volcano memes.


2. Vikings

“We live for battle, ready to die in glory.”

Hailing from the cold and harsh north, the Vikings of Valkenheim are For Honor’s interpretation of the historical Vikings. Their roster consists of characters that are mostly built to trade blows instead of playing defensively. In the story campaign, you get to play the Raider that will unify the Warborn clans thanks to the instigation of Apollyon earlier in the story.

During the campaign, you’ll meet more NPCs that will introduce you to the Viking faction like Siv the Ruthless (a Berserker), the Warlord Stigandr, and the non-Japanese speaking Valkyrie Runa. The Vikings are also the reigning victors in the multiplayer faction war, losing only twice in its 6 seasons.

You can check the Viking heroes individually on the links below:








Unite with the Vikings if:

  • You think offense is the best defense.
  • You want to trade blows instead of properly defending.
  • You are LEGENDARY.
  • You want to win the faction wars. Seriously, they always win.


3. Samurai

“Fearless, disciplined assassins from a faraway land, we fight and die in the name of our ancestors.”

The Samurai of the Dawn Empire are the inhabitants of the Myre, an unforgiving jungle where time flows differently. They are the in-game representation of their real-life namesakes. The Samurai faction has themes of extremes in almost all of their heroes, you’re either lightning-fast or slow as a turtle. The Samurai’s story is the final chapter in the story campaign where you play an Orochi, the Samurai Assassin, instead of the usual Vanguard from the faction.

In the final chapters of the story, you’ll meet every hero you’ve already encountered and the NPC specific to the Samurai like Okuma the Shugoki, the bubbly Nobushi Momiji, and the Kensei Ayu. It is also during the Samurai campaign that the game will reach the story’s conclusion and introduce players to the ongoing Faction War.

To get to know the Samurai better, check the links below:









Choose the Samurai if:

  • You’re a fan of extreme themes.
  • You like to invest time in mastering one character for optimum playability.
  • You think Samurai are cool.
  • You like anime because of course you do.


4. Wu Lin

“In time, an army of invaders marched into Heathmoor from the east. Emperor Gao Lei and his Wu Lin. After waging a civil war in their homeland, they would finally set their sights on our lands.”

If you think there’s a lack in the balance of factions representing the East and West, then For Honor’s introduction of the Wu Lin is the answer. The Wu Lin’s roster is a mix and match of every hero already in For Honor but with their twists, unique weapons, and an extravagant display of martial arts. They arrived with the Marching Fire DLC and introduced the Chinese heroes but their faction cannot be chosen in the ongoing Faction War.

Since the Wu Lin came with a DLC, their story is not included in the single-player campaign. To solve this, their lore was told in multiple in-game events. 

Check out their heroes and their details below:



Jiang Jun:



You belong with the Wu Lin if:

  • You want something out of the box.
  • You want bashes as an integral part of your playstyle.
  • You’re a fan of Kung-fu.
  • xue hua piao piao


5. Outlanders

“Who am I you ask? And who do I stand with? Covenants, factions? Haha! You think too much. Look I’ve got a good blade, a few tricks up my sleeve, and a nice crew. Call me an Outlander if you like.”

The Outlanders are the newest faction in For Honor. Much like the Wu Lin, the Outlanders are a faction that can’t be picked in the Faction War. At the moment, they only have Pirate as the only playable hero and already shaking up the meta. With another hero on the way, they are paving the way for historical warriors that don’t belong to any existing factions in For Honor.

Find out more details about the Outlanders below:


Outlanders FAQ

Join the Outlander crew if:

  • You’re looking for something to shake up the meta.
  • You don’t feel like you belong with the existing factions.
  • You bring guns to a sword fight.

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