Top 5 Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Amulets And How To Get Them

 Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Amulets, dos 2 best amulets
They'll see you from a mile away with this type of Bling Bling!

Divinity Original Sin II allows you to choose which armor pieces you can add to your build. If you are keen on your armor builds, then you know how important each item would be for your set. Here, I will be explaining the top 5 Amulets and where to find them!

5. Talisman of the Faithful

It took a lot of faith to find this amulet!

Talisman of the Faithful is apart of the Faithful Armor set, which is one of the best Armor sets in the game. It is a unique item that is very beneficial to you if found. If you gather all of the pieces spread around Arx, your Faithful armor will grant you with the ‘Blessed’ status effect. So make sure to read below on its whereabouts!

Why Talisman of the Faithful is Great:

  • It provides you with 362 Magic Armor
  • It has a health bonus of +351
  • It will give you +2 Intelligence and +2 Constitution
  • This amulet also gives you +20% Water and Air Resistance
  • It provides +1 point in Aerotheurge and +1 point in Geomancer
  • It also gives you +0.1 Movement

Talisman of the Faithful Details: Wikia Page

How To Get Talisman of the Faithful:

  • This amulet is found in the 4th act where you will be in an area called Arx
  • All of the Faithful armor pieces are found scattered around Arx
  • For Talisman of the Faithful, go to coordinates X: 268 and Y: 443 and you will find it in a stone casket

4. Falone Girt

This hidden gem will not leave you unsatisfied!

Falone Girt is another unique amulet found in Arx. It is considered end-game material, meaning you will find close to no items better than this. Once you upgrade it and stuff it with stats, you can become an unstoppable force!

Why Falone Girt is Great:

  • Falone Girt will offer you a whopping 347 Magic Armor
  • You will gain 10% Fire Resistance
  • You will also gain 10% Earth Resistance
  • 1 point in Pyrokinetic and 1 in Geomancer will be provided to you
  • This amulet comes with the skill Living Wall

Falone Girt Details: Wikia Page

How To Get Falone Girt:

  • Falone Girt is found on Arx within the 4th Act of the game
  • What you want to do is head to the Harbour where you will find a destroyed ship called Lord Dread
  • It is in a golden treasure chest at the front of the Lord Dread ship

3. Rutoma Rivelleis

Make sure to have some gold on you to own this fantastic amulet!

Rutoma Rivelleis is just as cool as its name. This amulet will positively add to your build granting many effects such as strength and certain skills. So read below so you won’t miss out on such a powerful gem!

Why Rutoma Rivelleis is Great:

  • Rutoma Rivelleis will provide you with 347 Magic Armor
  • It comes with +5 Strength and +20% Earth Resistance
  • This amulet will give you +1 point in Retribution and +1 point in Polymorph
  • Along with all of those stats, it will come with the skill Equalise

Rutoma Rivelleis Details: Wikia Page

How To Get Rutoma Rivelleis:

  • To find this Amulet, you will need to be in the 4th Act of the game on Arx
  • Head to the Kemms Mansion in the western part of Arx
  • Within the mansion, you will find a lady named Cat the Appraiser who will sell you the Amulet

2. Amulet of The Deep

As a beginner in the game, you will definitely want this Amulet!

This beginner’s Amulet is fantastic! Do not pass it up as it gives you benefits that will be needed for your time within Fort Joy. Read below, and don’t miss out on this find!

 Why Amulet of The Deep is Great:

  • This Amulet gives you 13 Magic Armor
  • It provides +2 Constitution
  • It also provides +20% Air Resistance
  • This Amulet grants you the immunity to Stun

Amulet of The Deep Details: Wikia Page

How To Get Amulet of The Deep:

  • Within Fort Joy, you will find this Amulet
  • Head to the forested area and find the Voidwoken Deep-Dweller
  • Once you slay him, the NPCs around will grant you four options, choose Amulet of the Deep, and you will then own it!

1. Amulet of The Void

This otherworldly amulet is a great beginner find!

Amulet of The Void is an excellent find if you are just starting in the game and need some great armor pieces. So if you want to get rid of the collar and wear something a bit more fashionable and strong, then read below to find out where Amulet of The Void is hiding!

Why Amulet of The Void is Great:

  • The Amulet of The Void is a great beginner’s find
  • It grants +2 Finesse
  • The amulet comes with +20% Fire Resistance

Amulet of The Void Details: Wikia Page

How To Get Amulet of The Void:

  • For this Amulet, you will need to find some Void Salamanders
  • Once after killing them, you will be able to salvage the Amulet

Do you want a chance to boost your armor? Well, these amulets will definitely do that for you! You just have to know where to find them, and I have provided you with the knowledge. So, go and wear them proudly on the battlefield!

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